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Hero Concept: Locus Walker

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Hero Concept: Locus Walker

I came up with a concept of what kind of hero I would want to play, and then after picking his main abilities, found a character in the lore that matched. Locus Walker was the best I could find, then I made talents around both the lore and gameplay I had at hand. Would be interested in comments and feedback. And yes, he is a tank even though he is more rogue/caster. And yes, he may be a little overpowered at the moment, but that's tunable.

Locus Walker

The Locus Walker is a melee tank, with abilities inspired by all kinds of ethereals as well as shadow priests with all of their void abilities.

Trait: Void Presence. Locus Walker to deals 100% extra damage to enemy heroes, and reduced damage taken from them by 50%. Enemy heroes that hit Locus Walker with an auto attack gain a buff that ignores this effect for five seconds.

Z: Shadow Portal. Global range. Channel for five seconds, then appear at the targeted location. During the channel, Locus Walker's trait is inactive, and he exists in both locations, allowing enemies to attack him. 60 second cooldown.

Q: Mana Burn. 20 mana. Drains 5% of target's maximum mana, and deals damage. Mana lost is doubled if the targeted hero is affected by Void Presence. 12 second cooldown. If the target has no mana, mana burn does 15% additional damage.

W: Void Touch. 30 mana. Target hero is put into the void, unable to interact with others. While affected, the hero can move at normal speed, and pass through other heroes, but attacks and abilities do nothing. Different cooldown and duration depending on target:

Self: 5 second cooldown, 1 second duration.

Ally: 10 second cooldown, 1.5 second duration.

Enemy: 10 second cooldown, 2 second duration. If they are affected by Void Presence they are rooted as well.

E: Shift. 20 mana. Short-range (think Illidan's Sweeping Strikes Range), 3 second cooldown, instant teleport. A shadowy apparition appears at his first position, and travels to Locus Walker, auto attacking the first enemy hero it passes through. If Locus Walker has taken no damage in the last 5 seconds, reduce the cooldown of Shift to one second.

Quick notes on the abilities:

The trait is designed to be a soft taunt. In team fights you can't ignore him or else he can deal a lot of damage, and poke heroes do less damage to him unless they're close enough to auto attack. Focusing him is difficult, as his mobility and stasis give him good survival. The design encourages your enemies to split their damage, keeping some of it off your back line. However, he isn't great in the solo lane, as he won't get trait value for long. The trait has a visual above enemy health bars so he knows who takes extra damage.

His Z ability just kind of makes sense with who he is. His theme is mobility, and he jumps arounds in teamfights. It makes sense that he can sort of appear anywhere and surprise you. But I wanted to give a detriment if he uses it too aggressively. If he ports into a bush the enemy team is already in, he won't see them (you don't get vision of the area until the teleport is finished), and they get five seconds to rip him apart. And with his short cooldown teleports, he doesn't really need a mount.

Mana burn just feels right in his hands. It doesn't drain a lot of mana, but lowers the sustained fighting ability of enemies, and can really hurt some healers. But, many heroes don't have mana, which are a decent counter.

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Like most tanks he has a peel — he can stasis diving heroes, giving allies a chance to walk away, or save allies going too deep. However, you don't get to beat on the CCed enemy, your protected ally doesn't get to dish out free damage, and you can't use it to isolate an enemy because they can still move while affected. So it is similiar to Medivh's protection, and Brightwing's polymorph, yet very different.


Level 1:

Soul Trader: Quest: Earn ethereal credits from nearby slain enemies. Minion kills grant 1 credit, and hero takedowns grant 10 credits. Maximum of 100 credits. Activate this ability to spend credits based on your target:
Ally: spend 10 credits to spawn a health globe. 5 second cooldown.
Self: spend 20 credits to reveal an area around you.
Uncaptured non-elite mercenary: spend 30 credits to defeat. No cooldown.

Condescension: Your trait affects non-heroes as well, lowering their damage to you and increasing your damage to them.

Mana Shield: Every five seconds, gain a stack that reduces the damage of the next auto attack by 75%, but drains 15 mana. Can be toggled on/off. Quest: drain 2000 mana with mana burn. Reward: attacks deflected with mana shield don't suppress your trait for enemy heroes.

Level 4:

Void mending: When you cast Void Touch on yourself, and when you shift, heal for 100 over 3 seconds, increased by 50% for each nearby enemy hero affected by your trait.


Void Mastery: Enemy heroes affected by Void Touch are rooted for the duration. Allied heroes turn invisible for the duration.

Shadowy Apparitions: Whenever a nearby allied hero is hit by an autoattack, send out an aparition that follows the attacker, performing a single auto attack on contact. 6 second cooldown per enemy hero.

Level 7:

Frenzy: Increase attack speed by 50% for 2 seconds after casting shift. Increase shifts cooldown by one second, and double its range.

Relentless Shadow: Shadowy Apparitions attack all enemies in their path.

Power Drain: Mana burn also slows by 10% for 3 seconds, restores mana to Locus Walker equal to the amount drained, and increases his speed 10% for 3 seconds.

Void Tremors: When you shift, leave behind a void tear that stuns enemies after 1.5 seconds.

Level 10:

Void Hunter: Target an enemy hero, doubling the effects of your void presence against them for ten seconds, but negating it against all other heroes for the duration. While active, your void presence is not suppressed by auto attacks. In addition, other heroes, mercenaries, and minions (allied and enemy) are invisible to you, and you may pass through them.

Void Zone: After two seconds, open a portal around the targetted area for ten seconds (area roughly the same as Artanis' suppression pulse). Heroes within the area enter the void, becoming silenced and untargetable by minions, mercs, and structures. Heroes inside the effect cannot target heroes outside, and vice versa.

Level 13:

Spellsteal: Passive: prevents and stores the highest ability damage that you take. Activate to deal 50% of the stored damage to a target (increased by trait). (how this works below)

Void Lash: Basic attacks decrease the targets healing received by 3% (doubled with trait) for 3 seconds. Stacks indefinitely. Shadowy apparition attacks also apply.

Ethereal blades: Basic attacks ignore armor.

Inversion: Activate to reverse the conditions of your trait, causing enemy attacks against you to increase your damage against them and reduce their damage against you for five seconds. 30 second cooldown.

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Level 16:

Dispersion: Using Void Touch on yourself grants 50% armor and unstoppable for 2 seconds after the effect ends, but increases the cooldown to ten seconds.

Shadow Word: Death: Mana burn deals 100% more damage to enemies under 30% health. Puts a visual indicator on enemy hero health bars.

Mana Fiend: When your shadowy apparitions reach their target, restore 10 mana.

Indomitable: Basic attacks against you reduce basic ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds.

Level 20:

Nexus Stalker: While under the effects of Void Hunter, you become invisible to all units except the one you targeted. In addition, you create one shadowy apparition per second that chases your target.

Master of the Void: Locus Walker is not silenced by Void Zone.

Surrender to Madness: Activate your trait. Gain a buff increasing damage dealt by 2%, that stacks indefinitely, and lasts five seconds. For the duration, your trait cannot be suppressed by enemy heroes. Your attacks and abilities that damage enemy heroes grant a stack. If these stacks wear off and you did not get at least three takedowns, Locus Walker is instantly killed, and his respawn timer is increased by 1.5x.

Mana Leak: Reduce the cooldown of Shift to 0.5 seconds. However, casting shift creates a stacking debuff that increases the mana cost of shift by 100%, stacking indefinitely, and lasting three seconds.

Talent notes:

Spellsteal: The passive ability absorbs the highest damage ability you take, and stores it as energy.

An ability hits you for 100: you take zero, and store 100.

Then an ability hits for 50: you've already stored 100, this is less, to take 50 as normal.

Then an ability hits for 200: that's higher than what you have stored, so you absorb the extra 100, storing 200, but you still take 100 dmg.

Then Kael'Thas Pyroblasts you for 2,000: You absorb 1,800, and take 200, and you know have 2,000 stored. Kael'Thas didn't auto attack you. So you activate spellsteal on him, which would deal 50%, but since your trait is active it doubles, and you whomp him for 2,000 damage. Hope he learned his lesson. Locus Walker gains an aura around him that glows brighter the higher his spellsteal is charged, so enemies have some idea how dangerous he is.

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