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HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Heroes counters

My goal was to gather a layer of knowledge aside from popular opinions and meta picks. Certain heroes might not have the best win rate overall, but still have their place to counter certain picks. Of course, it's a safe bet to pick a strong hero overall. I'm providing more options draft wise to avoid thinking "gg they got Rexxar".

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Here's the spreadsheet I've worked with. The math was simple. Subtracting a hero's win rate matchup against other heroes from it's own win rate. The lowest numbers would represent counters and the highest numbers would represent heroes that counters them. For example, Ana is great vs Sgt. Hammer for a good follow up on her Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade but terrible against a diver hero like Anub'arak that can Cocoon a Nano Boost target. Samuro would still be good against her, but the math doesn't show him since he's already a good hero in most situations.

I might do an other list like this, but with matchup when played with a certain hero. I'll think about it.


-The heroes are in order of importance. The first one is the highest priority. It's not a 1v1 situation, but an overall matchup stat including macro and utility.

-The datas are from June 2020 to September 2020 in SL dia+ on heroes over lvl 10 from heroesprofile.

-Cho, Gall, Probius, D.Va and Gazlowe are not added. There's not enough datas. Edit: I added D.Va just for the sake of it only in her section, but be awake that the datas are mostly (56%) before her rework)

-Lots of heroes will show in a section, but not always show on the opposite matchup. Example: Deckard counters Alex, but will not show that Alex is countered by Deckard. This is mainly due to Deckard not being one of the best counter to Alex although being still a strong one.

Herois counteringis countered by
AbathurZeratul, Lt. Morales, Mephisto, Zagara, Maiev, NazeeboSgt. Hammer, Malthael, Rexxar, Raynor,
AlarakThe Butcher, Illidan, Auriel, AzmodanZarya, Mal'Ganis, Deathwing, Zaraga
AlexstraszaMaeiv, Valeera, Varian, Nazeebo, NovaAnub'arak, Lt. Morales, Zagara, Chen, Tyrande, Sgt, Hammer,
AnaSgt. Hammer, Kel'Thuzad, Malthael, Deckard, Zul'jin Kel'Thuzad Varian, Arthas, MephistoTLV, Valeera, Kerrigan, Anub'arak, Kharazim, Zarya, Zeratul, Falstad, Genji, Medivh
AnduinMedivh, Nova, Genji, Azmodan,Tyrael, Chen, TLV,
Anub'arakNazeebo, Alexstrasza, Xul, KharazimKerrigan, Valla Maiev, Auriel, Sonya
ArtanisGul'dan, Auriel, Anub'arak, Zagara, Chen,Zarya, Kharazim, Mei, Samuro
ArthasValeera, Murky, The Butcher Lt. Morales, Zarya, Anub'arak, Alarak, RagnarosKel'Thuzad, Auriel, Mal'Ganis, Mei
AurielValeera, Medivh, Samuro, Kerrigan, Tracer, Nova, Nazeebo,Deathwing, Dehaka, Gul'dan
AzmodanMedivh, Sgt. Hammer, Alexstrazsa, Deathwing, Arthas,Mephisto, Thrall, Kharazim, Zarya, Quira, Malthael,
BlazeValeera, Auriel, Ragnaros, Kharazim,Abathur, Chen, Illidan, Nova, Malfurion,
BrightwingNova, Zagara, Nazeebo, Tychus, Medivh, Lt Morales, Azmodan,Raynor, Hanzo, Greymane, Thrall
CassiaIllidan, Auriel, Tyrael, Alexstrasza, ZeratulTychus, Sonya, Mal'Ganis, Deckard, Greymane, Kel'Thuzad, Mei
ChenNova, Sgt. Hammer, TLV, Whitemane, Kerrigan, Zarya,Samuro, Maiev, Mal'Ganis, Zul'jin, The Butcher, Tyrael, Lt. Morales, Dehaka
ChromieAzmodan, Yrel, Stg. Hammer, Zul'jin, Qhira, Gul'dan, Anduin, Kel'Thuzad, Varian, JunkratKerrigan, Zeratul
D.VaZagara, Nova, Uther, Maiev, TLV, Murky, Chromie, Arthas,Kerrigan, Whitemane, Fenix, Abathur, Illidan, Valla, Greymane, Alarak,
DeathwingValeera, Lgt. Morales, Junkrat, Alarak, Kerrigan, Auriel, Rexxar, Kel'Thuzad, Orphea, Arthas, Mal'Ganis,Hanzo, Lunara, Azmodan, Stitches
DeckardThe Butcher, Varian, Kerrigan, Cassia, Alarak, Xul, AlexstraszaMurky, Ana, Abathur, Illidan
DehakaThe Butcher, Chen, Junkrat, ValeeraIllidan, Deathwing, Genji, Sylvanas, Raynor,
DiabloTracer, Nazeebo, Zagara, GenjiThe Butcher, Greymane, Nova, Whitemane, Leoric, Sgt. Hammer, Zul'jin
E.T.C.Sgt. Hammer, Illidan, Valeera, Orphea, Azmodan, The Butcher, Imperius, Auriel, Li Li,Junkrat, Ana, TLV, Malthael
FalstadChen, Lt. Morales, Mephisto, Arthas, TychusAuriel, Rexxar, Valeera, Sgt. Hammer, Zeratul
FenixNova, Valeera, Lt. Morales, TLV, Azmodan, AlextraszaAbathur, Rexxar, Hanzo, Zagara
GarroshMalfurion, Auriel,Kharazim, Anub'arak,
GenjiKel'Thuzad, Zagara, The Butcher, NovaZarya, Tyrael, TLV, Anub'arak, Tyrande
GreymaneNazeebo, Samuro, Azmodan, Kel'Thuzad, The Butcher,Zarya, Raynor, Malthael, Xul
Gul'danMurky, Azmodan, Auriel, Fenix, Varian, Illidan, ZeratulKerrigan, TLV, Zagara, Blaze, Anub'arak
HanzoMurky, Kel'Thuzad, Orphea, DeathwingTyrael, Chen, Tyrande, Samuro, Maiev, Blaze, Zeratul,
IllidanStitches, Zagara, Mephisto, Murky, Samuro, Chen, TLVJunkrat, Kerrigan, Cassia, Valeera, Arthas, Abathur, Uther
ImperiusLi Li, The Butcher, Nova, Varian, Tyrael, Valeera, Fenix, Zul'jin, Lucio,Sgt. Hammer, Zagara, E.T.C.
JainaThe Butcher, Uther, Leoric, Li Li, Tracer,Chen, Zarya, Sgt. Hammer, Tyrael
JohannaNova, Kel'Thuzad, Samuro, Yrel, Li Li, Alarak,Chen, Tyrael, Thrall, Tassadar, Illidan, Sonya,
JunkratZarya, Maiev, Samuro, Mal'Ganis,Stitches, Nova, Nazeebo, Deathwing, Zeratul, Lunara
Kael'thasThe Butcher, Maiev, Alexstrasza, Auriel, Nazeebo, Orphea, Mephisto,Lt. Morales, Tyrande, Samuro, Mei, Kel'thuzad, Junkrat, Abathur, Chen, Anub'arak,
Kel'ThuzadSgt. Hammer, Lt. Morales, Arthas, KerriganGenji, Tracer, Tyrael, Mephisto, Ana, Zeratul, Maiev,
KerriganYrel, Rexxar, Zul'jin, Lucio, Anub'arak, Alarak, Malfurion, Valeera, Muradin, Tracer, Ana,Uther, Malthael, Tyrael, Mei, Maiev, Stitches, Deckard, Greymane
KharazimSamuro, The Butcher, Deathwing, Murky, Kel'Thuzad, Stitches, Nova, AzmodanSgt. Hammer, Chen, Illidan, E.T.C., Malthael, Uther,
LeoricThe Butcher, Arthas, KharazimZagara, Auriel, Alextrasza, Tychus, Tracer, Ana, Illidan, Ragnaros, Abathur, TLV
Li LiNova, Nazeebo, Murky, Kel'Thuzad,Dehaka, Mal'Ganis, Genji, Samuro, TLV, Alarak, Tyrande
Li-MingKel'Thuzad, Murky, Uther, Alarak, Deathwing, Chromie, Sgt. Hammer,Tyrael, Nazeebo, Sylvanas, Abathur, Rehgar, Lucio, Kerrigan, Stukov
Lt. MoralesTracer, Medivh, Auriel, Thrall, Tyrande, Xul, Ragnaros, TLV,Nova, Illidan, Blaze, Alarak, Zeratul,
LucioValeera, Chen, Kharazim, Muradin, Azmodan, Fenix, Artanis,Kerrigan, Rexxar, Malfurion
LunaraJunkrat, Medivh, Valeera, Kel'Thuzad, Auriel, Maiev, DeathwingAbathur, Samuro, Tracer, Kerrigan, Whitemane, Anub'arak, Tyrael
MaievSgt. Hammer, Zarya, Kel'Thuzad, Zagara, Chen,Murky, Alexstrasza, Abathur, Fenix,
Mal'GanisNova, Kharazim, Alarak, Chen, MephistoJunkrat, Illidan, Zeratul, Malthael, TLV, Fenix,
MalfurionSgt. Hammer, Samuro, Li Li, Lt. Morales, AurielIllidan, Nova, The Butcher, Zarya, Kerrigan, Tyrande,
MalthaelQhira, Lt. Morales, Kharazim, Mephisto, Dehaka,Tyrande, Zagara, Ana, Zul'jin, Tyrael, Blaze, Sylvanas,
MedivhUther, The Butcher, Leoric, Varian, Arthas,Sgt. Hammer, Lt. Morales, Valeera, Qhira,
MeiThe Butcher, Fenix, Zarya, Dehaka, Li Li, Whitemane, Arthas, CassiaHanzo, Tyrande, Nova,
MephistoAzmodan, Kel'Thuzad, Samuro, Nova, YrelIllidan, Mal'Ganis, Abathur, Zeratul, Falstad, Tyrael, Qhira
MuradinNova, Murky, Medivh, Nazeebo, The Butcher, Deathwing, Gul'danRexxar, Kerrigan, Blaze, TLV, Tracer,
MurkyMaiev, Azmodan, Zarya, Deckard, Kel'Thuzad, Mal'GanisThe Butcher, Tyrande, Valeera,
NazeeboDeathwing, Sgt. Hammer, Junkrat,Tyrande, Greymane, Zul'jin
NovaKel'Thuzad, The Butcher, Junkrat, TLV, Whitemane, Deckard, Ragnaros, BlazeSgt. Hammer, Zeratul, Chen, Maiev, Raynor, Tyrael
OrpheaSamuro, Lt. Morales, Azmodan, Gul'dan, Leoric, Chen,Zeratul, Hanzo, Falstad
QhiraMurky, Medivh, Azmodan, Zarya, Chen, Alexstrasza,Tyrael, Malthael, Blaze, Junkrat, Kerrigan, Genji, Abathur, Anub'arak
RagnarosSgt. Hammer, Samuro, Zagara, Zarya, Kel'Thuzad, Fenix, Nova, TLV,The Butcher, Rexxar, Blaze, Tyrande,
RaynorMurky, Nova, Li Li, Dehaka,Malfurion, Stukov, Tyrande, Zeratul, Tyrael, Alarak
RehgarValeera, Murky, Nazeebo, Samuro,Zarya, Auriel, Sgt. Hammer,
RexxarSgt. Hammer, Zagara, Yrel, Lucio, Murky, Fenix, Muradin, Abathur,TLV, Deathwing, Kerrigan, Junkrat, Mephisto,
SamuroThe Butcher, Medivh, Kael'thas, Zagara, Lunara, Li Li, Chen, Qhira,Illidan, Kharazim, Junkrat, Sgt. Hammer, Sonya, Auriel, Rehgar, Greymane, Orphea, Maiev, Abathur, Alarak
Sgt. HammerThe Butcher, Samuro, Deathwing, Tyrael, Medivh, Fenix, Rehgar, Lunara, Yrel, Abathur,Malthael, Zul'jin, Chen, TLV, Leoric, Dehaka, Stitches, Li Li, Nazeebo, Tyrande, Alarak, Zagara, Li-Ming
SonyaArthas, Genji, Azmodan, Murky, Illidan, Sgt. Hammer, Samuro, Mephisto, Medivh, Lt. Morales, Kel'Thuzad, Abathur, Li Li, Yrel,Tychus, Zarya, Junkrat, Valla, Mal'Ganis, Tyrael, Tyrande, Greymane,
StitchesArthas, Sgt. Hammer, Kel'Thuzad, Junkrat,Illidan, Zarya, Genji, Chen, Deckard, Malthael,
StukovTyrael, Valeera, Lt. Morales, Sgt. Hammer, Mephisto, Zul'jinZagara, Rexxar, Murky, Tyrande, Azmodan, Hanzo, Ana
SylvanasMurky, Mal'Ganis, Dehaka, Azmodan, Malthael,Sgt. Hammer, TLV, Rexxar, Samuro, Junkrat, Lt. Morales,
TassadarThe Butcher, Kharazim, Murky, Alexstrasza, Li Li, Kerrigan, Stitches,Chen, Junkrat, Illidan, Ana, Blaze,
The ButcherChen, Malfurion, Malthael, Alexstrasza, Ragnaros, QhiraLeoric, Samuro, Maiev, Alarak, Kharazim, Medivh,
TLVRexxar, Murky, Anduin, Qhira, Kel'Thuzad, Ana, Gul'dan,Valeera, Lt. Morales, Nova, Fenix,
ThrallMedivh, Malthael, Maiev, Tyrael, Azmodan,Illidan, Abathur, Genji, Rexxar, Lunara, Samuro, Mal'Ganis, Ana,
TracerKel'Thuzad, The Butcher, Qhira, Chromie, Medivh, Zarya, Illidan, Mephisto, Malfurion, Deckard, Garrosh, Lunara, Zeratul,Azmodan, Genji, Junkrat, Diablo,
TychusFenix, Uther, Abathur, Arthas, Cassia, Mal'Ganis, Rexxar, Genji, Leoric, Tyrael, TracerZeratul, Zarya, Qhira, Falstad, Samuro, Xul, Maiev, Jaina, Nova, TLV,
TyraelMalthael, Rexxar, Anduin, Nova, Chen, Johanna, Tracer, Zarya, Kel'Thuzad, Illidan, Fenix,Sgt. Hammer, Valeera
TyrandeZagara, The Butcher, Murky, Nazeebo,Illidan, Zeratul, Kerrigan,
UtherJunkrat, Gul'dan, Nova, Genji, TLV, Alarak, ZaryaSgt. Hammer, Chen,
ValeeraAzmodan, Li Li, Chromie, TLV, Medivh, Murky, The Butcher, Nova, Malfurion,Alexstrasza, Abathur, Deathwing,
VallaTLV, Murky, Jaina, Tychus, Ragnaros, Arthas,Fenix, Zeratul, Nova, Deathwing, Alarak, Garrosh, Kharazim, Hanzo, Rehgar,
VarianThe Butcher, Fenix, Malthael, Tyrael, Nova,Medivh, Chen, Murky, Whitemane,
WhitemaneMephisto, Alexstrasza, Artanis, Ragnaros, Samuro, Zarya, Valeera, Genji, Jaina, Kael'thas, Lunara,Sgt. Hammer, Kerrigan, Maiev, Nova, Zeratul, Chen,
XulArtanis, Mephisto, Kharazim, Medivh, Imperius, Chromie, Tychus,Illidan, Murky, Ragnaros,
YrelNova, Alarak, Gul'dan, Valeera, Fenix, Malfurion, Zarya,Qhira, Rexxar, Murky, Valla, Malthael, TLV,
ZagaraAlexstrasza, Thrall, Leoric, Medivh, Deathwing, Xul, Azmodan,Genji, Illidan, Zarya
ZaryaTLV, Alexstrasza, Stitches, Samuro, Zagara,Nova, Tracer, Tyrande, Whitemane, Sgt. Hammer, Xul, Chromie
ZeratulNova, Valeera, Malthael, Medivh, Tychus, Deathwing, Zagara, Valla, Malfurion,Gul'dan, Uther, Abathur, Maiev, Alarak, Brightwing,
Zul'jinSgt. Hammer, Chen, Samuro, Arthas, Auriel, Uther, Nazeebo, Blaze,Ana, Chromie, Mei, Alarak, Hanzo, Genji,

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