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[Hero Concept] Winston, Gorilla Scientist (Bruiser)

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - [Hero Concept] Winston, Gorilla Scientist (Bruiser)

Remake of my previous topic.

Winston, Gorilla Scientist

(not my artwork, credit to Nesskain)

General Design

Winston is a mobile melee Bruiser who excels at initiating fights and disrupting enemy formations. His high number of knockbacks let him easily force enemies out of position and mess up their movements.

"Imagination is the essence of discovery."


  • High mobility
  • Strong initiator
  • Highly disruptive
  • Decent waveclear
  • Excellent against area damage attacks
  • Good at peeling


  • Low damage against Heroes
  • Risky and predictable playstyle
  • Weak at 1v1 duels
  • No initial sustain (requires talents)
  • Punishable cooldowns on W and E


(expect changes)

Trait – Primal Punch

(Active) Winston's next basic attack will deal bonus damage and knock the target back a short distance. Basic attacks reduce the cooldown.

Q – Tesla Cannon

Winston fires his Tesla Cannon over 3 seconds, dealing continuous damage to enemies caught in a cone in front of him (the cone changes direction based on whatever direction Winston is facing). Winston can move while firing Tesla Cannon, but cannot use basic attacks. This ability can be canceled early.

W – Barrier Projector

Winston places down a shield projector that reduces incoming damage to all allied Heroes within its radius. This can only absorb up to a set amount of damage, and lasts a short time.

E – Jump Jets

Winston leaps to a target location, dealing light damage and knocking back all enemies around his point of impact. Short knockback distance.

R1 – Primal Rage

Winston enrages, gaining bonus health and causing his basic attacks to cleave, damaging and knocking back enemies he hits. Winston cannot use Primal Punch, Tesla Cannon or Barrier Projector while using Primal Rage, but can still use Jump Jets. Hitting an enemy Hero during Primal Rage reduces the cooldown of Jump Jets by 1 second. Additionally, the mana cost of Jump Jets is reduced during Primal Rage.

R2 – Tesla Tower

Winston places down a Tesla Tower that automatically attacks nearby enemies. Each attack can chain to multiple targets and briefly slows enemies hit. The Tesla Tower can be destroyed, and lasts a limited time.


(expect changes; names are placeholders)

Further Experimentation Required

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Collect Regen Globes to increase the maximum amount of damage that Barrier Projector can absorb, up to a cap.

Leeching Lightning

Winston heals for X% of the damage dealt by Tesla Cannon to enemy Heroes.

Disorienting Jolt

Tesla Cannon applies a short-lived stacking slow.

Shock and Awe


Tesla Cannon deals more damage for each enemy Hero caught in its AOE.

One Giant Leap For…

Increases the range of Jump Jets.

Extra Thrusters (level 16/20)

Jump Jets gains an extra charge, but the cooldown is increased.

Concussive Punch

Primal Punch slows the target after the knockback.

Extra Wind-Up

Increases the knockback distance of Primal Punch, but increases its cooldown.

Banana Peel Peril

(Active) Winston lays a banana peel at a target location. If an enemy steps on it, they are forcibly moved forward a short distance in the direction they are facing, and then are slowed briefly. Winston can have up to 1 banana peel out at a time.

King Kong Rampage

During Primal Rage, Winston is Unstoppable while using Jump Jets and for 1 second after landing.

Storm Spire

Increases the range and durability of Tesla Tower.

Primal Beatdown

Consecutive basic attacks against the same Hero deal an additional 20% damage. Stacks up to 4 times.

Coming in Hot

Targets hit by Jump Jets are burned for an additional X damage per second for Y seconds.

Kinetic Barrier (level 13)

Allied Heroes within Barrier Projector receive 35 Physical Armor.

Energy Barrier (level 13)

Allied Heroes within Barrier Projector receive 20 Spell Armor.

The Power of SCIENCE!

(Active) Winston shields himself for X% of his maximum health for 5 seconds. While this shield holds, Winston's basic abilities cooldown Y% faster. Cannot be used during Primal Rage. 60-second cooldown.

Hi There!

Heroes hit by the epicenter of Jump Jets take an additional 50% damage.

Hero Synergy

Winston works great with teammates who like to dive enemy teams, especially those who can provide the damage that Winston lacks while Winston provides disruption. Heroes like Illidan, Kerrigan, and Sonya can all benefit a lot from Barrier Projector, which excels against area damage attacks. Heroes who can provide Winston with extra survivability for his dives are also a big help, such as Uther and Medivh. Rehgar can also be of help to Winston thanks to Lightning Shield, giving Winston some extra impact during his dives.

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Hero Counters

Winston lacks enough damage to burst enemies down, allowing his enemies plenty of time to punish him if he dives too recklessly. Crowd controls, in particular, can leave Winston stranded in a bad spot if he's not careful. Heroes like Stitches, Garrosh and Uther can all peel him off priority targets if they are properly positioned. Winston is also vulnerable to any Heroes who deal a percentage of his health as damage, such as Malthael or Tychus, even when using Primal Rage. Duelists like Artanis and Rexxar will also tend to beat Winston in single combat easily.

Anybody want to contribute?

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