Heroes of the Storm

Hero concept – Xel’naga revitalizer construct

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Hero concept - Xel'naga revitalizer construct

A healer that splits parts from itself to quickly create destructible support beacons

1, 2, 3 abilites meant to have high mana cost to conuterweight all the free effects the pillars themselves provide; Q, W, E to have 1-3s CD to prevent summon spamming and talent proccing.

A peaceful godlike race's creations, these constructs bear many forms and purposes. This one's and many others similar to it purpose is to sustain life, so that the lesser races have more time to learn and improve. The Xel'naga, hovewer, were not unfamiliar with conflict, and so the construct is capable of self-defence as well as picking a worthy faction to side with when armed clash and destruction is unavoidable.

  • D – Retract a Pillar

targeted pillar rejoins the construct. splitting a pillar away reduces maximum health by 15% and gives twice the health lost to a pillar while quickly moving pillar to target location. retracting a pillar increases the maximum health by 15% and heals for half of pillar's remaining health.

  • Q – Deploy Revitalization Pillar

revitalization pillars delivers a minor heal to lowest health allied hero in small radius after it arrives and every 3 seconds after

  • 1 – Revitalization Pulse

all revitalization pillars produces a much more powerful heal after a short delay

  • W – Deploy Transference Pillar

has a stacking -10% spell power aura, every enemy affected empowers Q and 1 healing

  • 2 – Transference Pulse

transference pillars steal small amount of health from every affected enemy and evenly distribute it as healing to allies close to revitalization pillars

  • E – Deploy Preservation Pillar

each preservation pillar grants one stack of 30% physical block to closest hero in small radius after it arrives and every 3 seconds after. block stack holds for 2 seconds, maximum 5 stacks per hero

  • 3 – Preservation Pulse

each preservation pillar instantly grants one stack of 75% magical block to closest hero in small radius. block stack holds for 2 seconds, maximum 1 stacks per hero

  • R1 – Sustenance Protocol

target allied hero is put into stasis for 3 seconds, healed for medium amount per second, more per each pillar in reach

  • R2 – Deterrence Protocol

over 5 secods, once a second per enemy, allied hero will zap their offender for small amount of damage and apply a short lived large movement and attack speed slow. damage and slow are empowered per pillar in ally's reach

  • lvl 1

Q – now instead boosts healing received and regeneration
W – now instead applies -15% healing received penalty
E – now instead grants magical block

  • lvl 4

Q – Qs links betwen themselves in double their current reach, empowering 1 from linked Qs, max 3 increase
W – Ws links betwen themselves in double their current reach, empowering 2 from linked Ws, max 3 increase
E – Es links betwen themselves in double their current reach, Es now can look for allies to give block to in radius of every linked E

  • lvl 7

Q – the construct itself counts as another Q and produces appropriate effects, emit 1 three times on low health, 30s CD
W – the construct itself counts as another W and produces appropriate effects, emit -30% 3s spell power on taking spell damage, 30s CD
E – the construct itself counts as another E and produces appropriate effects, 3 grants small non-stacking shield to all allies

  • lvl 13

1 – now also gives +30% ms for 2s
W – Ws produces life stealing beams between each other in twice their current reach
D – destroyed pillars explode and grant mana to allies in their reach, retracting a pillar reduces CDs of 1,2,3

  • lvl 16

D – upon taking fatal damage, become Protected and Rooted for 3 seconds and regenerate 10% max hp/s
2 – all pillars can emit Transference Pulse now
3 – lose cooldown, now consumes 35% max HP of each pillar

  • lvl 20

R1 – gives Protected and continue healing for 1.5s after Stasis ends
R2 – gives 40% armor for the duration
QWE – double the reach of all pillars, double the pulsing frequency
D – upon dying, drop Q, W and E, emit 1,2 and 3.

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