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[Hero Concept] Reinhardt, Hero of Eichenwalde (Tank)

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - [Hero Concept] Reinhardt, Hero of Eichenwalde (Tank)

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A member of the German Crusaders during the Omnic Crisis, Reinhardt Wilhelm joined Overwatch after the Battle of Eichenwalde in the stead of his mentor, Balderich von Adler, after Balderich's death. Reinhardt styles himself as a champion of a bygone age, who lives by the knightly codes of valor, justice, and courage. Now in the Nexus, Reinhardt brings his knightly ways to combat the wicked and protect the innocent, as well as satisfy his love for battle.

General Concept

Reinhardt is a powerful melee tank who can intercept projectiles aimed at his allies, even ones from autoattacks. Despite that he's a big target and lacks sustain, Reinhardt can take a tremendous amount of punishment and dish it back with his potent but slow attacks.


  • Strong against projectile attacks
  • Exceptional durability
  • Very powerful ultimate abilities
  • Strong waveclear
  • Powerful initiation
  • Excellent frontliner


  • No self-sustain
  • Predictable
  • Long, punishable cooldowns
  • Easily outmaneuvered
  • Susceptible against non-projectile attacks
  • Vulnerable if isolated


(expect changes)

Trait – Rocket Hammer

Reinhardt's basic attacks cleave in a wide arc, dealing considerable damage and briefly slowing enemies hit, but he attacks slowly.

Q – Fire Strike

Fire a skillshot that damages all enemies in a line. The first target struck by Fire Strike takes significant bonus damage.

W – Crusader Barrier

Reinhardt activates his barrier and faces it in the target direction for a short time, intercepting all incoming enemy projectiles and significantly reducing all damage he takes through the barrier. Reinhardt cannot attack or use abilities while using Crusader Barrier, but can cancel it early if needed.


After a short wind-up, Reinhardt becomes Unstoppable and dashes in a straight line in the target direction, catching the first enemy Hero he comes in contact with and knocking aside anything else. If he collides with a wall, any enemy Hero he has caught with his dash takes heavy damage and is briefly stunned. Reinhardt can adjust his trajectory during the dash at a highly reduced capacity.

R1 – Earthshatter

After a 0.75 second wind-up, Reinhardt damages and stuns all enemies in a large cone in front of him.

R2 – Hammerspin

Reinhardt starts spinning his hammer around him over 4 seconds, continuously damaging nearby enemies. When enemies are first hit by Hammerspin, they are briefly knocked airborne. Reinhardt can move and is Unstoppable for the duration of Hammerspin, but cannot attack or use other abilities.


(need more ideas; placeholder names)

Blazing Strike
Fire Strike leaves behind a trail of flames that deal continuous damage to enemies standing in it.


Overwhelming Fire
Fire Strike now deals bonus damage to the first two enemies it hits instead of just the first one.

Wide Flame
Increases the width of Fire Strike.

I Am Your Shield!
Upon activating Crusader Barrier, nearby allied Heroes receive bonus armor for a short time.

The first instance of damage that hits Crusader Barrier is negated.

Ultimate Crushing Machine!
Reinhardt's Rocket Hammer deals X% increased damage to Minions and Mercenaries.

100% German Power!
Rocket Hammer deals X% increased damage if it hits more than one Hero.

Inexorable Charge
Reinhardt receives bonus armor while using CHAAAARGE!, and for X seconds afterward.

And Stay Down!
CHAAAARGE! deals X% of a caught enemy Hero's maximum health if it collides with terrain.

Bring Me Another! (level 16/20)
CHAAAAARGE can now catch up to 2 enemy Heroes at once.

When Reinhardt activates CHAAAARGE!, nearby allied Heroes receive bonus movement speed temporarily.

After 2.5 seconds, Earthshatter occurs again in the same area.

Rapid Spin
Increase the duration of Hammerspin by 1 second, and Reinhardt gains up to 40% bonus movement speed over the duration of Hammerspin, starting at 10% and increasing over time.

Hero Synergy

Reinhardt works very well with either Wombo Combo teams or with diving compositions; with the former, his Earthshatter can easily set up his team, while with the latter he can lead the charge by pinning an enemy. He also works well protecting valuable teammates from incoming ranged attacks with his shield, so he can do quite well alongside allies like Sgt. Hammer. He'll need a good medic, though, and allies like Ana or Rehgar can be very helpful. Reinhardt's single-target damage can be lacking, so allies who can compensate for that will help a great deal; examples include Valla, Zul'jin, and Raynor.

Hero Counters

Reinhardt's biggest weakness is his predictability and long cooldowns, so his downtime can be easily exploited and his charges can be easily punished, especially if his teammates don't follow up his initiation. Highly mobile enemies like Tracer, Illidan, or Valla, as well as heroes with dodging abilities like Maiev, can easily avoid his charges and even his Earthshatter. Heroes with non-projectile abilities like Jaina (Blizzard) or Kael'thas (Flamestrike) can get past his Crusader Barrier and still hit his teammates, while mobile heroes can quickly run past him while he's trying to shield in a particular direction and hit him in the back. Reinhardt's lack of self-sustain also means he can be bullied out of a solo lane by opponents like Sonya, Artanis, Rexxar, Malthael, or Zul'jin. Reinhardt's crowd controls are also totally ineffective against Deathwing, making Reinhardt a poor choice against him.


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