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HERO SUGGESTION: SCV from Starcraft 2

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - HERO SUGGESTION: SCV from Starcraft 2

Hey all! First hero request, so go easy on me. I love the Starcraft universe, and while we have plenty of starcraft heroes in the game, none really embody the feel of an RTS/MOBA hybrid. I think its time we change that 🙂

CAUTION: Talents are VERY important to how this hero is balanced and functions. Please read through that section before commenting any feedback. Thanks!

TRAIT: Modded Suit:

SCV has equipped his suit with a marine's Gauss rifle, which fires in 3-round bursts. The burst increases in damage per shot, resetting after each burst.

ABILITY 1: Build Barracks:

SCV builds a Barracks at the target location. After a 5 second channel, the barracks is complete. It has 30 spell armor and a set amount of health. A barracks is tied to a specific lane (dictated simply by whichever lane it's closest to) and summons a Marine each time a minion wave spawns in that lane. The marine stays next to the barracks until the minion wave gets close to it, where the marine will now regroup with the minion wave and assist. Marines have 3x health and damage of a standard ranged minion, and prioritize heroes if nearby, but will not chase and will stay near the minion wave.


SCV calls in a liberator to station at the target location, firing missiles at any enemy who comes into the targeting ring projected in front of it. It prioritizes heroes, and its health steadily decreases over time at a rate of 10% per second (10 sec. duration, if nobody attacks it.)

(As an example for those who didn't play SC2, click this link and skip to 0:58


ABILITY 3: Repair:

SCV targets a Barracks or Liberator and moves to it, channeling on it. While channeling, heal the target for 10% of its maximum hp/s, and drain mana.

HEROIC 1: Hellion:

SCV quickly builds a hellion at its location and hops in, granting him a new flame stream attack, 25 armor, and greatly increased movement speed. Can now attack while moving. Lasts a set duration.

HEROIC 2: Hellbat:

SCV quickly upgrades his suit to a hellbat suit, granting him a new flame swipe attack and 50 armor. Is protected from damage in the direction he's facing. Lasts a set duration.


TALENTS: These are integral to how SCV gains his strength. You may have thought he was weak until now, but here's where stuff gets interesting. (These are only some of his talents, probably his most important ones.)

LVL 1: Chooses between "Enhanced Training," "Repair Beam," and "Fleet Beacon."

ENHANCED TRAINING: Grants marines made by Build Barracks the ability to pick up XP orbs.

REPAIR BEAM: Reduces mana drain of Repair by 35%. Repair can now be used while moving in a range, but still cant attack while channeling.

FLEET BEACON: Grants Liberator Strike 2 charges. Damage dealt by Liberators to heroes grants a small amount of health back, effectively extending their duration.

LVL 7: Chooses between "Reinforced Barracks," "Mayhem Program," "Tech Lab," and "Cheap Alloys."

REINFORCED BARRACKS: Barracks spell armor increased from 30 to 60. Now spawns Marauders, which have 15 armor and basic attacks now slow.

MAYHEM PROGRAM: Barracks now spawn Reapers, which grant a movement/attack speed boost to itself and its assigned minion wave.

TECH LAB: Barracks now spawn Ghosts, which are cloaked while not attacking and have 50% increased attack range. Slower fire rate but increased damage.

CHEAP ALLOY: Barracks now spawn two marines, but each have 20% reduced health.

LVL 20: Chooses between "Transfiguration Assembly," "Power Surge," and "Rapid Fire."

TRANSFIGURATION ASSEMBLY: Hellion/Hellbat now last 50% longer. While in either heroic, recast to switch to the other option after a short animation. (Ex: If you picked hellion at lvl 10, casting it now puts you in a Hellion still, but you can now recast to transform into a Hellbat.)

POWER SURGE: Active ability. Next minion wave spawns 2 waves for ALL LANES. This also makes your Barracks spawn 2 of whatever it would normally spawn. 90 second cooldown probably.

RAPID FIRE: SCV's Burst Rifle now shoots 5 shots instead of 3. His trait (which exponentially increases dmg per shot, remember) also scales with this, greatly increasing his damage output.

Spent WAY too long on this. Feel free to comment suggestions!

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