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[Hero Concept] Tusklord Akua, Hero of the Tuskarr

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - [Hero Concept] Tusklord Akua, Hero of the Tuskarr

This is an initial concept I came up with last night after I dug out my old
610XgrNXMqL. AC SX425  - [Hero Concept] Tusklord Akua, Hero of the Tuskarr

Tuskarr statue figure of Akua.

It's really rough, and no numbers for mana cost or CD are offered since this about the ideas, not the balancing.

Please feel free to offer your own suggestions or criticisms. I'm curious to see what sorta of exploits of weaknesses you might find in the design so far.

Tusklord Akua is a melee warrior who specializes in multiple, short duration, slows, interrupts, and displacements to frustrate opponents and peel for their team mates. I'd expect his weaknesses to be lack of mobility, low armor, weak to long range attacks and %damage. I imagine he'd be strong at protecting a back line and peeling divers off of his team, and deadly in choke points.

Trait – Kalu'ak Greatspear – all melee attacks pierce in a line. His attacks have a short range so it's possible to get 2 or maybe even 3 heroes with an AA if lucky. His AA is moderately slow, with medium-low damage. (I dunno about this, I think it's a fun idea, but I don't see how it synergizes with the rest of the concept)

Q – Back off! Akua slashes in an arc with his spear, knocking back anyone hit, and dealing damage.

W – Basket of fish. Akua tosses a basket of stinky fish which deals weak damage in an AoE and leaving a stain of stinky fish guts on the ground, enemies standing in the AoE deal reduced damage. This is a small, short range skillshot.

E – Harpoon. After a short windup, Akua throws a harpoon as a tiny area skillshot. If it strikes an enemy, that enemy is tethered to Akua for a short duration (similar to lamb to the slaughter, but for a much shorter time, and the tether is linked to Akua). Akua is rooted while tethered to an opponent.

R1 – Ancestral Spirit. Summon a ghostly spirit of an ancestor at your cursor, who, when within range, periodically heals you. Opponents who move through him are slowed.


R2 – Belly Flop. Target an area nearby, become unstoppable and leap gracelessly to it. All enemies in the AoE take damage and are knock-ed up.

Possible Talents

Yoink! – Reactivate your E to drag a harpooned target backwards a short distance.

Jig Hook – If your harpoon strikes multiple targets, all are affected.

Serrated blade – Enemies released from your harpoon are slowed.

Pungent Seal Whey – Basket of fish also sticks to heroes who step out of the AoE for a short duration.

Slippery Whale Grease – Enemy or Friendly heroes stepping on Basket of Fish AoE slide quickly to the other side of it (I like this one conceptually. It would add a new and unique mechanic, but I'm not sure if it's too finicky. I could definitely see it trolling your own team, as well as some high skill fun plays).

They bite! – Enemies standing in Basket of Fish take damage from still alive fish nipping at them.

Storm Talents

R1 Level 20 – The Whole Family. Ancestral Spirit has multiple charges.

R2 Level 20 – Cannonball, does increased damage, and stuns targets hit.

From Hell's Heart I stab at Thee! – If 2 or more heroes are stuck with a single AA, they are both stunned briefly.

Taunt Animation – Plants his spear in the ground, places one hand on belly and points with his other, and laughs heartily.

Dance Animation – Balances a ball and his nose and claps his hands/flippers, or the "Reeling Them In" dance.

Voice Lines:

"I Catch and I never release!"

"A real stinker!"

"Funnel Cakes!"

Excited seal noises

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