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Hero Suggestion because I’m super bored and don’t feel like writing my thesis paper: the Marauder!

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Hero Suggestion because I'm super bored and don't feel like writing my thesis paper: the Marauder!

So it's been a while since I've made one of these, but I'm trying to procrastinate my schoolwork as much as possible so here we go: the Marauder. I can't think of a name so it's called the Marauder for now. If you can think of any canon marauders that are important characters, then go for it in the comments, but I couldn't remember any. I usually make assassins and healers so today I wanted to try a tank. Let's see how it goes! And yes, I'm aware aesthetically it looks probably too similar to Blaze but eh, why not try anyways. `_(ツ)_/`


PASSIVE: Alloy Armor

-The Marauder starts the game with 30 armor at all times. This value can be increased and decreased with talents, similar to Alarak's Sadism trait. In addition, the Marauder's basic attacks have 25% increased range, but 15% reduced fire rate.

ABILITY 1: Shell Swapper

-The Marauder, similar to Fenix's firing modes, has 2 ammo types to switch between that affect his basic attacks: Shrapnel and Concussive. Shrapnel deals a %age of its damage in an area around the primary target, and Concussive slows the target by 30%.

ABILITY 2: Stimpack

-On activation, the Marauder gains a large boost to movement and attack speed, but costs 10% of your maximum health to use. After the effects end, the Marauder regenerates that health cost back over the course of 5 seconds.

ABILITY 3: Charge Shot

-When activated, the Marauder's next basic attack deals double damage and has an increased range. The current affect of Shell Swapper is also doubled on this attack; when on concussive, it slows by 60%, and if on shrapnel, deals full damage to nearby enemies with increased blast radius.

HEROIC 1: Orbital Bombardment

-The Marauder tosses a flare to the target location. After 1 second, a ring shows and an orbital bombardment begins on the area for 7 seconds, dropping projectiles that explode in random locations. (Think Gul'Dan's "Rain of Destruction" but in a more focused area that doesn't require a constant channel.) These explosions deal heavy damage and slightly slow enemies hit.


HEROIC 2: Grenadier

This heroic has both an active and passive part.

PASSIVE: Removes the fire rate reduction from the Marauder's passive. Increases damage of basic attacks by 10%.

ACTIVE: The Marauder channels briefly to load up his grenade tanks, before going into a frenzy for 10 seconds. During this frenzy the Marauder has doubled attack speed and becomes unstoppable.

SUMMARY: The Marauder fulfills the role of an AA tank, meaning that almost his entire kit has some influence on basic attacks. He gets almost immediately countered by blinds such as Cassia or Johanna, as these blinds stop him from dealing damage or landing CC with the concussive shells present with Shell Swapper. He has enough bullying power with Stimpack, but due to its health cost it requires correct timing and thought before using in teamfights. His Shrapnel shells work not only against clumped groups of heroes but also as a semi-effective way of waveclearing. His charge shot offers both an effective poke and a great finishing move on fleeing targets. Both Orbital Bombardment and Grenadier offer high damage capability, but each in a different way; Grenadier is much more precise and offers the player more control over where the damage goes. Orbital Bombardment, however, can be combo'd with heroes like Zarya, Tassadar, Leoric, or anyone else with high-CC heroics. I decided to forgo the "Talents" section for this post and probably will going forward, but if you have any original ideas for some leave them down below, along with any feedback.

In-Game render of the Marauder unit.

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