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[Hero Concept] Twin emperors Vek’nilash and Vek’lor – a two-unit hero

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - [Hero Concept] Twin emperors Vek'nilash and Vek'lor - a two-unit hero

I have seen very few concepts on the Twin emperors Vek'nilash and Vek'lor around, so here's my take at the hero(s).

The base Idea I went with was to have a hero with two bodies, where the two bodies are equally important to how the hero functions (unlike Misha and her pet orc).

The emperors are bruisers, the hero is composed by two units, The twin emperors can be controlled individually with regards to movements and attacks (with unit selection buttons like the vikings) but cannot be too far apart from each other.

All their basic abilities are performed by both emperors simultaneously and have two components, one performed by Vek'nilash and one performed by Vek'lor.

To avoid confusion with the names I will not use their proper names in the concept but will refer to Vek'nilash with S (because he is the guy with the Sword) and to Vek'lor with C (because he is the Caster).

Stat-wise S is a melee hero with a decent health-pool while C is ranged with a smaller health-pool.

Killing one of the two emperors will award half a kill, and the killed emperor will respawn after a shortened death timer, killing both emperors will put the hero on a full death timer.

The rest of the kit is the following:

D – Twin Teleport – 20 sec CD

Activate to have the two twins switch places.

Q – Charge / Heal Brother (S) – 10 sec CD

(S)S dashes in the targeted direction, dealing moderate damage, the dash is medium range, and blocked by terrain.

(C)C heals the brother S by a medium amount over the next 5 seconds.

Passive: damaging enemy heroes with C reduces the cooldown of Charge / Heal Brother (S).

W – Cleave / Shadow Bolt – 4 sec CD

(S)S wails his sword around himself, dealing moderate damage around himself and slowing enemies hit by 20% for 1.5 seconds. Deals 50% reduced damage to non-Heroes.

(C) – after .25 seconds C sends a shadowy bolt in the targeted direction dealing damage to all enemies in its path.

E – Heal Brother (C) / Arcane Blast – 10 sec CD

(S)S heals the brother C by a medium amount over the next 5 seconds.


(C)C teleport a short distance in the targeted direction and after a brief delay releases an explosion of arcane energy around himself dealing high damage to all enemies and briefly stunning enemy heroes hit.

Passive: damaging enemy heroes with S reduces the cooldown of Heal Brother (C) / Arcane Blast.

R1 – Feast of Souls – 60 sec CD

After 0.5 seconds unleash a wave of energy in an area around each emperor, enemies hit take a small amount of damage and heal the corresponding emperor by a small amount.

In an enemy hero is hit by both emperors the damage is massively increased.

R2 – Emperor's bond – 70 sec CD

Link the life force of the two emperors. after 1 second. The Emperor with a lower percentage of health is set to the same Health percentage as the other Emperor.(words are hard, but this is lifebinder basically)

If one of the emperors is dead, resurrect him with the same Health percentage as the other Emperor.

I tried to make the abilities and the hero as natural as possible.

The two spells Q and E each focus on a single emperor, which gets the mobility of the spell and receives the heal from the other emperor. The heals are delayed over 5 seconds to ensure that it can get value even when using those spells as an engage.

The Cooldown passive on Q and E is to award using the two brothers in tandem, making it so the damage of S reduces the CD of the mobility of C and vice versa.

The Twin Teleport can help in this alternating game, to allow both brothers to close the distance to the enemy, as well as peeling for one another.

W serves just as a generic spammable damaging ability, which helps fuel the CD reduction passives, the slow is there to make the ability a bit more interesting than just damage and to help hitting the shadow bolt.

Thanks for sticking out till the end, I tried to avoid making a complete wall of text so I left out some of the minutiae, if you are interested in more details or there is anything that is not clear feel free to ask, I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions on this.

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