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Hero Concept (Structure / Buff oriented Support) – Kelsey Steelspark

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Hero Concept (Structure / Buff oriented Support) - Kelsey Steelspark

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Despite Blizzard not wanting heroes to be siege oriented as seen with what they have slowly done to "Specialists" over the years – I figured I'd give that train of thought a rightfully "Up yours" and make a monster that works kinda like Abathur.




Kelsey Steelspark is an agent of the Gnomeregan Covert Ops whom serves both the Ops unit and the Alliance in general as an expert Technician who's skills is unparalleled.

During her early days of work; she was first recruited to try and strike a deal with Marin Noggenfogger of Gadgetzan to make him enter a partnership with the Alliance and their Gnomes rather than the Horde and their Goblins. Most adventurers who first met Kelsey believed her to simply be a rather typical and cheerful Gnome that was just picked as a common face to represent the Gnomes of the Alliance, yet after meeting up with here again at Land's End Beach in order to advance their plans in Tanaris – Kelsey revealed herself to only have upheld an act to fool the representative Goblin of the Horde to think she was no threat; rapidly it came to light that she was a decently talented Rogue but excelled most of all at Engineering.

Over the following years Kelsey's involvement with the Alliance grew stronger as she not only defended Gadgetzan in the name of the Alliance during the recent Legion invasion; but she also got a foot inside with the Rogue clan – The Uncrowned; which further led to her recent involvement with the Covert Ops unit as they engaged war with the Horde. Kelsey has served the Alliance and their Champions in many ways and recently joined a prominent Champion's squad in order to further assist the Alliance in the ongoing war.

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When the Nexus called upon Kelsey – It was clear that the Nexus lords wanted a change of pace. The Nexus has been overflowing with strong and stout heroes who charges head-first into battle. It was now time to see what someone who was way more technical could accomplish to help newfound allies in combat.

Role description:

Kelsey takes up the role as a Global Style Support – Thanks to her Trait ( D ) And toolkit; She never really engages in direct combat herself but instead focuses on maintaining the fortifications her team holds while being able to use her Engineering skills to craft machines which will assist her allies in combat.

Kelsey relies heavily on co-opperation from her team as part of her toolkit requires Allied Heroes to pick up a Mecha-Badge which Kelsey deploys via her trait.

Baste stats:

– Base Health: 1001 (+4 % per level)

– Health regen: 2.84 (+4 % per level)

– Mana: 0

– Mana regen: 0

– Movement speed: 100%

Basic attack:

Kelsey attacks by lobbing small proxy bombs at her target. Her basic attacks splashes for 50% of it's damage in a small area around her main target.

– Base damage 82 (+4 % per level)

– Attack speed 1.2

– Attack range 5




Activate: Spend 10 seconds to upgrade a select Fort or Keep which will grant it 20% more health, doble the attack damage and give it an additional cannon, allowing the structure to fire at two targets at once. An Upgraded Fort or Keep will always shoot at separate targets unless only one target is available.

Minions that bypasses an Upgraded Fort or Keep will be given Workshop equipment which Kelsey has designen; Granting them Mecha-Suits / modifications for 30 seconds which gives the minions:

10% more Health.

10% more Damage.

Each suit is equipped with an information gathering chip which causes all experience gains from minions and structures around the suited-up minions to be granted as if Kelsey was present

Once a Workshop is active: Allied heroes of Kelsey whom comes within 5 range of the Workshop is given a Mecha-Badge that allows Kelsey to assist them from her Workshop. This badge is lost upon death. Allied heroes of Kelsey can retrieve their lost badge by picking it up again at their place of death or by dropping by a Workshop after re-spawning.

Only one Fort / Keep can be upgraded at any given time.

You can place a Workshop to the Core but this does not give the Core or nearby minions any bonuses and only allows it to function as a Workshop you can enter / exit. A Workshop fixed Core does not grant Mecha-Badges.

Only one information gathering chip is active at any time. Once the minion with the active chip dies, the closest allied minion will have it's chip activated. The first minion to gain upgrades per wave will have the first active chip.

Cooldown: 180 Seconds.



Deploy an Autohammer at your select allied structure; The Autohammer lasts for 10 seconds and will repair whatever structure it is assigned too. Causing it to restore 80 Health each 1 second. If the structure is already at full health; the Autohammer's healing will be converted to a shield which can grow to become equal to 15% of the given structure's total health.

An Autohammer has 200 (+ 40 health per level) health.

Cooldown: 20 Seconds.



Deploy a Tesla-Station which lasts until it is destroyed. A Tesla-Station will start electrocuting a nearby hostile unit, prioritizing; Structures (Towers > Forts > Keeps > Fountains) – Anything that is not a hero – Heroes.

While a Tesla-Station is electrocuting a hostile structure that can attack; it will shut down said structure. If electrocuting a Fountain, said fountain will become un-usable until the Tesla-Station is destroyed.

When electrocuting a minion, mercenary (Non-boss) or Hero, the Tesla-Station applies a 15% slow and deals 25 damage (+ 4% per level) each second it remains linked with the target.

A Tesla-Station can take 3 Basic Attacks before being destroyed and is immune to ability damage. A Tesla-Station has a built in cloaking field which makes it invisible to hostile minions and mercenaries.

Tesla-Station's can now shut down a Core.

Charges: 3

Cooldown: Refreshed upon exiting a Workshop.

Cooldown between charges: 2 Seconds.



Enter a Workshop.

Cooldown: 1 Second.



While inside your Workshop Activate each allied heroes Mecha-Badge, granting them 2 Charges of Block, and 10 Armor: All which lasts for 4 seconds. Using this ability places Offensive Mode on a 5 Seconds cooldown. This Armor ALWAYS stacks on top of any other source of armor.

Cooldown: 10 Seconds.



While inside your Workshop Activate each allied heroes Mecha-Badge, granting them 10% More Basic Attackand Ability damage for 4 seconds and empower their first attack after activation; causing their next source of damage to deal 15% more damage. This empower effect also lasts for 4 seconds. Using this ability places Defensive Mode on a 5 Seconds cooldown.

The bonus damage empowerment does not apply to Heroic abilities.

Cooldown: 10 Seconds.



Exit your Workshop, granting you Stealth and 25% movement speed for 20 seconds. Using Autohammer or Tesla-Station does not break Stealth.

Cooldown: 1 Second.




Passive: Your Core gains a Permanent Workshop Station which will grant the 30 seconds upgrade to all minions deployed from it. You can now use the Core as a Workshop station. Casting Hearthstone will now teleport you to the closest Workshop instead of the Nexus Home. The Core now grants Mecha-Badges to allied heroes.

The Workshop attached to the Core does not grant the Core any health, damage or rate of fire bonus.

Activate: While inside a Workshop, you can use this ability to activate both the Defensive and Offensive mode on all Mecha-Badge wearing allies heroes for 6 Seconds. This places both the regular Defensive and Offensive mode on a 10 Seconds cooldown.

Cooldown: 90 Seconds.



Call down the Steelspark LX-506 and climb into it before selecting an area on the battlefield. One a location is selected, the Steelspark LX-506 will take to the skies and then crash-land on the targeted location after 3 seconds, causing 517 (+ 4% per level) damage to anything hostile within the impact area.

Once grounded; Kelsey gains control of the Steelspark LX-506 and can use it's abilities for 19 seconds or until the Steelspark LX-506 is destroyed. Upon destruction or time-out; the Steelspark LX-506 will become immune to damage for 3 seconds, during this time – Kelsey can chose a direction she would like for her pilot seat to eject her toward upon destruction. Kelsey is unstoppable from she is ejected until she lands.

Steelspark LX-506 Stats:

Base Health: 1999 (+ 4% per level)

Health Regen: 4.38 (+ 4% per level)

Mana: 0

Mana Regen: 0

Movement Speed: 100%

Basic Attacks comes in the form of lumps of heated metal shot like cannon fire from the right arm of the Steelspark LX-506

– Base damage 175 (+4 % per level)

– Attack speed 1

– Attack range 8

Cooldown: 120 Seconds.



Fire of a jolt of electricity from the Steelspark LX-506's left arm which will deal 278 (+ 4% per level) damageand stun a select hostile unit for 0.5 seconds.

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Cooldown: 5 Seconds.



Heal a select allied hero for 8% of their total health.

Cooldown: 6 Seconds.



Fire off a set of electromagnetic plates which will attach to rather an allied or hostile hero; giving / reducingtheir armor by 20 for 2 seconds.

Cooldown: 4 Seconds.



Activate to remove any Slow or Root effect and gain 20% movement speed for 5 seconds. If this successfully removes a Slow or Root; become immune to said effects for 2.5 seconds. This ability does not break Stealth.

Cooldown: 30 Seconds.




Nourishment Amplifier:

Defensive Mode increases all healing the affected allies take while the armor function is active by 25%

Selective Aggression Matrix:

Offensive Mode now boosts damage up to 20% up from 10% but now only grants Ability OR Basic Attack damage bonuses. (Which bonus is given depends on the hero; Illidan gets Basic Attack, Li-Ming gets Ability, etc)

A Propper Upgrade:

Minions with the Suit / Modification upgrades now gains 10% additional Health and Damage. They also gain 10% increased attack and movement speed while the upgrades are active.

Oracle Intel:

A Workshop upgraded building gains 250% increased sight radius and will cause any revealed hostile heroes to remain revealed for 5 seconds after leaving the Workshop's sight radius.


Covert Ops Dealings:

Enemy Minions or captured Mercenaries killed near Kelsey or within XP range of her info-chip marked minions grant her stacks of Bribe. Use 30 stacks to bribe target Mercenary, instantly defeating them. Does not work on Bosses. Maximum stacks available: 150. If a camp is defeated entirely with Bribe, the camp respawns 50% faster.


Using Escape Artist causes for you to become unrevealable for 3 seconds.

Just office supplies:

Your Basic Attacks deals 75% more damage to non-heroes and heals you for 25% of the damage dealt and causes for structures to catch fire, making them burn for 125 (+ 4% per level) damage over 8 seconds.


Assembly Line:

Autohammer gains a second charge and lasts for 5 additional seconds.

Sabotage Adjustment:

Autohammer can be deployed to target hostile structures, causing them to deal damage equal to the amount they usually would heal. While within the presence of minions with the Suit / Modification upgrades; a Hostile Autohammer is ignored by minions, mercenaries and structures.

Pre-Programmed Link:

Tesla-Station's can now electrocute 2 hostile units given that they are within range of one and other. Tesla-Station's can now affect Gates and will remove the Line of Sight they usually block. Tesla-Station's within range of one and other will also form an electric link between each other; causing for a line of raw electricity to from which applies the slow and damage per second a Tesla-Station has to anyone in contact with the line.

Chapter 11-5-11:

Tesla-Station gains 2 additional charges. 25% Additional range and can now take basic attacks before being destroyed. Upon destruction, a Tesla-Station's shut down effect and slow / damage will linger on whatever target it had targeted upon death for 3 seconds.


Project P5SF

Steelspark LX-506



Defensive Mode now grants 1 Charge of Spell Block. Offensive Mode's firs attack bonus is increased to 25% and all effects for both Mode's now lasts for 6 seconds.

This is Advanced Engineering:

Workshop Upgrade gains a second charge. You can now have two Workshop's active at the same time. Workshop Suit / Modification upgrades now lasts for 45 seconds.

Long Distance Artillery coverage:

If Kelsey basic attacks a hostile unit within the same lane as she currently has a Workshop within; Said Workshopwill fire a Structure shot all the way to whatever Kelsey basic attacked. This effect can not trigger again before the fired structure shot has connected with the marked target or a missfire is confirmed (The shot reaches the point of the target despite the target dying beforehand).


Adrenaline Pump:

Defensive Mode now grants 30% movement speed for 3 seconds.

Leeching Rage:

Offensive Mode will zap all nearby hostile units upon activation, causing for allied heroes who just had Offensive Mode activated to be healed for 50 damage per hostile unit who was zapped.

Last Surprise:

When minions with the Suit / Modification upgrades dies; They explode and will deal 83 (+ 4% per level) damage to nearby hostile units. Additionally; Upon taking a fatal blow, Kelsey will be set to 1 health and become unrevealable and immune for 3 seconds. This death effect has a 120 seconds internal cooldown.

The last ace:

You can now attach an Autohammer to the base of a Destroyer Keep or Fort. Doing so will cause for the fallen structure to begin being re-built at the pace of which the Autohammer would heal a structure. Autohammersdeployed this way will have no time-limit and will keep re-constructing until destroyed or finished. Everyone on the battlefield is alerted to when Kelsey attempts to re-construct a structure. Multiple Autohammers can be deployed to re-construct a structure. Destroying all Autohammers which works on re-contructing a structure will destroy the structure. The structure won't fire or take effect before completely re-built.


The Prometheus Plan:

Reduce the cooldown on Project P5SF by 45 seconds. Either Defensive OR Offensive mode can now be activated instantly after the effects of Project P5SF ends.

All Out:

Upgrade the Steelspark LX-506, giving it 50% more health, 10 additional seconds it can remain active, up the Taser Cannon stun to 0.75 seconds. Bandage Pump heals for 12% health. Static Plating lasts for 3 seconds and upon death / time out when the Steelspark LX-506 is immune; It charges up a self-destruct which will cause for it to deal 500 – 1100 (+ 4% per level) Damage in a large area, depending on distance from the center of the blast.

Final Guard:

Activate while inside a Workshop to make all allied heroes with a Mecha-Badge equipped become Protected for 2 seconds.

Cooldown: 60 Seconds.

Let's take care of that:

Defensive Mode gives allies heroes 1 second of unstoppable at the end of it's effect timer given that damage from hostile heroes was sustained during the defensive up-time and Offensive Mode's First Source of Damage bonus can now be applied to heroic abilities.

Connectivity Link:

Autohammers repairing allied structures will work three times as fast should a Tesla-Station be within a close proximity. This will shut down the Tesla-Station linked to the Autohammer.

Tesla-Station's can connect to the enemy Core will shut down it's fire and instantly remove it's Shield if an Autohammer is deployed within range of the Tesla-Station. This will cause for the Autohammer to do nothing but give energy to the Tesla-Station.

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