Heroes of the Storm

Hero concept: soldier 76.

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Hero concept: soldier 76.

First post here and on mobile so here we go.

Rough stats: Health: medium low, squishier than Raynor but more than mages Attack: 4 attacks per second dealing 50 damage per shot at level one, for a total of 200 DPS. Normal attack range of 5.5

Z: Combat Sprint: instead of mounting, Soldier 76 sprints, gaining 20% increased movement speed, sprint is activated instantly and does not get interrupted by damage. Must dismount to attack. 2 second cooldown

Q: Helix Rockets: fire 3 rockets in a long line in front of you, dealing 450 damage to the primary target and 50% damage to nearby targets. 10 second cooldown

W: Biotic Field: place down a biotic field. Allies in the biotic field heal for 150 health per second, lasts for 3 seconds. 18 second cooldown (fifteen when biotic field ends)

E: Visor Scan: over a period of 2 seconds, scan sweep a large area in front of you (long pie slice shape that goes roughly 90 degrees). All enemies caught in the scan are revealed for 3 seconds.

D: Bological Enhancements: you have enhanced focus, granting 20% increased sight radius, and 25% resistance to crowd control

R1: Tactical Visor: activate to increase Soldier 76's attack range by 200% (16.5) for 5 seconds. During this time Soldier 76 is immune to blinds and can hit evading targets. 90 second cooldown


R2: Respawn: up on death, call in a medical dropship that spawns you with full health after 2 seconds of casting, you can land anywhere within vision. 120 second cooldown.

Possible talents:

Q: Helix Bombardment: quest: hit enemies with the splash damage of helix misses. Reward: after hitting 30 heroes, reduce the cooldown of helix missiles by 5 seconds.

W: Energy Field: biotic field now regenerates 50 mana a second.

E: Target acquired : enemies affected by scan take 15% more damage from your auto attacks

R1: Aimbot: basic attacks during tactical visor now pierce physical armor.

R2: shooting from spawn!: for 2 seconds after you respawn, you are rooted and invulnerable to all damage and CC.

Auto attack talent: accuracy not required: shooting enemies in melee range increases your attack speed by 2

Z talent: the omnics are coming!: sprint grants an additional 10% movement speed.

Strengths: Flexible, jack-of-all-trades styles kit Strong sustain damage Good one time burst or finisher with helix rockets Weaknesses: Blinds are very effective outside of tactical visor Very vulnerable to burst damage

Edit 1: lowered the sample numbers on his dps and heals per second a bit due to them being pretty broken.

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