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HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Hero Discussion Deathwing

Welcome to a special April 1st edition of the Weekly Hero Discussion where we feature a rotating hero discussion every week. This week we feature Deathwing the rumored final Boss of the
Caldeum Complex - Hero Discussion Deathwing

The Caldeum Complex event. You can currently unlock Deathwing by purchasing the bruiser D.Va, the Deathwing Skin(s), and enabling the skins on the hero.

Deathwing The Destroyer

  • HotS Birthday & Cost
    List of heroes by release date - Hero Discussion Deathwing
    (Link): April 1, 2019 & 1375 Gems or 6,000 Gold + 1600 Shards
  • Deathwing Wiki Entries Wowpedia
    Deathwing - Hero Discussion Deathwing
  • Deathwing D.Va's Balance History (Link)
  • List of Pro Builds for Deathwing D.Va (Link)
  • Hero Spotlight by Carbot & MFPallytime
  • HotS Cataclysm by Maditdrakes

Deathwing is one of the most requested heroes for Heroes of the Storm and currently playable as the Bruiser D.Va. Fans of Deathwing are clamoring for a rework to separate the Mythical character from the current D.va form. Deathwing D.Va's current popularity on the ranked ladder based on Heroes.report (Link) and HotsLogs (Link) is around 5% with a win rate of about 51% over the past seven days. It is believed when Deathwing is released as a hero, the popularity and win rate will both be close to 100%.

  • What abilities and talents do you think would define Deathwing as a new hero?
  • What strengths and weaknesses do you think should be consider when choosing a hero like Deathwing in ranked and unranked matches?
  • When do you prioritize drafting Deathwing and on what maps?
  • What heroes do you draft to counter a Deathwing pick?
  • Are there any particular hero synergies to complement a Deathwing pick?
  • What role is Deathwing?
  • Is Deathwing an early, mid, or late-game hero and where are the significant power spikes"
  • What particular build would you recommend to someone wanting to learn the basics of Deathwing?
  • What high skill-cap build would you favor to optimize Deathwing's performance and create flashy plays?
  • What are some tips or tricks for playing Deathwing in team fights and on rotations?
  • Which of Deathwing's heroics would you favor?
  • Do you think Deathwing would release balanced? If not, which abilities and talents would need to be adjusted to increase his popularity and talent diversity?

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