Heroes of the Storm

Hero design. Arcturus Mengsk Dominion Emperor

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Hero design. Arcturus Mengsk Dominion Emperor

We all know and hate and love to hate the evil mind of Mengsk. A dictator that spreads lies and ultimately manipulates his opponents to his own doom. He leads from the back, letting everyone else fight his battles for him.

As far as his mechanics go, he would be considered utility probably, with the ability to apply lane pressures with a baseline bribe, and having a heavy emphasis on de-buffing the enemy and buffing your allies. It would be possible to design him as an abathur type hero that doesn't typically go into combat, even possibly having a "bad hat" that could apply debuffs. More likely and more reasonably though, Mengsk would have a similar presence as Cain, where he COULD auto attack but he wouldn't typically use them, but still has enough HP to hang around.

Trait: Everyone has a price.
Mengsk gets bribe stacks. Each minion death contributes 1 and each hero death contributes 10. with a max capacity of 100. Mengsk can bribe mercs for 20 stacks or enemy minions for 5 stacks or catapults for 10.
Merc camps bribed by Mengsk can't be bribed by another hero. They can however, be defeated as per usual

Q: Propoganda
A small sized AOE circle (roughly the size of a normal KT flame strike) with a short detonation (.5 seconds to 1 second) that silences enemies of a short duration (.5-1 second).

W: Blackout
A large cone in front of Mengsk leaves enemies with a limited vision as they stand in it. Enemies even closer to mengsk have their vision reduced and are blinded. This is a channeled effect with a small wind up. It can be canceled at any time and has a infinite duration but continually drains Mengsks mana as he channels.


E: Hit them where it Hurts.
A medium circle is put down quickly and it has a long duration (2-4 Seconds) that makes enemies in it lose armor over time. It does ticks of 4 or 5 every half second. This armor loss goes away once the circles duration is gone. If an enemy enemies are in the circle when it leaves, this duration lasts an extra second. If enemies are in close proximity to Mengsk in the circle (melee range) the armor loss is doubled (instead of losing 4-5 armor it will be 8-10 every half second.)

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R1: Traitor to the Dominion.
a targeted opponent taunts THEIR OWN team mates around them for 1 second.

R2: Spec Ops (passive)
Mengsk gets a group of marines that surround him (could be a complete ring or just 4 in an x pattern or whatever) and these marines attack the nearest enemy prioritizing heroes. They (combined) would deal a twice as much damage as Raynor's banshee. They all have their own independent ranges so the front ones can't necessarily hit the same tagets that the ones in the back are attacking. They have the same collision characteristics as a minion (they can eat skill shots but they can't body block or capture points). They have a solid health pool and can be killed and respawn every 15 seconds (each with their own timers) They do however have fairly short range (nearly Zarya range, maybe a bit more.)

I thought it was a neat idea, and unique in a lot of ways. There are some simple straight forward mechanics and some fairly advanced ones. He doesn't fit into any traditional archetype.

Let me know how much you hate it! Cheers, and I'll see you in the Nexus!

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