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Hero concept : Zenyatta

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Hero concept : Zenyatta

Hi everybody ! Today i propose my own vision of Zenyatta. Let's go !

On this concept, Zenyatta is a support hero not a big healer.

Squishy with buff and debuff capacity, low heal and big mana cost. Good damage for basic attacks.

Abilities :

Q : Orb of Harmony = Throw an orb at an ally, low heal over time + 10% speed boost for 8s (20s cooldown).

W : Orb of Discord = Throw an orb at an enemy, he deals -10% damage and decreases his generic armor by 10% for 5s (25s cd).

E : Orb of Destruction = Channel multiple projectiles up to 2.5s then shoot in bursts. (20s cd) (same movement of Hanzo's Q).

R1 : Transcendence = Become invulnerable and move slowly (80% speed) + lightly heal allies in the area and make them unstoppable for 6s (90s cd).

R2 : Oblivion = Become invulnerable and move slowly (80% speed) + create a 40% enemy slowdown zone + X points damage per second for 6s (90s cd).

D : Levitation = +15% boost speed, can't be slow or root.

Cooldowns begin when abilities launch. The orb of discord can be cleanse.

Character animation :

When he moves he floats in the air like Orphea. When he use his Levitation (D) he is put in a cross-legged position in the air. For ranged basic attacks it throws orbs as in OverWatch but for close combat he only kicks.


Level 1

"Prudence is the mother of safety" : Passively generate a shield for Zenyatta every second up to X points.

"Faithful disciples" : Staying close to one ally for 120 seconds grants a charge to corrupt a mercenary, the number of allies is cumulative and reduces the respawn time of the camp by 50% if it is totally bribed (max 4 charges).

"Eye of the Iris" : Quest = Hit 10 Heroes with a full burst of Orb of Destruction reduces cooldown of this capacity of 8s. Hit 15 Heroes increases Orb of Harmony duration by 4s. Hit 20 Heroes increases Orb of Discord duration by 2s.

Level 4 (Orb of Harmony level)

"Be one with the universe" : Heals the ally for an additional 1% max HP every second and gains 15 physical armor for the duration of the effect.

"We are as one" : Healing increased by 15% and Zenyatta gains 50% of the effects of the active orb.

"Free your mind" : Allies affected by Orb of Harmony heal for 75% of their Basic Attacks.

Level 7 (Orb of Discord level)

"You are your own worst enemy" : Adds 15% slow to Orb of Discord.


"Be consumed by the shadows" : X points of damage over time and 50% steal life.

"In the wrong place at the wrong time" : Enemies hit by Orb of Destruction affected by Orb of Discord are stunned by 1s and receive 15% armor reduction for 3s.

Level 10



Level 13

"Gaze into the Iris" : Gains an aura that increases the ability damage of nearby allies by 3% per allies.

"We walk in harmony" : Gains an aura that generates a shield for allies of Y points per second up to Y(x5) max.

"Meditating is important" : Increases Orb of Destruction damage by 6% every 0.5s while channeling.

Level 16

"Patience please !" : Push enemies back into a cone in front of Zenyatta and slow them by 20% for 2s (30s cd).

"Quid pro quo" : Zenyatta teleports himself to an ally with Orb of Harmony, unlimited range (60s cd).

"Listen to the whispers of madness" : After 3s channel, stun all enemy heroes for 1s and reveal them

for 8s (120s cd – global use).

Level 20

"The Iris embraces you" : Transcendence applies a version with talents of Orb of Harmony to all allies entering the area (as long as the hero stays in the zone, the orb's duration is reset)

"Darkness envelops all" : Oblivion applies a version with talents of Orb of Discord to all enemies entering the area (as long as the hero stays in the area, the orb's duration is reset)

"Perfect Balance" : Get the other level 10 ult (both can be cast at the same time with stylish animation)

"I dreamt I was a butterfly" : Levitates and becomes unstoppable all the time


I tried to give balanced values ​​to the ideas of talents that I had. I know it's not perfect as a balancing but here i want to share my ideas and illustrate my own vision of his kit overall.

Thank you for reading and give me your feedback on your vision of things if zenyatta were to happen.

Sorry about my english level… A french player

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