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Hero Concept: Sire Denathrius

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Hero Concept: Sire Denathrius

This is the first time for me to post my ideas here. Feedbacks are appreciated.

Sire Denathrius is a melee assassin which delivers basic attacks continuously in order to empower his abilities on the respective targets. He has a moderate health pool and attack speed (1.2 atk/sec).

  • Strengths:
    Crowd Control
    Single Target Damage
    Gap Closers
  • Weaknesses:
    AoE Damage
    Susceptible to Kiting
    Ability Delays

Trait-Burdens of Sin: Denathrius' basic attacks apply a stack of burden of sin on the target, dealing minor damage over 4 seconds, stacking up to 4 times. When this effect ends early, deal the remaining damage immedialy in a small area around the target.

Q-Cleansing Pain: Strike all enemies in a cone in front of you, dealing moderate damage and slow all enemies hit by 20% for 2 seconds. Consumes all Burdens of Sin to increase the slow amount by an additional 5% per stack consumed. 8 seconds cooldown.

W-Torment: Torment the target for their past sins, channeling at the targeted enemy hero for 0.75 seconds, stunning it for the duration. Then, Denathrius slams the hero on the ground, dealing moderate damage. Consumes all Burdens of Sin to increase the damage by 25% for each stack consumed. 8 seconds cooldown.

E-Door of Shadows: After 0.75 seconds, teleport to the targeted location. Enemies can't see the location you are teleporting to. 12 seconds cooldown.

R1-Massacre: Vector Targeting For the next 8 seconds, you can command Remornia to strike in long, massive lines, dealing massive damage after 1 second. You may not use any other abilities during this time. 65 seconds cooldown.

R2-Ravage: After 1 second, unleash anima in a wide arc in front of Denathrius, dealing moderate damage and leave behind a pool of anima for 5 seconds. While inside the anima pool, enemy heroes are slowed by 50%, take minor damage every 0.5 second, and have a stack of Burden of Sin applied to them when it deals damage. 65 seconds cooldown.


Level 1:
Cleansing Ritual (Q): Quest: Remove Burdens of Sin from enemy heroes with Cleansing Pain.
Reward: After removing 20 stacks of Burdens of Sin, Cleansing Pain's base slow amount is increased by 10%.
Reward: After removing 40 stacks of Burdens of Sin, Cleansing Pain's damage is increased by 25%, and each stack of Burdens of Sin removed also increase the damage done by an additional 25%.

Tormenting Shadows (W/E): Torment reduces the cooldown of Door of Shadows by 1 second for each stack of Burdens of Sin removed. Door of Shadows reset the cooldown of Torment upon arrival.

Sin Bolt (Active): Launch a ranged basic attack that deals 50% increased damage. 12 seconds cooldown.
Passive: Your basic attacks deal 5% increased damage for each stack of Burdens of Sin on the target.

Level 4:
Shadow Slash (Q): Increase the width of Cleansing Pain by 100%. Denathrius also basic attacks all enemies after Cleansing Pain hits.


Crushing Throat (W): Torment also silences the target for 0.75 seconds after the stun ends. Duration doubled if the target has 4 stacks of Burden of Sin.

Agent of Chaos (E): Door of Shadows deals minor damage and applies 2 stacks of Burdens of Sin to all nearby enemies upon arrival, and increase the damage of Burdens of Sins by 25% for each stack on the target for 5 seconds.

Level 7:
Converted Momentum (E): Door of Shadows slows all nearby enemies by 30% for 2 seconds, and grants you 30% movement speed for 2 seconds.

Enduring Gloom (E): Door of Shadows grants you 40 armor, decaying over 2 seconds.

Through the Shadows (E): Door of Shadows increases your damage dealt by 20% for 2 seconds. Duration refreshed whenever you deal direct damage to enemy heroes.

Level 13:
Vampiric Grip (W): Torment has 25% increased range, pulls the target to you, and heals you for 50% of the damage dealt.

Sins Exposed (D): Increase the damage of Burdens of Sin by 50%. Activate your Trait to cause your next Cleansing Pain or Torment to affect targets as if they have 4 stacks of Burdens of Sin. 15 seconds cooldown.

Anima Drain (D): You heal for 10% of the damage dealt for each stack of Burdens of Sin on the target. When Burdens of Sin ends on the target, you are healed for 1.5% of your health per stack.

Level 16:

Blood Price (W): Torment also affects all other enemy heroes around Denathrius. Additionally, Torment now deals damage in an area around each target.

Twisting Shadows (E): Door of Shadows is now instant, castable while disabled, and has 50% increased range and cooldown.

Unbearable Sins (D): Burdens of Sin also slows by 8% per stack active on the target. Additionally, Cleansing Pain and Torment leaves behind a stack of Burden of Sin on all targets hit.

Level 20:

Targeted Extermination (R1): Reduce the time delay of Massacre's strikes by 50%. Now the strikes target random enemies every 0.75 seconds (prioritizing heroes), and you may use all other abilities and attacks during Massacre.

Desolation (R2): Ravage's anima pool now also reduces the healing received by enemy heroes within by 75%. Additionally, enemy heroes can't drop stacks of Burdens of Sin while within the pool.

Mirrors, Mirrors (E): Door of Shadows leaves behind a mirror for 3 seconds upon arrival. You may reactivate this ability while near the mirror to cast Door of Shadows back to the point you teleport through and reduce its cooldown by 5 seconds.
Passive: Gain all level 7 talents.

Wrath of Remornia (Active): Your basic attacks become ranged and strike in an area around the target. Activate to teleport to the last basic attack target within 2 seconds and cast Cleansing Pain. Shares cooldown with Door of Shadows.

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