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[Hero Concept] Mei, Intrepid Climatologist (Support)

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - [Hero Concept] Mei, Intrepid Climatologist (Support)

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Cheerful, creative, and optimistic, even in the face of overwhelming odds, Mei-Ling Zhou is a scientist who has taken the fight to preserve the environment into her own hands. She specializes in the study of abnormal climate phenomena and their effects on different ecosystems around the world. Her travels now take her into the Nexus, giving her whole new worlds to explore, and opportunities for new adventures.

mei   overwatch by plank 69 d9gi3j0 - [Hero Concept] Mei, Intrepid Climatologist (Support)

"Our world is worth fighting for."

General Concept

Mei is a Support who freezes her enemies and blocks off approaches with her cryogenic technology. While her damage output is low (and requires setup), her ability to lock down enemy Heroes and zone areas makes her quite difficult to handle. And while she's not a tank or bruiser, she can be surprisingly hard to bring down.


  • Excellent at crowd control
  • Surprisingly tough to kill
  • Good at area denial
  • Works well with Wombo Combo compositions


  • Lacks mobility
  • Has trouble dealing with multiple threats
  • Punishable cooldowns
  • Low damage


(expect changes)

Trait – Endothermic Blaster

Mei's abilities inflict Cold on enemies, which stacks up as she applies it. If enough Cold is applied to an enemy, the target will become Frozen (which functions like a stun).
Whenever Mei lands a basic attack on an enemy she has Frozen, she deals bonus damage.
(Mei uses her Icicles as her basic attack)

Q – Endothermic Spray

Mei sprays intense cold in a line at a target enemy over 4 seconds, dealing modest damage over time, applying a stacking slow, and building up Cold on all enemies caught in the line of fire.
Mei can move while using Endothermic Spray, but cannot use basic attacks during this time. You can press Q to change targets (similar to Tychus’ Overkill).

W – Cryofreeze

Mei freezes herself in a block of ice, entering Stasis and healing herself over a few seconds, but becoming immobile and unable to attack or use abilities. Mei can cancel Cryofreeze early if needed.
Long cooldown.

E – Ice Wall

(Vector Targeting) Mei creates a wall of solid ice at a target location, which acts like terrain for 5 seconds. The wall can be attacked and destroyed, but Mei can also shatter it early if needed after 1.5 seconds.
Long cooldown.

R1 – Snowball Blizzard!

After a delay, Mei sends her robot Snowball to a target location, where it then creates an icy field for several seconds. Enemies within the field take continuous damage (relatively minor), are significantly slowed, and build up Cold.

R2 – Icy Flurry


For a short time, Mei channels to fire a barrage of ice balls in the direction of the cursor, each one dealing low damage to the first enemy it hits, applying a stacking slow, and applying a stack of Cold. Icy Flurry deals bonus damage to Frozen enemies.


(work-in-progress; names are placeholders)

Power Nap
Increases the maximum duration of Cryofreeze by 1-2 seconds.

Glacial Wall
Increases the size of Ice Wall, but increases the cooldown as well.

Chilly Wall
Enemies who attack a section of Ice Wall will receive stacks of Cold.

Extra-Sharp Icicles
Mei’s basic attacks deal more bonus damage to Frozen enemies.

Fan Setting
Endothermic Spray now sprays in a cone instead of a line, but has reduced maximum range.

Deep Freeze (level 16/20)
Frozen enemies have their armor reduced by X.

Breaking the Ice
Ice Wall segments explode when they expire or are destroyed, dealing minor damage and applying stacks of Cold to nearby enemies.

A Cold Rest
While Mei is inside Cryofreeze, she generates a field around her that slows nearby enemies and builds stacks of Cold on them.

Icy Barrage (level 20)
Icy Flurry's projectiles can now pierce targets, each one able to hit up to 2 targets.

Hero Synergy

Mei excels at locking down single enemies, but doesn't have the damage output to deal with multiple threats at once. Allies who can cover for her damage can be of great help to her, especially heroes like Jaina or Kel'thuzad. Mei also tends to have mobility issues, so allies like Ragnaros and Medivh can help her get into the thick of things so she can start freezing opponents. Allies with tough-to-land skillshots like Chromie will also appreciate having Mei to slow down and immobilize targets. Additionally, she's quite good in Wombo Combo teams, so pair her up with ETC or Zarya to easily land Snowball Blizzard!

Hero Counters

Mei's biggest weakness is that she can't handle multiple foes at once (even with her Heroic abilities, she'll only be delaying the inevitable on her own), so coordinated play can isolate her and pick her off if she's not careful. Enemies who can trap her as she comes out of Cryofreeze can be a big problem for her; these include Malfurion, Junkrat, Chromie, and Nazeebo. Mei is also susceptible to being kited by high-mobility ranged opponents like Valla, Falstad, or Lunara. Garrosh can be a particularly dangerous opponent for her, as he's able to make himself Unstoppable and then throw her into a hopeless situation. Mei will also find herself ineffective against Johanna, who can ignore her CC's using her trait.

Who else would like to see our favorite Chinese ice girl in the Nexus?

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