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Hero concept: Reaper!

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Hero concept: Reaper!

I know people aren't a huge fan of Overwatch characters but there's a lot of fun concepts to at least be tossed around for 'em. And so I decided to have my first ever hero concept by of one of my favourite to play, the tank-killer himself, Reaper!

To me, he'd be a Basic attack focused Bruiser whose approach depends on the range he's forced to fight from. Also quite a bit of self-heal and anti-tank talents.

Again this is my first concept so if it's not so good, I'll try better next time!


Role: Bruiser

HP(At level 1): 2,208(+4% per level), 4,652(Level 20)

HP Regen: 1.5(+4% per level), 3.1(Level 20)

Attack speed: 0.87 attacks per second

Attack damage: 189(+4% per level), 398(Level 20)

Attack Range: 6

Trait – The Reaping: Heal yourself for 40% of Basic attack damage dealt by Reaper. enemy heroes who die near you will drop Soul Globes. Picking up a Soul Globe will recover 10% of your HP, and increase your basic attack damage by 10% for 10 seconds and reduces ability cooldown by 6 seconds. Basic attacks deal less damage the further away you are, but hit more targets in a cone in front of you. You only hit one target at 0-2 range, up to 4 targets at 2.1-4 range and all targets at 4.1-6 range. The scaling would be 100% damage up close, 60% at medium range, and 30% at his longest range.

Q – Soul rounds: Reaper primes his next shot with wraith energy, his next basic attack does 160(+4% per level) additional damage to the main target and slows the enemy by 30% for 2.5 seconds. Cooldown: 8 seconds

W – Wraith Form: Gain 60% movement speed for 2 seconds, and be unable to attack or be attacked and be able to pass through allies and enemies. Can be cancelled early. Cooldown: 8 seconds

E – Shadow Step: Select a spot within range, and after 1.5 seconds Reaper will teleport there, though he is unable to act for 0.25 seconds. Cooldown: 16 seconds


Level 1

Soulnado(Q) – (Quest), hit 40 enemies with Soul Rounds. Reward: Soul rounds deal an additional 3% of enemy heroes maximum health as damage over 4 seconds, heal for 50% of damage caused this way

Touch of the Wraith(W) – (Quest) Passing through enemies while in Wraith Form increases Wraith form's duration by 2 seconds, can only do this once per hero per cast of Wraith form. Walk through 30 enemy heroes to permanently increase Wraith form's base duration by 2 seconds, and when you pass through an enemy hero deal 60 damage(+4% per level) per second for four seconds

Scared of your own shadow (E)- Increase attack speed by 30% for three seconds after teleporting with Shadow Step. Become unstoppable for 1.25 seconds when casting Shadow Step.

Marked man(Quest) – Increase basic attack damage by 1% per enemy hero killed(Up to 15%), lose half of these stacks when killed. Reward: After killing 15 enemy heroes, no longer lose stacks and increase basic attack damage by a further 5%

Level 4

Nemesis Strike – Every fifth basic attack deals an additional 100% damage(The animation would be Reaper firing with both Shotguns)


Role queue – Reduce basic attack damage by 25%, increase armour by 20% and HP by 35%

I want your soul!(Q) – When a target is hit by Soul rounds, fire two Wraith projectiles at up to two enemy heroes from up to 6 range that deal 70(+4% per level) damage each

Level 7

Safety of the grave(W) – Increase Shadow Step's range by 50% and reduce cast time by 50%

I won't be alone(W) – Fire two basic attacks to all nearby enemy heroes after teleporting with Shadow Step

Not going to happen again(W) – Gain 40 armour for three seconds after casting Shadow Step and after the teleport of Shadow Step

Level 10

R1 – Death Blossom: Slow own movement by 30% and start to blast away around him for 2.5 seconds. Deal 220 damage(+4% per level) per second to every enemy in range. The Reaping heals for 30% of damage dealt to heroes. Become unstoppable for half the duration Cooldown: 90 seconds

R2 – Death Rain: Pull out two grenade launchers(Like in the reveal trailer) and focus fire with Wraith-empowered grenades on a single target, firing 6 shots over 2 seconds. Grenades do 70(+4% per level) damage to an area around the target, double damage to the main target and reduces armour by 20 for five seconds. Cooldown: 65 seconds

Level 13

What I'm really best at – Deal up to 3% of enemy heroes maximum health as damage depending on the range you attacked them from with basic attacks. Max range = 1% health as damage, Mid range = 2% health as damage and Close range = 3% health as damage

Soul Crush(Q) – Soul Rounds reduces enemy armour by 20% and deals 20% more damage

Taught you better – Reduce healing received on an enemy hero by 5% with every basic attack for six seconds(Stacks up to 30%)

Level 16

Hate the Healthy – Deal up to 15% more damage from all sources the more health an enemy hero has

Endless reload – After eight basic attacks, heal for 8% of maximum HP and gain 20 armour for 2.5 seconds

Counter-pick(E) – Activate Wraith form when stunned, silenced or rooted(This effect has a 25 second cooldown) . when Wraith form ends, the first four basic attacks after deal 40% more damage

Level 20

Death's Season – Remove Death Blossom's self slow, double the range and if an enemy is in it for the entire cast deal an additional 50% damage at the end as a burst around Reaper.

Death Monsoon – Increase number of shots fired by Death Rain to 12, reduce damage by 30%, increase cast range by 50% and cause blasts to slow every hero hit

Don't fear the reaper – Increase attack speed by 40% and cause basic attacks to slow the enemy by 20%

Death's never alone – After Shadow Step or Wraith form ends, summon two wraith copies of Reaper than deal 30% of his damage and have 70% of his health. These have a duration of 12 seconds

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