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Heroes’ Deep Delve: Anduin Data

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Heroes' Deep Delve: Anduin Data

I thought Anduin was a pretty basic kit so it wouldn't take me long. Bad idea, it's 2:30AM here but I was so close to finishing that I didn't want to stop until I did.

If you're unfamiliar with some terms, I created a glossary. This is a work in progress, I basically just put everything that came to mind and I'm sure it needs much more info.

The 44.1 datamined changes are here.


  • Has a life of 1665, life regen of 3.4687, radii of .625.
  • Is considered Ally Healer, Energy Important, Helper, Support and Self Healer.
  • Can use mounts, beasts, bikes and surf.
  • He has a medium weapon, with a range of 5.5, a BAT of 1.2 seconds, a missile speed of 33, acceleration of -32 and min speed of 19, and deals 85 damage.
  • Has standard scaling on all his abilities.

Flash Heal

  • Has a mana cost of 30, cooldown of 4, cast time of .75 and a range of 9.
  • Clears attack commands if the target is out of range and all movement commands.
  • On start of the cast, show a health preview on the target.
  • Cast is interruptable. If you interrupt it, immediately remove the health preview.
  • At the end of the cast, remove the health preview, then heal the target for 260.

Divine Star

  • Has a mana cost of 45, cooldown of 9, cast time of 0.1 intro and 0.1 outro. Cast range of 500.
  • Clears attack commands if the target is out of range and all movement commands.
  • Initial missile has a range of 10.25 and is allowed in unpathable. Has a speed of 15 and a sight of 0.75. At launch, start a token that stacks up to 10 times.
  • Searches for units in a 2.25×2.25, each impacted enemy is dealt 140 damage, and if the target is a hero, increase the token by 1.
  • Once the missile reaches the 10.25 range, launch the return missile. This missile moves towards the caster with a speed of 12 and has an impact range of 0.5.
  • The return missile searches for allied heroic units in a 3.5 radius every 0.0625 seconds, and heals them for 130 (Healing Spell) with a multiplicative modifier equal to the Token*0.25, showing as a crit if there's at least 2 tokens. At the finish of the missile, remove all tokens.


  • Has a mana cost of 40, a cooldown of 10 a cast intro time of 0.2 and outro of 0.05 seconds and a cast range of 500.
  • Clears attack commands if the target is out of range and all movement commands.
  • Search is done on 18 ticks, every 0.0625 seconds (1.125 seconds total), it searches on an arc of 20º, with a radius of 1.25, a radius bonus of .5334 and an inner radius bonus of .5334, impact a max of one units (the closest to the caster).
  • Upon impact, deal 145 damage, apply a root of 1.25 seconds (note: upon impact, a missile will launch from the center of the chastise effect towards the target with a speed of 5). Reveal the unit for the same 1.25 seconds if it's not unreveleable, and destroy the Chastise "wave".

R1- Holy Word: Salvation

  • Has a mana cost of 70, a cooldown of 80, a cast intro of 0.5 seconds and a cast outro of 3 seconds.
  • Clears attack and movement commands. If the cast intro is interrupted, set the cooldown to 10 seconds.
  • Checks for 48 ticks of 0.0625 if you're still channeling Holy Word. During this 3 seconds timer duration, display the duration of Holy Word, disable weapons, supressmoving, supresscloak and hearthstone, smart commands (right click), map mechanics, mounts, inner focus, chastise, divine star, flash heal, leap of faith, lightwell and desperate prayer.
  • During each of those ticks, all allied heroes in 6.25 range are affected. They get protected for 0.125 seconds (removed immediately if they leave the 6.25 range of Anduin or if Anduin is no longer channeling Holy Word), and every 0.25 seconds heal for 2.07% of your max life (healing spell). They also get a damage response to add the score to healing (aka Anduin gets his healing increased on the tab card by the same amount as allied heroes are damage during this effect).

R2 – Lightbomb

  • Has a mana cost of 70, cooldown of 60, range of 8.
  • Must target an allied hero (can target self).
  • After 1.5 seconds, if the target isn't dead or in a special death state, search for all enemies in a 4.5 radius, give a shield of 140 with a duration of 5 seconds and max stacks of 10 (can be increased to 20 if multiple Anduins cast the same ability on Brawl) if it's an enemy hero, deal 150 damage to that enemy and stun the enemy for 1.25 seconds.

D – Leap of Faith

  • Has a range of 10, a recharge of 80 and a cooldown of 0.5 seconds. It's cast intro is 0.05 seconds and outro is 0.05 seconds.
  • Clears attack commands if the target is out of range and all movement commands.
  • Cannot be used on character immune to ally and enemy displacements or allies in the hall of storms.
  • On use, abort the missile movement of the target if it can. Apply a daze of 0.125 seconds. Apply a stun of 0.125 seconds if the target is abathur (I really want to know why this is the case, forgot that happened with Into the Fray too).
  • Then the unit is launched as a missile with a speed of 23, an acceleration of 16 and max speed of 37. With a 0.5 impact range and a placement range of 5. Apply an unstopabble effect that also suppresses turning and collision.
  • Periodically check for the unit not to be dead or in stasis (except time stop). At the end of the movement (either because the target got to 0.5 range of Anduin, died or got in stasis), remove the Unstoppable behavior.

Level 1

  • Renew
    • After you heal with Flash heal, check if you have the Renew token, if you do apply a HoT that heals every 1 seconds for 5 seconds, healing for 23 healing spell every tick. Afterwards remove one token from renew.
    • When you deal damage with your weapon, set your renew token to 1.
  • Pursued by Grace
    • A permanent damage response is created, when you deal damage to a hero of the ability kind. A different damage response is created when you do basic damage to a hero and you're not blinded/target's not evading.
    • If any of those responses triggers, search for allies (including self) in a 6.5 radius from yourself, sorted by life fraction. The ally with the lowest health is then healed by 28 (healing spell).
  • Bold Strategy
    • When picked up, modify the cooldown of Flash Heal by adding one second. Also, Start the effects of Renew and Pursued by Grace.

Level 4

  • Moral Compass
    • At the launch of Divine Star return missile, search for enemy heroes on a 3 radius (centered 1 unit further from Anduin), with a max of 2 sorted by closest to target. It attacks for weapon damage (with a multiplicative modifier of -30%), and applies renew token and Varian's Legacy.
  • Holy Reach
    • Upon Chastise impact, apply a 2.75 range attack buff on your weapon.
    • Upon weapon launch, heal for 90 to all allied heroes in a 3.5 range. Weapon damage has a Multiplicative modifier of 50% (shown as a crit) if you have the Holy Reach buff.
    • ??????????? Other anduins transfer behavior
  • Inner Fire
    • Is a permanent buff that's considered an Buff to Autoattack DPS, it increases weapon range by 0.825 and also an additive attack speed of 20%.

Level 7

  • Binding Heal
    • After you heal with Flash Heal, if the target is not self, heal the caster for 80 healing spell (not selfonly).
  • Power Word: Shield
    • Whenever Divine Star token count becomes 1, apply a 165 shield to Anduin that lasts 4 seconds.
  • Blessed Recovery
    • Passive Talent with a 10 seconds cooldown.
    • A trigger checks everytime Anduin is damaged. If the damage is higher than 8% and Blessed Recovery is not on cooldown, apply the blessed recovery HoT.
    • Blessed Recovery HoT is a 3 seconds duration healing spell that heals for 5% each tick every 1 second. Upon application, the talent gets a 10 seconds cooldown.

Level 13

  • Speed of the Pious
    • On Divine Star launch, apply a 30% unified movespeed bonus, at the finish of Divine Star return, remove that bonus.
  • Enchant Boots – Lion's Speed
    • Make a permanent buff that's enabled even while dead with a unified movespeed bonus of 5%.
    • Also make another permanent buff that's a unified movespeed bonus of 15%, but this one with two validators: one is that Leap of Faith has no charges used, and the other one is that if you have Glyph of Faith (lvl20), Leap of Faith has at least one charge remaining.
  • Push Forward
    • Creates a permanent damage response, whenever Anduin deals damage to a hero (with an ability) and a second one whenever Anduin deals damage to a hero (basic and you're not blinded/target's not evading).
    • Whenever those trigger, add a PF token. Also apply a unified movespeed bonus for 6 seconds that's equal to the accumulator, which is equal to 3% per Push Forward tokens for a max of 15%.

Level 16

  • Evenhanded Blessings
    • When you heal with FH, if the target is not being tracked, multiply its cooldown by 0.6.
    • Afterwards, add the healed target to the tracker.
  • Holy Nova
    • On Divine Star impact on Anduin, search for all enemies in a 4 radius, and deal 100 damage to them. Search for all allied heroes in that same radius, and heal 100 (healing spell) to everyone.
  • Inner Focus
    • Active talent with a 20 seconds cooldown.
    • Flash Heal has a multiplicative multiplier of 40% if you have inner focus active. Afterwards, remove the buff.
    • Whenever Divine Star impacts an enemy hero, reduce the Inner Focus cooldown by 10 seconds.
  • Lightwell
    • Active Talent with a 70 seconds cooldown, 8 range and a cast time of 0.1 seconds. Must be placed on a walkable point.
    • Upon cast create a lightwell token with an initial count of 10. After 0.25 place the lightwell on the casted position,
    • Searches for allied heroes every 0.1875 seconds in a 3.75 radius, and heals at most one hero (sorted by lowest life fraction) by 75. Everytime a hero is healed, reduce the token by 1. The hero gets marked by 1 second, and the lightwell would only heal heroes that are not marked and not full life.
    • Anduin has a permanent Heal Response that lowers Lightwell cooldown by 1 whenever he heals any hero. This is any source and any amount. Meaning that even renew ticks and leech will lower this cooldown.

Level 20

  • Light of Stormwind
    • The final effect of Holy Word salvation applies a unified movespeed of 40% for 3 seconds to all allied heroes in that same 6.25 range.
    • Upon pickup, increase the vital fraction heal of Holy Word Salvation by 0.0043 (this means 2.5% per tick for a total of 30% over 12 ticks).
  • Glyph of Faith
    • Modify Leap of Faith by adding +1 to the maximum number of charges, and now show the counts for that ability.
  • Varian's Legacy
    • Upon weapon impact, if you're not blinded and the target not evading, apply the VL DoT. This has a 3 seconds duration, ticks every 1 second, deal 29 damage each second and has a leech fraction of 50%.
  • Desperate Prayer
    • Active Talent with a 40 seconds cooldown and a range equal to Flash Heal (9). Cannot be used on full health targets.
    • Has a finish time of 2 seconds that is uninterruptible. Clears movement commands but not attack commands.
    • Heals for 540 (Healing spell), sets the cooldown of Flash Heal to 10 and show the desperate prayer game text for 2 seconds.

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