Heroes of the Storm

Heroes’ Deep Delve: Chromie Remake Data

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Heroes' Deep Delve: Chromie Remake Data


  • Max life is 1390, life regen of 2.8984 and radii of .625.
  • Is considered: Energy Important and Role Caster.
  • Can ride mounts, beasts, bikes and surf.
  • Has standard (4%) scaling on all non flat damage.
  • Attack is a medium ranged weapon with a range of 7, a scan range of 7, a BAT of 1 seconds and a missile of 25 speed. Deals 73 damage.
  • Can crit by having Bronze Talons active (autoattacks), and a proper greeting (autoattacks and abilities).

Q – Sand Blast

  • Has a mana cost of 20, a cooldown of 3, a cast time of 0.5 seconds and a cast range of 500. The target goes through the map plane.
  • Upon start of cast, dismounts and decloaks you, and supresses your turning, clears movement commands and attack commands if the target is out of range. Upon launching the missile, you're revealed to enemies that are below 16 units from you.
  • The missile has a projection range of 15, a speed of 2 with an acceleration of 75 and is allowed in unpathable. It impacts enemies in a 1 range and 1.25 width and reveals its location for 0.75 seconds.
  • Upon impact, reveal the enemy, deal 280 damage (reduced by 50% to structures). Afterwards create a Sand Echo.
  • If the cast is interrupted, create a sand echo unit.
  • The Sand Echo unit is spawned on Chromie's location, has a tracker that allows a max of one Echo, with the rule being replace oldest. The newly spawned unit is tracked and marked as active. They're made to look at the target point of Sand Blast. They're added to the tracker of Here and There (needed even without the talent since you should be able to blink into previously created Echoes).
  • The unit is made uncommandable, unselectable, untargetable, uncloakable, and gives no score.
  • The Echoes Q have a 0.5 seconds cooldown, reveals the Echo to enemies in a 16 radius, and on impact reveals the enemy, does damage (has a -50% multiplicative modifier), increases the Once Again for the First Time tracker, procs Bronze Talons and A Proper Greeting.
  • Whenever you attack, the Echoes are told to attack if they are 9.125 from the target (due note that they still have a 7 range so they can't attack from that far). They attack with a -50% multiplicative modifier, and can proc A Proper Greeting.

W – Dragon's Breath

  • Has a mana cost of 75, a cooldown of 15, a cast time of 0.125 seconds, a cast range of 13 and a vector range of 8.8.
  • Clears movement commands but not attack commands.
  • On cast reveals Chromie to enemies in a 20 radius. Also reveal the target point in a radius of 3.
  • The cast happens on 3 places, with the start location being the target point, with the second being 3 and the third being 6 units towards the vector point. There's a initial delay of .8125 and a .75 second delay between the other hits.
  • For each of the casts, search for enemies in a 2 radius. Upon impact, deal 195 damage and reveal the target.
  • The visual guide shows that all units in a 8×4 square will be hit, which is nowhere near the hitbox.
    h4Hptou - Heroes' Deep Delve: Chromie Remake Data
    See for yourself.

E – Time Trap

  • Has a mana cost of 30, one charge max with a timer of 15 and a cooldown of 1 between charges, cast time of .1875 and cast range of 6.
  • Dismounts, decloaks you and clears movement commands.
  • Upon use, creates the time trap unit and applies a 2 second cooldown to time trap detonate. Display the arming duration to self, allies and enemies. After the arming duration, apply bury, cloak and passive to the unit.
  • Upon the Time Trap unit's death, apply at least a 1 second cooldown to E.

D – Time Trap Detonate

  • Has a 2 seconds cooldown. Using this ability sets the cooldown of E to 1 if it's lower.
  • This ability requires a Time Trap being tracked to appear.
  • Upon cast, for each tracked Time Trap unit, search for heroic units in a 2 radius. Then, kill the Trap.
  • Impacted units are revealed, and a trigger makes the full screen overlay. The timestop has 2 seconds duration, shown to allies self neutral and enemies. At the end of the timestop remove the overlay.
  • There are 2 units that can be hit by the trap but do not get timestopped, a Falstad that is mid flight and a unit that's considered Benign (for example being in the middle of Gorge's "Eating" animation).
  • Timestopped units that are in 8 or more distance from Chromie during the detonation will display the small arrow on her radius. This arrow updates once every tick for 32 ticks (2 seconds). Do note that getting closer to 8 does not remove the arrow or viceversa.
  • Even though traps have a 2 seconds arming time you don't need to wait for that time to detonate them. It's not currently possible to do so because the D does not gain CDR, the only technicality being if the trap gets timestopped while arming.

R1 – Slowing Sands

  • Has a cooldown of .125 seconds, a casting range of 10, a mana update of 4.
  • Clears movement commands but not attacks. This ability is considered a channel, do note that this means that you can toggle it, not that it can be interrupted by stuns. Maybe blizz should create more terms to better explain some effects.
  • Once used, the cooldown of cancel is set to 0.5 seconds. Chromie gains the Slowing Sands behavior. At the end of this behavior, set the CD of slowing sands to 5.
  • Every 0.25 seconds check if chromie's not dead, has mana, is less than 30 range from slowing sands, and that Chromie has slowing sands, if she fails any of those then remove the Slowing Sands behavior. If she's clear, search for enemies in a 3.5 radius. It then reduces the mana of Chromie by 1.
  • All impacted units are applied a 5% unified movespeed slow, with a maximum stacks of 14.

Slowing Sands Cancel

  • Requires Slowing Sands behavior on Chromie.
  • Upon use, remove the slowing sands behavior from Chromie.

R2 – Temporal Loop

  • Has a mana cost of 60, a cooldown of 50, a cast range of 8 and a cast time of .1875.
  • Clears all movement commands and attack commands if the target is out of range.
  • Upon cast, there's a temporal buff for Chromie and a temporal debuff for the enemy.
  • The temporal loop buff to chromie lasts for 3 seconds, and every 0.0625 will reduce the cooldown of Sand Blast, Dragon's Breath and Time Trap by .3125 seconds. It also reduces the charge time of Time trap by .3125 seconds.
  • The temporal debuff lasts 3 seconds, can be cancelled by: going into a special death state, going inside a vehicle, having something in cargo (Medivac) or by expanded cleanse. During this time the target is revealed
  • After the 3 seconds, if the target still has the debuff and is not invulnerable, in stasis, unstoppable or dead, is not a flying falstad, and is not currently an unabortable missile (missile in this case refers to dashes and knockbacks, the one I know can't be aborted is Diablo's Overpower and Stitches' Hook). Remove the behavior, teleport the target to the focus point with a placement range of 200.
  • When the enemy unit is teleported, snap the camera to them (done by a trigger), issue an stop order to it, clear the attack order it had and apply a daze of 0.125 seconds.

Level 1

  • Once Again the First Time
    • When Sand Blast impacts a hero, add a token counter to the quest.
    • Upon completing the quest, modify the tracker for Sand Echoes to 2.
    • When a new Echo is created, if you have OAtFT completed make the Echo with PaFM behavior gain PaFM2 behavior, which is just the same thing copied over. (The name of the behavior is there because it used to be granted by the talent called Past and Future Me).
  • Deep Breathing
    • Has an accumulator that increases by 2 each time with a max of 50. It is increased everytime you hit a hero with your Breath.
    • When you hit with Dragon's Breath, the damage is added by a flat amount equal to the accumulator. If the accumulator has max stacks, it gains an extra 50 (for a total of 100 flat extra damage).
    • Once the accumulator is complete, gain 12 extra sight.
  • Timewalker's Pursuit
    • Is an active talent with a cooldown of 25 seconds and a cast range of 500.
    • The active reveals a 10 radius for 32 ticks (2 seconds), and each tick if there's a unit in there they are revealed for 4 seconds (and everything in a 1 radius around the unit too), as long as the unit does not have cargo or is the medivac at the end of its departure.
    • There's an accumulator with max 15 stacks. Upon completion of the quest, increase your ability damage dealt by 5% and vital mana regen by 1.

Level 2

  • Chronic Conditions
    • Once the Time Trap behavior expires, check if it's an allied unit or an enemy unit and apply the corresponding buff.
    • The allied buff is a unified movespeed bonus of 25% that lasts 3 seconds. The enemy debuff is a unified movespeed slow of 25% that lasts 3 seconds.
  • Time Trouble
    • Once the Time Trap behavior expires, check if it's an allied unit or an enemy unit and apply the corresponding buff.
    • The allied buff is a resistant (and vulnerable, but that's definitely unintended) Armor bonus of 20 that lasts 3 seconds. The enemy gets a negative vulnerable debuff of 20 armor that lasts 3 seconds.
  • Andorhal Anomaly
    • Upon pickup makes the following changes to Time Trap: Increase the max and current charges by 2, the unit tracker by 2 and reduce the charge timer by 5 seconds.

Level 5

  • Bronze Talons
    • When Sand Blast impacts a hero, set the Bronze talon behavior on Chromie for 5 seconds.
    • When Chromie or an Echo deal damage with an attack, if you have the BT behavior then deal 30% multiplicative multiplier and make it appear as a crit. Do note that this stacks additively with the Echoes' -50%, meaning that they do 80% of Chromie's base damage.
  • Mobius Loop
    • For each of Dragon Breath's attack, before the damage is applied, search for enemy heroes on a 2 radius, with a max count of 1. Then if you hit a hero, restore 40 mana and reduce the cooldown of Dragon's Breath by 1.5 seconds. Do note that this happens for each of the Breaths, so if all 3 hit you get 120 mana and -4.5 seconds off its cooldown.
  • A Proper Greeting
    • Chromie gets a permanent damage response. If she ever damage a hero that is slowed, rooted or stunned, get the APG damage increase. Also, the Echoes basic attacks and sand blast can trigger it too.
    • This buff lasts for 5 seconds, increases your basic attack and abilities damage dealt by 25%. Any damage increased by it becomes a crit.

Level 11

  • Gnome Speed Ahead
    • When the Sand Blast missile is launched, gives you a unified movespeed of 20% for 3 seconds. And gives you a vital regen multiplier of 200% life and mana for 3 seconds.
  • Here and There
    • Activated talent with a cooldown of 30 and range of 9. Clears movement orders and attacks if the target is out of range.
    • A validator only allows you to use this ability in a range of 3 around a unit that is being tracker by Here and There (that info is on Sand Blast). Once used, you'll switch places with the closest Echo to your cursor.
    • Chromie is teleported to the target point. The echo unit is teleported to the origin point.
  • Time Out
    • Activated talent with a cooldown of 0.5 seconds (for cancelling) and 60 seconds (total).
    • This ability is an Ice Block, with the only difference being that the duration is 5 seconds. So it's basically a stasis with an expanded cleanse.
    • When used, a trigger takes care of the full screen overlay. Another one removes it at the end of Time Out behavior.

Level 14

  • Shifting Sands
    • When Sand Blast impacts something, before its damage is dealt, increase the damage dealt by Chromie's abilities by 8%. This buff has a 10 seconds duration and a max stack count of 5. Do note that only Chromie benefits from the same cast, Echoes do not trigger and as such they'll gain the damage only afterwards.
    • Damage Dealt Fraction (this increase) stacks additive with multiplicative multiplier (the damage decrease from echoes).
  • Fast Forward
    • When Sand Blast impacts something, if it has moved at least 10.5 units from its origin point, lower the cooldown to 0.75 seconds if it's higher than that. Currently, you can't have enough CDR to get below .75 by the time the ability impacts, but it may be possible in the future.
  • Quantum Overdrive
    • Activated talent with a 30 seconds cooldown.
    • When used, does a damage dealt increase of 25% for abilities for 10 seconds.

Level 18

  • Unravelling
    • Every tick of Slowing Sands, at the same time that the slow is applied, a vulnerable debuff is applied that lowers Ability armor against heroes, mercs, monsters, minions, summons and structures by 2. It has a maximum of 15 stacks.
  • Stuck on a loop
    • Upon pickup, modifies the temporal loop buff by adding 3 more seconds.
    • At the end of the first 3 seconds, if the target is valid to teleport, give Chromie 3 more seconds of the temporal loop buff. At the end of those 3 seconds, the ability is used again.
  • Piercing Sands
    • When Sand Blast impacts something it inmediately suicides. But that has a check for Piercing Sands and if you have the talent learnt, ignore that command and only kill the missile at 15 range.
  • Blessing of the Bronze
    • Upon pickup, create a permanent behavior called Blessing of the Bronze.
    • Disable this effect is Chromie is dead or the target hero is dead.
    • The bonus is a 10% unified movespeed bonus.
    • Additionaly this bonus checks every 0.25 seconds, use the trigger for CDR to reduce the CDR of allies abilities (excluding Trait, Heroics and Mount) by 0.075 seconds.

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