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Hero conception: Bolvar Fordragon

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Hero conception: Bolvar Fordragon

Hello there!

I came here to share with You with my Bolvar Fordragon hero conception (no talents). Without unnecessary talking, let's get to the point:

Trait: Bolvar changes the school of magic between fire and frost (initial: frost). Cooldown: 10 sec

Bolvar collects runes for getting damaged. For each 300 points of damage received, he receives one rune, and can have a maximum of 4 runes. Each rune increases the damage of the next ability by 15%, up to a maximum of 60%. After using an ability, he loses the runes he has collected so far. Using the ability that deals no damage doesn't consumes runes.

Q Frost: Bolvar hits the ground in a small area in front of him with a half-second delay, dealing 170 points of damage and slowing enemies hit by 25% for 3 seconds. Hitting an enemy champion guarantees 15 points of armor.

Cooldown: 7 sec


Q Fire: As above, but over a slightly larger area, it deals 120 points of damage and fires this area for 3 seconds. Enemies on this area take 75 points of damage every second and reduce the armor of enemies hit by 10 points for 3 seconds. Staying in a burning area refresh the armor reduction effect.

Cooldown: 7 sec

Mana: 50

W Frost: Bolvar steps ground by feet and launches a frost spike from the ground after 1 second delay in targeted point (with a range of use similar to Malfurion's E) that slightly repels enemies and stuns them for 1 second, dealing 130 points of damage. Spike lasts 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 12 sec

Mana: 55

W Fire: Bolvar strengthens his next 4 basic attacks which deal +70 points of magic damage and heal for 70% of the total damage dealt.

Cooldown: 11 sec

Mana: 60

E Frost: Bolvar increases his movement speed by 25% for 2.5 seconds. During this effect, he can pass through units. At the end of the effect there is an explosion in a small area around him dealing 95 points of damage and restoring 10 mana points for each hero hit.

Cooldown: 13 sec

Mana: 35


E Fire: Bolvar gets a shield equal to 20% of his maximum health for 3 seconds. If it is not destroyed, he gains a movement speed of 15% for 2 seconds after shield fades.

Cooldown: 16 sec

Mana: 50

R1: Bolvar sticks a hammer shaft into the ground and creates a snow blizzard around him over a large area, which gradually slows down enemies by 7% every second over 5 seconds. Additionally, enemy champions in the blizzard deal 30% less damage and for 1.5 second after leaving the blizzard. Bolvar maintains an ability and cannot move, attack or use any ability during the blizzard. At the end of the action enemies receives 300 points of damage. He can "detonate" blizzard earlier but enemies will take only 50% of it's total damage. In the last second of the ability, Bolvar becomes Unstoppable.

Cooldown: 70 sec

Mana: 70

R2: Bolvar performs a hammer blow that deals 270 points of damage on hit (something similar to Maiev's Q, but on a slightly larger area) and spreads in the direction of use (roughly over the distance of use of Jaina's Q) a flame that sets enemies on fire and deals 115 points of damage to them for 3 seconds. It has three charges.

Charge cooldown: 15 sec

Mana: 25

Bolvar would look like a Shadowlands trailer, but without a helmet so there would be no duplication with Arthas. Changing the school of magic would cause his insignia changes as well to distinguish which mode he is now in. He would be a bruiser. Changing the school of magic would reset the cooldowns of basic skills.

Health: 2190

Health regeneration: 4.1

Mana: 500

Mana regeneration: 3

Attack: 160

Attack speed: 0.83

Attack range: 1.5

Do You think he would have a right to exist in this form? What would You change?

Note: it's my first hero conception, be patient then please. I know it might include broken things, useless things or maybe the whole conception fits best only to bin but I'm leaving it to Your judgement 🙂

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