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Hero Rework: Probius

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Hero Rework: Probius

If one hero needs a rework more than Dva or Gazlowe did, it’s probius. Here is my proposal:

As an Protoss builder unit, Probius must maintain its summoner fantasy. In the same vein, he should work around cool downs and shields, like Protoss units do. Finally, if there is a hero that can transition well to the abandoned support role, is him. So let’s get him defined:

Trait: Disruption Pulse
Probius has a long range basic attack (around 2) that deals the same dps it currently does but slows enemies and reduces their spell power by 10% for .5 seconds.
The pilons aren’t gone, bear with me. But think of the new Probius auto attack as Stuckov’s >

mount: workers rush
Probius has baseline 110% movement speed, and can activate it to burst to 140% and become unstoppable for .25 seconds every 20 seconds.
this will give it a more reliable escape as an squishy mage

Now to the abilities:

Q: Warp in Pylon
CD: 10 sec, 2 charges
Probius creates a pylon that has 500hp and last indefinitely, and has a shield equal to 10% it's maximum HP that regenerates every 5 sec. The pylon gives all allied units in the area 10hp, 10 mana and 10 shield every 2 seconds, doubled for Probius. This effect doesn’t stack with nearby pylons.
yes, I’m putting the pylon as an ability, reducing the CD and giving it almost all the lvl 16 talents baseline. This will give Probius a baseline support role and let the player talent to buff this traits.

W: Warp in Proton Cannon
CD: 7 sec, 2 charges
Create a Warp Rift in the Area of Effect of the Pylon that after 2.5 seconds, summons a Turret. Turrets have 1000hp, deal 60dps and last 5 seconds, and prioritize heroes. If a Pylon isn’t powering the Proton Cannon, it deactivates. While powered, it has a shield equal to 10% it's maximum HP that regenerates every 5 sec.
ALSO; Probius can hit the Warp Rift with its auto attack to cancel the summon and make the Rift explode for 200dmg. Now, like in Starcraft, summons come from the Rift, so we put 2 abilities into 1, while keeping the Pylon mechanic and the Warp Rift mechanic

E: Warp in Stargate
CD: 10 sec, 1 charge
Create a Warp Rift in the Area of Effect of the Pylon that after 2.5 seconds creates a Stargate. Stargates have 1000hp and summon an oracle every 12 sec that moves in the direction to Probius and attack the first enemy unit on sight. It can be reactivated to target in any direction. They reveal the area around them, do 50dps and last 10 sec. Only one Stargate can be active at once. If there is no Pylon powering the Stargate, it deactivates. While powered, it has a shield equal to 10% it's maximum HP that regenerates every 5 sec.
New ability! Think of it like a Raynors Raider Meets a whisp; now Probius can make tons of Warps, Summons, and get some support and vision, preventing ganks from stealth

D1: Upgrade Structures
CD: 60 sec
For 10 seconds, all of Probius’ summons upgrade. Pylons give 1% of MAXIMUM health and mana, as well as shields, per second. Cannons deal 150% more dps, and Stargates summon oracles 2x faster.
This ult doubles down on Probius as a summoner, rewards the player for maintaining its structures and its great to defensively control a zone while also being offensive


D2: Null Gate
Good ol’ null gate.

The whole point of this rework is to turn Probius into a support. Squishy, yes. But annoying and more focused on macro than just siege, focusing in controlling zones while giving it a diverse talent tree to pick between focusing on dps or in healing.

Some talents could be:
Lvl 01

  • You require more minerals: (Quest) every minion drops a mineral. Every 10 minerals reduce the cooldown of Probius basic abilities by .1 second, up to 4 seconds.
  • You require more Vespene Gas: (Quest) every hero kills give Vespene Gas. Every Vespene Gas augment's Probius spell dmg by 2% up to 20%
  • You require additional pylons: For every second Probius mantains 3 pylons he gets a stack of Bribe; with 20 stacks he can bribe a mercenary (can get up to 80 bribe stacks max)

Lvl 04

  • Warp Shield: Probius gets a shield equal to the damage inflicted by exploding a Warp Rift.
  • Proton Shield: Probius gets a shield equal to the damage infilicted by Proton Cannon.
  • Pylon Shield: While in the zone of a Pylon, Probius and it’s summons get a shield equal to 15% of their total hp, regenerating every 5 seconds and get 10 armor.
  • Electric shield: Probius basic attack (disruption pulse) bounces to nearby enemies for 10% of the damage and give Probius a shield equal to 15% of the damage dealt, double to heroes.

Lvl 07

  • Aborted Instruction: Detonating a warp rift reduces the cool down of the summon by half.
  • Augmented Disruption: the slow and spell damage reduction from probius auto attacks augments by 1% every attack up to 15% until probius doesn’t hit the enemy for 5 seconds.
  • Gravity Well: Warps slow again, but for 30% and reduce armor by 5%. If caught by the explosion, their armor is reduced by 15% for 5 seconds.

** Lvl 13**

  • Zealot tactics: Pylons give 5% move speed and attack speed to allies and summons
  • Dark Templar tactics: Pylons give 5% spell damage to allies and summons
  • High Templar tactics: Gain an extra charge of Warp in Proton Cannon and Warp in Stargate, but the cooldown rises by 3 seconds.

Lvl 16

  • Cleansing Pylons: (Activable, 90 sec) Pylons give Unstoppable to all alies in its area of effect for .25 sec
  • EMP pulse: (Activable, 90 sec) Pylons silence all enemies in its area of effect for .25 sec
  • Stacking Pylons: The pylon's effects can be stacked up to 3 times, but the cooldown rises to 14 sec.

Lvl 20

  • Overwork: Reset All cooldowns.
  • Protect the Nexus: The Core works as a Pylon, summons around it last twice as long do double dmg, dealing 1% of maximum hp to heroes.
  • Pylon Overload: Revival of the ultimate (to not waste the animation) that works as an upgrade of D1: Upgrade Strictures.
  • Gate Keeper: Hey, let's keep it for the memes.

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