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Hero releases in 2018, a retrospective.

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Hero releases in 2018, a retrospective.

It can be argued that 2018 featured the most hard hitting cast of heroes in HotS history. During the 2017 Blizzcon, Blizzard highlighted to us that they will be pushing out less heroes, with more event-driven content in between. They said this would help them focus on the quality of the heroes they put out and make each release have a longer shelf life so to speak.

Here we have a list of all the 2018 heroes, and their respective winrate from the last 7 days in Diamond/Master play. Source is HotsLogs.

Hero Release Date Universe Role Winrate
Blaze 2018-01-09 StarCraft Warrior 45.9%
Maiev 2018-02-06 Warcraft Assassin 51.9%
Fenix 2018-03-27 StarCraft Assassin 53.5%
Deckard 2018-04-24 Diablo Support 45%
Yrel 2018-06-12 Warcraft Warrior 48.7%
Whitemane 2018-08-07 Warcraft Support 48.2%
Mephisto 2018-09-04 Diablo Assassin 52.2%
Mal'Ganis 2018-10-16 Warcraft Warrior 49.7%
Orphea 2018-11-13 Heroes of the Storm Assassin 51.2%

That's an average winrate of 49.6%, with the majority of these heroes having been in the meta up until recently (See Deckard and Blaze). The heroes feel strong and impactful, and have varied from being slightly too weak on release (see Yrel), to requiring some nerfs (see Maiev, Fenix), but have overall normalized rather well. When we compare the roster of 2018 with that of 2017, we see that 2018 included heroes that are still relevant in most levels of play, and that I believe also have more solid design with better talent options.


Overall, if 2019 presents a roster like 2018 did, I think it will be great for HotS in general. So props to the design team for delivering nice heroes to us that are balanced, and different enough to stand out.

My only negative thing to say is that none of these heroes have that 'HotS' mojo, none of them introduced that unique HotS innovation (Cho'Gall, Abathur, TLV..etc)

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I hope they include at least one of those a year, like they did in 2016 with Medivh, and in 2017 with Probius.

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