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HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Hero Concept Support - Sombra from Overwatch

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Back when Sombra was revealed in 2016 I was quick to concept her within the first week she was on the PTR for OW (I was even the first on Heroesfire to concept her at all) – Yet it's been over 2 years since then and we have had massive changes to HotS (Especially with the 2.0 update that came later which among things; removed tower ammunition) I decided to go back and re-visit this concept and with it; Marking a beginning where I will re-visit a lot of my old concepts and update them as I as of making this post have over 40+ concepts on Heroesfire. Some of which is in dire need of an update.

I will include the link to my Heroesfire concept but in case someone does not wish to leave Reddit or don't trust any links; I will underneath just type out the concept with Abilities and Talents:




Before taking up her current alias as Sombra – Olivia Colomar was among the many thousands of children who ended up orphaned as a result of the Omnic Crisis. Yet Olivia was a gifted child; at a rather young age – Her understanding of how to utilize computers and execute high levels of hacking was something that not only would save her but also lead her into being welcomed into the Los Muertos gang in which she found a home and begun taking on jobs that among many things; Included hacker attacks up on the government of Mexico which rapidly spiraled out of control and had Olivia descend into a tangled web filled with corruption and secrets which made one thing more clear than anything else – Knowledge is power.

After snooping around too much – Olivia was eventually found out and had to go into hiding. With help from the Los Muertos, she received a cybernetic graft and was "reborn" as Sombra. With her newfound alias and cybernetic improvements which allowed her to stay constantly on the move all the while executing her crafty hacker crafts; she became a force that many sought to both stop and hire. This all eventually led to Sombra getting involved with the criminal organization Talon where she to this day still works and along with this group; Have executed numerous actions which has led to more uproar around the world. One of her most recent actions which only solidified her intentions in life was when Sombra alongside Talon members Reaper and Widowmaker infiltrated Volskaya Industries in order to get a hold of Katya Volskaya. Yet once she had Katya in the palm of her hand, she instead struck a deal for her own benefits with her and let Katya go – Lying to her Talon companions about the end result of their infiltration.

As the Nexus lords called upon Sombra – It was utmost uncertain what their intentions was by bringing her to their realm. Some of the champions from the Nexus that hails from Earth speculates that perhaps Sombra somehow with her cybernetics and talents made her own way to the Nexus seen as how she knew that certain members of Overwatch had vanished recently. Having now found them in the Nexus and being part of an entire new world; Sombra readies up to see what information that can be extracted and abused within the Nexus.


Role description:

Sombra takes up the role as a Ranged Support who specializes in shutting down enemy units, structures and players while also assisting her own team in terms of providing information and being able to utilize her cybernetics for more than just harassing the enemy. Her Hack ( Q ) ability has an extremely wide set of uses and can be used to manipulate even the battlefield itself.


Baste stats:

– Base Health: 1360 (+4 % per level)- Health regen: 2.89 (+4 % per level)

– Mana: 500 (+ 4% per level)- Mana regen: 3.68 (+ 4% per level)

– Movement speed: 100%

Basic attack:

Sombra attacks at a range via the use of of her Machine Pistol

– Base damage 29 (+4 % per level)
– Attack speed 6
– Attack range 5.5


Trait ( D) – Opportunist.

Passive: Sombra gains personal vision on any hostile hero which is bellow 100% health.

Activate: Grant your allied heroes vision off all hostile heroes who are bellow 50% health for 4 seconds.

Enemy heroes will not be alerted to that Sombra has vision on them; Be it from her Passive or Active function.

Mana: 0
Cooldown: 25 Seconds.


Hack ( Q )

(Creators Note; This ability has MANY functions and at the bottom of this list – I have an idèa for how to "Tooltip" this ability)

Do a 0.5 second channel to hack your selected target. This can be done to a multitude of targets with different effects:

Hostile units:

Hostile heroes: Silence them for 2.5 Seconds.

Hostile minion: Convert them to Sombra's side.

Hostile Merceanry (Non-boss): Turn them against their own team for 8 seconds.

Hostile Tower, Fort or Keep: Shut down the structure, denying cannon fire for 6 seconds.

Hostile Fountain: Deny the use of the fountain for 30 seconds.

Neutral units and Map Objectives: ANY HACK usage within this category will place hack on a twice as long cooldown.

Neutral mercenaries (Non-Boss): Instantly defeat them.

Alterac Pass: Sombra can convert Prison Guards and if she Hacks any of the Prisons; she will increase (Allied capture or reclaim) / decrease (Hostile capture or reclaim) the channel time needed to capture / reclaim a prison by 50% for 10 seconds.

Battlefield of Eternity: Deny the hostile Immortal use of abilities for 10 seconds or increase the rate of which your own Immortal will use abilities for 10 seconds.

Blackheart's Bay: Hacking Blackheart will increase the rate at which allied units turns in coins by 50% and decrease the rate at which hostile heroes can turn in coins by 50% for the next 10 seconds.

Braxis Holdout: Hack one of either beacons to rather; Increase the rate at which the rate at which Zerg is collected by 25% for 5 seconds (Allied controlled) or Shut down the beacon and deny hostile takeover for 5 seconds (Hostile controlled) – Beacons can not be hacked if they are contested.

Cursed Hollow: Sombra can cast hack on the Tribute to do the "Tribute Collect" channel at a distance equal to her hack range. This can be interrupted by regular means.

Dragon Shire: Hack the Obelisks, increasing / decreasing the rate at which they will be captured (Allied takeover) / reclaimed (Hostile takeover) by 50% for 10 seconds.

Garden of Terror: Sombra can cast hack on the Seed to do the "Seed Collect" channel at a distance equal to her hack range. This can be interrupted by regular means.

Hanamura: Hack the Payload to give it movement speed as if 3 Allied (Allied controlled) / Only 1 Hostile (Hostile controlled) hero(es) is within it's range for 10 seconds.

Haunted mines: Hack a mine entrance – Denying hostile heroes to use the hacked entrance for 10 seconds. This affects both ends of a mine entrance.

Infernal Shrines: Hack the Shrine in order to manipulate the spawn rate of the Skeletal Defenders for 10 seconds. If Sombra remains near the shrine; The spawn rate increases If she leaves the Shrine; The spawn rate will decrease.

Sky Temple: Hack a Temple in order to increase (Allied) / reduce ( Hostile) the rate of fire by 50% for 10 seconds.

Tomb of the Spider Queen: Hack a altar in order to increase (Allied turn-in) / decrease (Hostile turn-in) the rate at which Gems can be turned inn at the hacked altar by 50% for 10 seconds.

Towers of Doom: Hack a altar in order to increase (Allied capture) / decrease (Hostile capture) the rate at which the altar is claimed by 50% for 10 seconds.

Volskaya Foundry: Hack the Triglav Protector to rather; Increase it's movement speed and ability re-charge rate by 25% for 5 seconds (Allied) or shut it down for 5 seconds (Hostile)

Warhead Junction: Sombra can cast hack on a nuke which will tamper with it's functionality for 30 seconds. This effect refreshes once a hacked nuke has been claimed. Allies will get an empowered nuke which if fired off within the first 30 seconds after capture will increase it's damage by 25%. Hostile heroes will get a weakened nuke which if fired off within the first 30 seconds after capture will decrease it's damage by 25%.

Allied units:

Allied heroes: Remove a Crowd Controlling effect on them.

Allied minions: Empower them by granting the hacked allied minion 25% more damage and health. Hacking a Leader Minion (Wizard Minion) will cause for it to instantly drop it's globe to Sombra's team – Negating the enemy team the globe if the minion dies.


Allied Mercenary (Non-boss): Increase their damage and attack speed by 25% for 8 seconds.

Allied Tower, Fort, Keep: Increase their rate of fire and damage by 25% for 6 seconds.

Allied Fountains; Increase their effect by 25% and cause for a hacked allied fountain which get's used to only have half of the usual "refresh" timer. This lasts for 30 seconds.

Mana: 60
Cooldown: 10 Seconds.

Range: 9

To avoid a tooltip THIS big in game – I figured that Sombra would by default have a "Tooltip" box appear (Which of course can be turned off) whenever she hovered over a target that would simply state what function Hackwould have on the given target.



Activate to enter an empowered full stealth state – Meaning she leaves no blur while moving around. During this version of stealth; Sombra gains 25% movement speed, can not be revealed by Mercenaries, Forts, Keeps or the Core and will deal 75% more basic attack damage for the first 3 seconds after exiting stealth. Taking damage from an Arena of Effect ability or a skill shot will knock Sombra out of this stealth.

Sombra can manually exit stealth by re-activating this ability or by doing a basic attack command. Sombra can cats Hack from stealth but will lose stealth once the Hack channel begins.

For the first 4 seconds after entering this full stealth – Sombra will not be knocked out of stealth by taking damage but will drop to have a base stealth that leaves a blur. Should she go 3 seconds without taking additional damage while blured; she will re-enter the empowered stealth.

Mana: 35
Cooldown: 6 Seconds. (Cooldown starts once Sombra exits stealth)



Place a permanent translocator at your targeted location which will give vision withing 2 range of itself. Re-activate this ability once the translocator has been placed to instantly teleport back to the translocator. This will destroy the translocator when you return to it. Hostile heroes can spot and destroy the translocator.

The Translocator can be tossed a short distance, allowing Sombra to throw it over terrain. A translocator can be placed while in stealth without losing stealth.

Mana: 45
Cooldown: 8 Seconds.

Range translocator toss: 10



Sombra instantly emits an EMP which will apply a 100% more potent Hack to all Allies and Hostile units within range.

Mana: 100
Cooldown: 110 Seconds.

Raius: 6


Talon Ambus (R)

Call inn Talon enforcers; Causing every single bush across the entire map to have talon enforcers be dropped down into them for 15 seconds before they retreat. During these 15 seconds; All hostile heroes who comes within 3 range of a bush will be shot at and take 129 (+ 4% per level) damage each second they remain within the 3 range. Moving within 1.5 range of a bush will cause for the enforcer(s) to fire of a power-shot that deals twice the damage and which also knocks the hostile hero a short distance back.

Talon enforcers are mechanical and wears power suits which makes them immune to damage and abilities for the 15 seconds they remain active.

Mana: 90
Cooldown: 80 Seconds.




No escape:Opportunist now allows Allied heroes to see hostile heroes bellow 75% health up from 50%. In addition the cooldown on Oppotrunist is reduced by 10 seconds.

Marked targets:Sombra reveals enemies she basic attacks for 5 seconds. Revealed heroes who is under fire from Sombra takes 10% less healing.

Constant intel:Opportunist is permanently active but Sombra now only privately sees hostile heroes bellow 75% health and allied heroes will always can vision on hostile heroes bellow 25% health.


Focus Fire:Sombra deals 3% more damage to a hostile unit for each 2 seconds she holds active basic attack fire on said target. This effect can ramp up to a 30% increase in damage. The bonus is lost once the focused target is not shot within 5 seconds. Only one target can be under the Focus Fire effect at once.

Assassin's momentum:Sombra can now move while basic attacking.

Illegal modifications:Increase your basic attack range by 1.5 and cause for your basic attack to deal splash damage right behind whatever target you are shooting at for 75% of the basic attack damage dealt to the main target.


Lockdown:Using Hack on a structure will reset it's cooldown.

Hand of knowledge:Using Hack on an allied non-structure will halfen it's cooldown.

Systematic link:Hack will now connect between two target and will hack a secondary target near your main target 0.5 seconds after the initial hack is cast. A secondary hack has half the effect of the original hack and will prioritize to land on a equal target of the same team (From Allied hero to Allied hero OR hostile hero to hostile hero, etc) and will as such only jump between different type of targets (Heroes / Minions / Mercenaries / Structures) on different teams should NO other "matching" unit be within range.



Talon Ambus.


Latest tech:The empowered stealth can no longer be broken by damage and is only broken should Sombra start a channel or issue an attack command on a hostile unit.

Fleet of foot:Gain an additional 25% movement speed while the empowered stealth is active and reduce the cooldown on Thermoptic Camouflage by 2 seconds.

Mirror Coating:The Translocator can no longer be destroyed by enemies and is fully stelthead no matter what – Allowing it to be placed underneath hostile Forts and Keeps without it being detected.

Material reconstruction:Activating the Translocator will clear Sombra of any damage over time effects, slows, roots and will also shake off abilities which has the possibility to tail a target across greater distances. (Like ranged basic attacks and Pyro Blast)


The Null Zone:Sombra recharges her basic abilities 0.3 seconds faster per hostile hero within 5.5 range.

Technology to Rebuild:Hacking an allied structure will cause for it to restore 20% of it's missing health over the course of the hack benefit duration. A structure can only be "repaired" this way by hack once every 30 seconds.

Mess with the best, die like the rest:Landing Hack from Thermoptic Camo will extrend the Basic Attack empowerment duration by 6.5 seconds and increase the bonus from 75% to 125% increased basic attack damage. Should a hostile hero die to Sombra during this 9.5 second period of empowered basic attack; Sombra will heal up for 20% of her missing health.


Hack the Planet:EMP has it's cooldown reduced by 4 Seconds per unit that got affected by a Hack. EMP now also instantly removes the shields on a hostile Core.

Heavy Assault:Talon Ambus now also lands a Heavy Assault in all lanes near your current deepest wave of minions. The Heavy Assault lasts for the same 15 seconds and will do twice the damage of Talon members inside the bushes to hostile units within 5.5 range. It constantly moves with the minions it is assigned too, will prioritize heroes over anything else and soaks experience for Sombra and is immune to damage. Heavy Assaults can be Crowd Controlled.

Inside job:Hack can now be used on the Enemy's core and will now instead make it so that when a hostile structure is hacked; It will instead gain the benefits an allied structure would get – Yet the hacked structure will while hacked; open fire on it's own team.

Strings on you:Hack gains an additional charge and will now turn hostile heroes against their own team for 1 second after the silence effect ends. During this 1 second, ability usage will be focused.


That's it for my concept for Sombra – My original idèa behind her was to make a disruptor type hero that focused mainly on Structure shut-down but since Blizzard does not want siege / lane / structure focused heroes to be a thing anymore; I re-disgned her and put a LOT more focus on her Hack ability and how it can be utilized within the Nexus.

I am no game designer so there may be some things here that someone who know more about balance will call "Broken as f***" but that's fine – Please do tell me if you think anything is too weak, to strong or anything like that since any feed back helps me improve while no feedback does… Well nothing.

I plan to post more of my Hero concepts here on Reddit in the future to come as I am revisiting a lot of my old concepts that needs update.

Also do tell me if the link is just enough or if anyone would prefer for me to type out everything on this page should anyone have any opions on the matter.

Thanks for any and all of your time – Have a nice day.

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