Heroes of the Storm

Hero concept: Sombra.

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Hero concept: Sombra.

The new event on PTR kinda had me thinking: what would sombra be like in HotS? Heres what I came up with!

Hero name: sombra Class: support (NOTE; this is post role reclassification) Health: quite squishy, let's say roughly 1.5k. Attack: deals 5 damage per shot, shoots 10 times a second.

Q, Cloaking Device: enter stealth for 20 seconds, during this time gain 30% movement speed. Getting hit during this stealth reveals you for two seconds, but does not remove you from stealth. Cooldown starts when stealth ends. 20 second cooldown.

W, Translocator: toss a translocator at your feet. Lasts for 15 seconds. Enemies can see, target, and kill the translocator. Reactivate this ability to instantly teleport to your translocator. Cooldown starts when translocator is reactivated, expired, or destroyed.15 second cooldown.

E, Hack (this is a long one): Channel on a target for 1 second, if you do not take damage in this time your target is hacked. Different types of targets respond differently to being hacked. 10 second cooldown.

Hero: silenced for 2 seconds, can not be cleansed except via complete invulnerability

Towers: disabled for 5 seconds (core is immune)

Creeps(objective summons before capture, like the guardians on sky temple): instantly defeated.

Neutral mercenary camps: if enemies attempt to capture a hacked camp, the point is locked for 7 seconds, and everyone nearby is revealed (bosses are immune)

Used items (turrets on vulskaya etc): convert to an allied item.

R1; EMP: hack all enemy heroes in a large area, and additionally reveal them. 70 second cooldown.


R2: Illegal Upgrades: hack an allied hero, granting them an additional 50% of their max health. 30% move speed, 25% armor that stacks with other armor effects, and 25% CC immunity for 7 seconds. 80 second cooldown.

Possible talents Q: break out: when revealed, gain an additional 10% move speed, this can only happen once every 15 seconds. W: translocation: you can now throw your translocator E: all or nothing: increase the channel time of hack to 2 seconds. Every time you successfully hack a hero, permenantly reduce the cooldown of hack by .3 seconds. This bonus is lost if a hack gets interrupted, cancelled, cleansed, or if sombra dies.

Ultimate upgrades: EMP: shields down! EMP instantly destroyed all shields. Illegal Upgrades: permenant specs: reduce all benefits of Illegal upgrades by 20%, but the effect is Permanent until the upgraded hero dies. Only one hero can be permenantly upgraded at a time

Goal: my goal for sombra was to be very weak in HP and damage, but have very strong utility via scouting, harassment, in combat cc, and utility. I wanted her to be a constant harass to the enemy team and a constant benefit to her allies. Without being to toxic of a character.

Her second ulti is intended to be like a stim drone, or nano boost, but for tanks, keeping them alive and strong, and letting them harass in whatever way they can.

Edit; suggested I swap Q and E, dont want to do it on mobile in case I mess it up haha,

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