Heroes of the Storm

Hero Concept: Selendis and the Golden Armada

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Hero Concept: Selendis and the Golden Armada

"Selendis represents the best and brightest of what the Protoss can be–fiercely loyal to her race's ideals, completely dedicated and focused beyond any mere human capacity." – Chris Metzen

Selendis. One of the great minds of the Protoss, a fearless general and leader, and a relentless warrior. Selendis is an icon of her people's unity, determination, and ideals. Through wars against the zerg and Amon's corruption, her resolve wouldn't waver, even if it meant losing the khala. Now, Selendis brings not only herself but the power of the Protoss fleet, the Golden Armada, to the Nexus.

Selendis: Support

Health – N/A

Basic attack range – N/A

Basic attack damage – N/A

Basic attack speed – You get the idea.

Trait – D – Targeting Matrix – Begin the game with 4 charges, 45 second CD.

Activate to spawn a Targeting Matrix at a target location, which is provided with a (300 +4% scaling) point shield. The Matrix has (778 + 5% scaling) health, reveals a moderate area around it, and must gradually warp in to full size and health after 10 seconds. Maximum of 4 Matrices.

If a Nerve is destroyed, the Leviathan is placed on a 15 second death timer and all other Targeting Matrices on the map are revealed for 15 seconds. If a second Assimilation Nerve is destroyed while they are being revealed, then Selendis, the Golden Armada, and all Targeting Matrices become inactive for the length of a full death timer. Once fully grown, a Matrix has access to its own set of abilities. You can cycle between controlling individual Matrices or Selendis by using the extra ability keys 1-5. Matrices grant one fifth of a normal hero kill

Matrix abilities:

Q – Gather (3 seconds CD). Grants the Golden Armada the Minerals currently stored in the Nerve.

W – Disruption Pulse (10 second CD). Deals low damage to enemies in a small circle every 0.5 seconds for 2.5 seconds. This position of the spikes tracks the mouse cursor. Cannot travel farther than the range of this ability.

E – Collection (passive). Enemies damaged by Disruption Pulse take an additional 10% damage over 7 seconds. Enemies who die while marked with Collection grant 1 Mineral to the Matrix.

D – Clear-sight Targeting Field. The Targeting Nerve creates an area of Empowerment around it, which empowers Selendis' abilities when they are cast within the area.

Q – Armada – 4 Minerals, 5 second CD.

Selendis calls down a focused strike from her fleet, dealing low damage in an area after 2 seconds. Enemies caught in the center of the impact are stunned for 0.5 seconds. Must have vision of cast area. When cast in an area that is Empowered by a Targeting Matrix, Armada leaves a crater in the center of the impact that is impassable for 1.5 seconds.

W – Shield Generator – 15 Minerals, 21 second CD.

Summons a barrier of energy at a target location that grants players within 50 armor. Once the barrier has prevented a total of (435 + 4% scaling) damage, it fades away. The Shield Generator decreases in size as it prevents more damage. When cast in an area that is Empowered by a Targeting Matrix, Shield Generator slowly regenerates size and shield by 4% of its maximum shield and size per second.

E – Spacial Rift – 10 Minerals, 17 second CD. Vector targeting.

Directs a ship from the Golden Armada to create a Rift at a target location that slows nearby enemies by 25%. An additional rift is created a set distance away in a target direction. Enemies who touch one of the rifts are transported to the other end. This process only works once. Rifts take 1.2 seconds to arm after being placed. Rifts last 6 seconds. When cast in an area that is Empowered, Spacial Rifts are 30% larger.

R1 – Assault Module – 100 Minerals, 130 second CD.

Animates a target Targeting Matrix, turning it into an Assault Construct that progresses down the nearest lane. The construct has (3001 +4% scaling) health, deals massive damage with a 33% cleave around its target, and occasionally lets forth an Unerring Assault, which targets a nearby enemy hero and lets forth a hail of Ionic Fire, dealing high damage over 4 seconds and leaving a patch of volatile energy in the area of effect for 7 seconds that deals moderate damage per second to enemy heroes, minions, and mercenaries within.

R2 – Might of the Daelaam – 90 second CD.

Selendis brings the Golden Armada into low orbit, intensifying their impact on the battlefield. For 15 seconds, all abilities act as if they were Empowered, have no Mineral cost, and gain an additional benefit. The larger and central area of Armada is increased by 100%, Shield Generator gains a 30% larger area and the cooldown recharges 110% faster while the barrier remains active, and Spacial Rift quickly seeks nearby enemy heroes. If a Targeting Matrix is destroyed during this time, this ability ends and goes on full cooldown.


Inborn 6 – Tactical Warp- 30 second CD.

Causes the currently active Targeting Matrix to Warp to a new location after 4 seconds. Cannot be used if the Matrix has received damage in the last 4 seconds.


Tier 1 – Level 1

Fast-acting Re-calibration: While selecting a Targeting Matrix, it gains Stealth and a 300 point shield. Only when the shield is broken can the Matrix can be revealed. Remaining in stealth for at least 3 seconds grants Invisible. A shield can only be granted once every 15 seconds.

Advanced Defense and Detainment Program: While selecting a Targeting Matrix, it gains 30 armor. Disruption Pulse now knocks back enemy heroes they hit slightly, and gains 30% additional range. Hitting an enemy five times with a single cast of Disruption Pulse stuns them for 1 second.

Emergency Response Protocol: After a Matrix has been destroyed, and the period of revealing has passed, gain 2 charges of Tactical Warp.

Tier 2 – Level 4

Purifier Production Facility: Every 10 Minerals that a Targeting Matrix grants to the Golden Armada, summon a Purifier Immortal with low health which attacks enemies in a piercing line and can outrange towers.

Warp-blade Augmentation: Allies standing in your Shield Generator deal 10% more physical damage.

Psionic Enhancements: Allies standing in your Shield Generator deal 10% more spell damage.

Tier 3 – Level 7

Warp Stability: Assimilation Nerves gain 20 armor. While the initial shield provided to an Assimilation Nerve persists, nerves cannot be revealed by effects that would usually reveal an area.

Convergence (active): Activate Selendis' trait to temporarily warp all Targeting Matrices to a target location, in a 2×2 grid and slightly apart for 20 seconds. While Matrices are relocated in this way, they gain 40 armor, and share a single health pool equal to their combined health when Convergence is cast. When Convergence ends, matrices all split the remaining health from the health pool. 80 second CD.

Tal'darim Vengeance Procedure (active): Activate Selendis' trait to mark a target, reducing their armor by 10 until they are healed above 90% health. 45 second CD. Can target structures, so long as you can see them.

Tier 4 – Level 10

(see above)

Tier 5 – Level 13

Armada-class Artillery: Targeting Matrices gain a basic attack that deals low damage every 0.9 seconds. Every fifth auto attack summons an Armada at the target's location, which acts as if it were empowered.

Permeance Rift: Rifts last an additional 2 seconds. Teleporting an enemy with a rift reduces the cooldown by 5 seconds. This only works once.

Empowered Gradient: Armada deals up to 40% more damage while empowered, increased by proximity to a Targeting Matrix.

Tier 6 – Level 16

Orbital Matrix (passive:) Every 30 seconds, the next Disruption Pulse cast by a Targeting Matrix gains global range and deals 50% more damage.

Weapon Recharge System: Your heroic ability recharges 1% faster per 3 minerals currently being stored in the Golden Armada.

Aiur's Repose: Increases the Empowered effects of abilities by 50%.

Tier 7 – Level 20

The Spear of Adun: When you activate Might of the Daelaam, your heroic ability is replaced with a charge of Purifier Beam. After this is used, it's replaced with a charge of Orbital Bombardment. (Artanis Ults.)

Advanced Transformation: Assault Constructs have 100% more health, deal 25% more damage, and Assault Module costs 50% less minerals.

Nanoparticle Projectile Disruptor: Armada leaves a Shield Generator at its location for 3 seconds if it's empowered.

Greater Convergence (active, can only be taken if you take Convergence at level 7:) While Convergence is active, all allies nearby to a Targeting matrix deal 10% more damage, Armada deals 50% more damage, and Disruption Pulse has a 100% larger area.

What do you MEAN there's already a SC support hero whose concept is being detached from the battlefield? Yeah, yeah, Abathur, I know… but Selendis is different! A powerful split pusher who can only be defeated by coordinated and quick bursts of assault on her anchors to the battlefield, Selendis can gear herself either for the teamfight, (2, 2/3, 2, 2, 3, 2/3, 1/4) or the major macro game (1/3, 1/3, 1, 1, 1/2, 1/2, 2/3.)

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