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HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Heroes' dance references

Hey guys!

I'm currently working on all heroes' dance references and I need your help with some of them. I know that there were earlier threads about this topic, but i want to refresh it. Here's a list of what I found:

Abathur – Worm Dance

Alarak – dance from Fatboy Slim – "Weapon of Choice"

Alexstrasza (Human Form) – it was confirmed that it's her own dance based on Electric Slide

Alexstrasza (Dragon Form) – I believe it's Dragon's dance from Shrek Karaoke Party

Ana – Egyptian Saidi Belly Dancing

Anduin – Matt Parker's hand clap dance (from dev team)

Anub'arak – Gen Kelly's dance from "Singing in the Rain"

Artanis – Vincent Vega's twist dance from "Pulp Fiction"

Arthas(no idea)

Auriel – Traditional Chinese ribbon dance

Azmodan (no idea)

Blaze – Chris Farley's Dance from Chippendales Audition

Brightwing(it looks like generic side to side body wave but i couldn't find any example video of such moves)

Butcher(it looks like solo waltz or ballet but i also don't know)

Cassia(looks familiar but i couldn't find any reference***)***

Chen – Barrel Walking

Cho'Gall – Funny Kid Wop Dance from vine

Chromie – Rocky Horror Time Warp Dance

Deathwing(soon we will know)

Deckard(no idea)

Dehaka – Drake's dance from "Hotline Bling"

Diablo – (no idea)

Diablo (Prime Evil Skin) – (no idea)

DVa dance from TWICE – "Cheer Up"

E.T.C. – metal/hard rock headbanging

Falstad – it's just hopping but it reminds me of Mario Bros jump when he rides Yoshi.

Fenix(no idea, but original dance was way cooler)

Garrosh – metal/hard rock headbanging

Gazlowe – Monkey Dance from Johnny Bravo

Genji – dance from Vanilla Ice – "Ninja Rap"

Greymane (Human form) – 8 Shape sword spinning

Greymane (Worgen form)(no idea, some kind of ellegant dance)

Greymane (Dr Wolf&Stein Skin) – dance from Rick and Morty – "Get Schwifty"

Guldan – MC Hammer – "U Can't Touch This"

Hanzo – Soran Bushi Japanese dance

Illidan – Ray Lewis' dance

Imperius – Limbo dance

Jaina – Crystal Maiden ultimate cast from Dota 2

Jaina (Dreadlord Skin) – Side Spin move in Pole Dancing

Johanna – dance from New Kids On the Block – "You Got It"

Junkrat – Backpack dance from "Swish Swish"

Kael'thas – Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Jump On It dance)

Kel'Thuzad – Scar's moves to Coconut Song from "King Lion"

Kerrigan – Mia Wallace's twist dance from "Pulp Fiction"

Kerrigan (Cheerleader skin) – dance from TWICE – "Cheer Up" (but other than DVa's)

Kharazim – Van Damme's dance from "Kickboxer"

Leoric – dance from Micheal Jackson – "Thriller"

Li Li(no idea)

Li-Ming – dance from KARA – "Mister"

Lt. Morales – Sprinkler dance move

Lt. Morales (Paramedic Skin) – (no idea and yes, this skin has it's own dance)


Lucio – Shuffle

Lunara – Baton Twirling

Maiev – Hula Hoop Dance

Mal'Ganis – Dwayne Johnson's Pec Pop

Malfurion – dance from Man Without Hats – "Safety Dance"

Malthael – Jim Carey's head bobbing to Haddaway – "What is Love"

Medivh – Jamal Anderson's Dirty Bird dance

Mephisto – Egyptian hand fusion dance

Muradin – (no idea)

Murky – (no idea)

Nazeebo – Traditional Congolese Dance

Nova – choreography from Ariana Grande – "Problem" by Mandy Jiroux

Orphea(no idea, it looks similar to dance from Im Chang Jung – "Open the Door")

Probius – his own version of Kirby's victory dance

Qhira – Arcade dancing

Raynor – Techno Viking dance

Raynor (other skins) – (no idea)

Ragnaros – Tina's dance from Bobs Burgers

Lil'Ragnaros – hand raising from rock/metal concert

Rehgar (Orc Form) – (no idea)

Rehgar (Wolf Form) – Snoopy's Happy Dance

Rexxar – Shuffle (Running Man) dance from LMFAO – "Party Rock Anthem"

Misha – Arm Waving from LMFAO – "Party Rock Anthem" (Jesus guy at the end of video)

Samuro(no idea, but it's cool)

Sgt. Hammer(no idea, so simple dance yet so hard to find)

Sonya – Jian Sword Dancing

Stitches(no idea)

Stukov – Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet

Sylvanas – dance from "Beetlejuice" – "Shake Senora"

Tassadar – Daft Bodies dance moves

The Lost Vikings – dance from "Three Amigos!"

Thrall – The Haka Maori Dance

Tracer – Flashdance from Micheal Sembello – "Maniac"

Tracer (Slip'n'Stream Skin) – dance from IU – YOU&I

Tychus – Snoop Dogg's dance from "Drop It Like It's Hot

Tychus (Odin) – Robot Dancing

Infested Tychus – Bernie's Dance

Tychus (Power Drench Skin) – muscle flexing

Tyrael(no idea)

Tyrande – Beyonce's dance from "Single Ladies"

Uther – Cossack Traditional Dance

Valeera – Double Sword Dancing

Valla – (no idea)

Valla (Deputy Skin) – Country Line Dancing

Varian – John Travolta's dance from Bee Gees – "You Should Be Dancing"

Whitemane – Britney Spears' dance from "I'm Slave 4 U"

Xul – dance from Silly Symphonies – "The Skeleton Dance"

Yrel – dance from Cibo Matto – "Birthday Cake"

Zagara – I'm not sure but it looks like Beyonce's chicken dance meme

Zarya – Dab Dance

Zeratul – Breakdance Windmill and Flare moves

Zul'jin – Axe Gang's dance from "Kung Fu Hustle"

Triglav Protector(no idea)

Dragon Knight(no idea)

Garden Terror – dance from Micheal Jackson – "Thriller"

If you know some of them, write down below. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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