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Hero Concept: Malygos

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Hero Concept: Malygos

Here's a hero concept for the essence of magic, Malygos. The original concept came from a Chinese forum and permission is given for this translation and repost. Original post (in Chinese): https://nga.178.com/read.php?tid=18931261&fav=aa49ec7f

Trait: Malygos always has 2000 mana that doesn't increase as he levels up. Any other heroes within a nearby range will use his mana as well when using their skills. Malygos gains 1% spell power with every 20 mana lost. When mana goes below 100, immediately refill all his mana. This effect has a 15 second cooldown.

Q: Arcane missile, 2 second cooldown, 50 mana

After a short delay, fire a missile that deals medium damage to enemies within area. If arcane missiles do not hit any targets, then its mana cost will be returned.

W: Animate mana, 8 second cooldown, no mana cost

Animate 150 of Malygos's mana. When he uses these mana, gain 25% spell power. When an ally uses them up, refill an equal amount of mana for them. When an enemy uses them, they will receive damage proportional to the mana used.

E: Mana torrent, 6 second cooldown

If Malygos has more than 50% of his mana, do a small amount of damage and silence a target for 1 second, costs 100 mana.

If he has more than 50%, do a large amount of damage and slow the target for 15%, refill 200 mana.

Ultimate 1: Source of magic, 90 second cooldown, 200 mana cost

Channel for at most 8 sec, refilling 15% of Malygos's mana each second and dealing damage equal to refilled mana to the enemy hero with the least mana nearby. (So there won't be any damage if his mana is full)

Ultimate 2: Arcane barrier, 60 second cooldown, 800 mana cost

Give a friendly hero a huge amount of shield for 5 seconds. While it lasts, any damage dealt to it with refill mana to the shielded hero and the shield will be used if the hero uses abilities without sufficient mana.


Level 1:

Counter magic: Increase the mana cost of all nearby enemy heroes' abilities by 50% for 4 seconds, 60 seconds cooldown.

Arcane communication: Donate 100 mana to an ally after 1 second channel, 30 seconds cooldown.

Arcane specialization: Quest: Hit 30 heroes with arcane missiles, increase its mana cost by 1 and damage by 3 each time

Reward: Increase the range and missile speed by 25%

Level 4:


Arcane enlightenment: When Malygos's mana is below 50%, increase his sight range. When it's below 30%, deal damage to all enemies beside him.

Bombardment: When Q hits an enemy hero, refresh its cooldown and increase its damage and mana cost by 50%, up to 150%. Clears after missing or 3 seconds without casting.

Deep animation: W animates an additional 100 mana.

Level 7:

Puny Mortals: Passive, when Malygos is silenced, gain 1 sec of Unstoppable and silence the caster for 2 seconds, 15 seconds cooldown.

Aversion: Dealing damage to a stunned or silenced hero will lower their spell power for 30% for 3 seconds.

Arcane punishment: E will now silence for 1.75 seconds but deal no damage if Malygos's mana is above 50%.

Level 13:

Mana conversion: For the following 3 seconds, 30% of the spell damage Malygos deals will become his shield. If he loses 15% of his health at once, immediately get this effect. 60 seconds cooldown

Mana bait: Reduce 10 spell armor for enemies and give 10 spell armor for allies who use your animated mana.

Tide of mana: E will also take mana from the target, taking more if the difference in their mana is higher, up to 150 mana.

Level 17:

Arcane dragon: Repeatable quest: Each hero Malygos kills gives him 50 mana maximum, also grants 5% spell power every 5 stacks.

Arcane hamper: If Q does not hit any target, leave an invisible rift that slows enemies for 20% and lasts for 30 seconds.

Arcane distribution: When a enemy uses Malygos's mana, they will be revealed and marked for 5 seconds. Arcane missile deals extra damage to marked enemies.

Level 20:

Infinite MANA: Source of magic will fill allies' mana if Malygos's mana is full, and the channel time is raised to 12 seconds

Blessing of Malygos: Now uses up all Malygos's mana, and will not disappear as long as Malygos is alive. Also grants 50% of Malygos's spell power if the target is not himself.

Madness destined: Abilities will cooldown 100% faster and deal 50% damage to allies when mana is below 50%.

The last azure dragons: After Malygos dies, summon an azure dragon on each lane that will help push.

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