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[Hero Concept] Eirena, Aloof Enchantress (Support)

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - [Hero Concept] Eirena, Aloof Enchantress (Support)

An ally of the Nephalem, Eirena was placed into a magic slumber for 1,500 years by an enigmatic being known as The Prophet. Awakening alone centuries later, Eirena aided the Nephalem in defeating Diablo and Malthael, learning of the dark fate of her sisters in the process. Now in the Nexus, Eirena seeks to aid those in need with her spells and moral support.

Eirena, Aloof Enchantress



Eirena is a ranged Support who specializes in crowd controls and shielding multiple allies at once. While she lacks healing capabilities, her shields and various effects – including the ability to dispel buffs and debuffs – can easily turn fights in her team's favor.


  • Adaptable via talent choices
  • Excellent crowd control
  • Relatively safe casting range
  • Can shield multiple allies at once
  • Can have surprising single-target burst via talents
  • Cute


  • Lacks healing
  • Fragile
  • Lacks mobility
  • Weak to poke
  • Poor waveclear


(subject to change)

Trait – Illumination

After using an ability, Eirena's next basic attack will reveal its target for a short time and apply a debuff that lowers the target's damage output by X% briefly.

Q – Allure

Eirena sends out a skillshot that tethers her to the first enemy Hero it hits for up to 2 seconds, dealing minor magic damage over the duration. If the tether is not broken within 2 seconds, Eirena Charms the target, causing it to walk helplessly toward her for a short time.

W – Mystic Shield

Eirena shoots out a ball of magic in the target direction, which then returns to her after reaching maximum range. Allied Heroes (including Eirena) in its path are briefly shielded, which stacks upon subsequent applications.

E – Magic Weapon

Eirena places an enchantment on an allied Hero, causing its next X basic attacks within 4 seconds to deal bonus spell damage and briefly slow enemies hit.

R1 – Mass Hex

Eirena creates a swell of magic anywhere on the map that, after a short delay, Polymorphs all enemies in the AOE. Global range.

R2 – Disenchant

Eirena purges magic from a target allied or enemy Hero. If used on an ally, it removes all negative debuffs and grants them bonus Spell Armor for a short time. If used on an enemy, it removes all positive buffs and reduces their Spell Armor briefly. Cannot be cast on self.


(work-in-progress; names are not final)

More Hidden Footprints!

Activate to reveal the targeted area for 2 seconds. Enemies seen are revealed for 4 seconds.
Quest: Applying Illumination to enemy Heroes increases its damage debuff by 0.5%, stacking up to an extra 10%. Progress is lost upon death. Upon completing the quest, increase the duration of Illumination by 1 second, and progress is no longer lost.

Light the Way


While Eirena has a charge of Illumination available, she gains +1 bonus attack range.

Galvanizing Ward

If Eirena shields an ally with both passes of Mystic Shield, the shield is increased.

Cascading Ward

Each ally hit by Mystic Shield increases its effect by X% on subsequent targets. Resets after each casting.

Enchant: Deflection

Magic Weapon gives a short-lived stacking shield whenever your targeted ally lands a basic attack.

Force Weapon

Increases the number of empowered attacks from Magic Weapon by X.

Cute Mage

Quest: Successfully Charm enemy Heroes with Allure. Upon completing the quest, increases the tether range of Allure.

Deadly Kiss

If Eirena attacks an enemy Hero she has Charmed, she deals bonus damage and extends the Charm duration. Only works once per casting.

Breaking their Hearts

Upon completion of the tether, Allure reduces the armor of Heroes it affects for its duration.


Upon completion of the tether, Allure deals bonus damage if there are no other enemy Heroes within X range of your target.

Overwhelming Desire (level 16/20)

Allure can now pierce targets, allowing Eirena to tether multiple foes at once.

Dispel Master (level 20)

Disenchant now has two charges, with a short cooldown between uses.

Hero Synergy

Eirena synergizes well with autoattackers who can make use of Magic Weapon, especially those who get into the fray so she can shield them. Illidan, Varian (Twin Blades), and Tracer can all be good teammates for Eirena, as long as they don't move out of the way of her shield. Eirena also counters enemy Heroes who can apply powerful buffs or debuffs, such as Lt. Morales, Malthael, or The Butcher. Eirena's teammates should try to compensate for her lack of waveclear, but also need to keep in mind that she cannot heal them, so they should bring along their own sustain if possible or pair her with a dedicated healer.

Hero Counters

Eirena is very squishy and lacks mobility, making her an easy snipe for diving assassins like Kerrigan or Greymane, who can kill her before Allure takes effect. Stealths are a tad less problematic since Eirena can take "More Hidden Footprints!" early on to give her access to an anti-stealth sweep, but she'll still die very quickly to Zeratul or Nova. Eirena's lack of healing capabilities also makes her vulnerable to poke, so she can have trouble in lane against opponents like Nazeebo or Lunara. Alarak, in particular, can give Eirena a lot of grief, having several abilities that can shut her down and kill her in a hurry. Eirena also cannot use Disenchant to remove absolutely all debuffs; there are a few that will ignore it (such as Alarak's Rite of Rak'shir). Finally, due to her high reliance on shields, Varian can be a deadly counter thanks to his Shattering Throw talent, while Kel'thuzad can also take Strip Shields to counter her.

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