Heroes of the Storm

[Hero/Support] Velen, The Leader of the Draenei (Draft)

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - [Hero/Support] Velen, The Leader of the Draenei (Draft)

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Velen - [Hero/Support] Velen, The Leader of the Draenei (Draft)


I encourage to read bottom notes after going over the abilities to get better idea of intent.

Role: Healer/Support


  • Good team(AoE) healing potential
  • Sustained Healing
  • Strongest healing output in smaller team fights.


  • Escape / Low mobility
  • Wave Clear
  • CC Potential
  • Abilities are easily countered when enemy team groups up!


Q – Vampiric Touch – 4 second cooldown.

Castable ability /w 1.0 second cast time, that will apply Damage Over Time. Amount of damage dealt is transferred into healing power to nearby allies**. Lasts 4 seconds.* Ability damage is shared among nearby enemies, if within certain proximity. With every enemy hero nearby, damage is reduce by 10% (per enemy hero)** Healing is shared if more than 1 friendly hero is nearby.*

Example:100dmg/tick on a single target. If 2 are stacked, 45/tick on each.100heal/tick on a single target, if 2 are stacked, 50heal/tick per target. But if enemy team has 2 people share the damamge, then its 45heal/tick. Damage Dealt = Healing Received.

W – Holy Nova – 2 seconds cooldown.

Causes an explosion of holy light around you, dealing Spell Damage to all enemies and healing to all allies. Very high mana cost!

E – Prayer of Mending – 12 seconds cooldown .

Places a ward on an ally that heals them for X amount the next time they take damage, and then jumps to another nearby ally. Jumps up to 3 times and lasts 3 sec after each jump. With every jump, healing is reduced by 20%. If wasn't triggered, chain is lost. Can be triggered between same Heroes.

D – Trait – Heroic Presence

Grant 2 armor to allies around you per every enemy AA hit. Stacks up 10 times. Lasts 6 seconds. Allies who leave the area of effect, lose the buff.

R1 – Gift of Naaru

Bestow Naaru's gift onto an Ally Hero to heal them 50% of the EXISTING health over 6 seconds.*(Level 20 – Applies 3 second shield of the amount healed to everyone around the hero (except for the hero him/herself- stacks throughout the duration. Lasts 3 seconds)


R2 – Curse of the Forgotten.

Apply onto Enemy Heroes to deal periodic damage equivalent to the missing health of hero (YOU) over 5 seconds. Damage is amplified if the prime target is alone and not stacked with teammates.*(Level 20) – While active, all incoming damage to you is reduced is 50% and healing is increased by 25%.

HotKey 1- Shadowfiend (40 second cooldown)

Summons a shadowy fiend to stick to an enemy target for 7 sec that will drain 2% mana every second and transfer it to the player – 100% of stolen mana. Enemy heroes that do NOT utilize mana will not be affected. If shadow was not killed and lasted the entire duration, 50% of mana stolen (Up-to 14% max) will be dealt as damage (up to max of 7% of maximum enemy health)

My Notes:

R1 is a rather unique ability – best used BEFORE the fight begins! It is a really hit-or-miss type of ability. You may proc it on a tank, but he will end up taking no damage, thus ability was wasted. Proc it too late, becomes weak. On Level 20, it gives bonus ability to benefit all nearby allies, except for will have no affect on the prime target. Encourage better stacking, what is also a risk!

R2 is also unique, encourage enemy team to stack in order to reduce incoming damage!

Q – DoT that can basically have upkeep of 100%, but, the better the enemy team stacking is, the less outheal potential it has!

W – Short range aoe heal, 1/2 of what BW auto healing is. Nothing too crazy. Even if it can be used often, it consumes a lot of mana. Similar to Whitemaine Q.

E – is just my favorite WoW ability and I've always wanted to see it in the game. Very unpredictable and can be unreliable, but at the same time, enemy team won't know who will get next jump! But, if its just 2 players, it can be triggered between them!

D – gives somewhat a decent team buff, but exposes the healer.

HotKey1 – Easy to kill, easy to spot. If dealt with immediately, won't allow mana regeneration to the player. if used on Tank, very little mana stolen, but lots of damage. If used on KT with Mana Addict talent, a lot of mana stolen, but little damage.


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