Heroes of the Storm

Hero Concept – Grand Apothecary Putress

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Hero Concept - Grand Apothecary Putress

before we start im not great at making custom anything. please go easy and recommend changes.

Name: Grand Apothecary Putress

Role: Ranged Assassin

  • Q- Blight Barrel, 8 Second Cooldown; After 0.25 seconds, toss a barrel of blight at a target area, dealing 23 initial damage and leave the area plagued for 5 seconds, causing enemies to be slowed by 10% and dealing 8 damage every second. Afflicts targets with Blight if hit directly.

  • W- Blight Overload, 16 Second Cooldown; Launch a glob of blight at a target, infecting them with Blight for 6 seconds.

  • E- Unholy Frenzy, 20 Second Cooldown; Imbue yourself with blight for 8 seconds, increasing cooldown speed by 30% and granting yourself +1 Attack Range, 15% Spell Power, 20% Attack Damage, and 15% Movement Speed. Lasts for 7 seconds. During this time, your armor is reduced by 15. If you are killed during this time, you erupt with blight, applying Blight Overload to all nearby enemies.

  • Trait- Grand Apothecary; You receive 10% more healing from allies. Increases by 5% per enemy Hero afflicted by Blight.
  • Trait- Blight; Enemies damaged by your abilities are infected with Blight, being slowed initially by 10%, ramping up to 30% over time. They also take 13 damage every 0.5 seconds, and armor is reduced by 3 every second enemies are afflicted by Blight. Lasts for 3 seconds.

Level 1 Talents:

  • Q- Unstable Mixture; The barrel now rolls, exploding on contact with the first enemy. The barrel leaves a trail of the contained in the barrel. Passive: Increase Blight damage by 5%

  • E- Careful Concoction; Increase the Attack Range to +2 and Attack Damage to +30%

  • Passive- Neurotoxin; Enemy Heroes afflicted by Blight are revealed for the duration, reduce their Spell Power by 15%, and increase the maximum slow to 50%.

Heroic Talents

  • R1- Blight Bombardment, 100 Second Cooldown; Target a large area. After 2 seconds, Blight Barrels rain down upon the targeted area for 3 seconds. Targets struck are slowed by 60%. Passive: Increase Blight Barrel's toxin pool duration by 3 seconds and damage by 20%.
    "Death to the scourge, and death to the living!"

  • R2- Plague, Perfected, 80 Second Cooldown; Inject a nearby enemy hero with a perfected mixture of the plague. Afflict them with Blight for 12 seconds. During this time, the target will spread the Blight to nearby enemy heroes. Cannot spread from secondary targets. If all enemy heroes are infected at the same time, slow them by 90% and reduce their armor by 30.
    "This won't sting a bit, at least not for long."

Storm Talents

  • R1- Mass Production; Reduce Blight Bombardment's cooldown by 20 seconds. Bombardment lasts for 2 seconds longer.

  • R2- Unorthodox Procedure; Plague, Perfected is now channeled. During this time, the enemy hero is stunned. Plague, Perfected now silences enemy heroes. Channeling increases silence duration. Upon channel end, push the enemy hero in a target direction.

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