Heroes of the Storm

Heroes’ Deep Delve: Lucio’s Remake Data

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Heroes' Deep Delve: Lucio's Remake Data

General Data

  • Has a life of 1442, life regen of 3, a radius of .6875 and an inner radius of .4375
  • Is considered: Ally Healer, Energy Important, Escaper, Helper, Role Support and Self Healer.
  • Cannot use any type of mounts.
  • His attack has a range of 5.5, a missile speed of 20, with a BAT of 1.25 seconds. His attack is divided in 4 parts, with a .125 delay between missiles and each of them doing 27 damage.
  • Has no way of achieving critical strikes.
  • Has only standard scaling (4%) on all his abilities.

Q – Soundwave

  • Cooldown of 7, mana cost of 30, cast range of 500, minimum range of 0.5 and a clamp of 1 minimum.
  • The ability impact in a 79.9914 arc in 4.5 range.
  • Units impacted will be revealed, dealt 105 damage
  • Units will be knocked away from Lucio for a total of 4 ticks (0.25 seconds) with a speed of 16.5, for a total of 4.125 displacement. Do note that if you're on top of a unit you can Q rightwards and knock them leftwards.
  • If Lucio doesn't have wall ride, his turning is suppressed during the cast.
  • Casting this ability will increase the time for your next attack by up to .3125 seconds.
  • Using this ability will cancel hold fire (H) and create a medium camera shake.

W – Crossfade

  • The toggle has a 0.5 seconds cooldown.
  • The aura has a range of 7. To continue the aura the unit need to be in 7.425 units from Lucio. Every unit that fulfills the range requirement are added to a tracker (important for talents).
  • The auras check for new units every .1875 seconds, and afterwards checks for the target to continue in range and as long as the target is not in a special death state, Lucio hasn't died, the target is not immune to friendly abilities, and Lucio is not timestopped.
  • The speed aura is 10% unified move speed, while the healing aura heals every .125 seconds for 1.875 health.

E – Amp it Up

  • Has a 90 mana cost and a 13 seconds cooldown.
  • When used, you're considered in an amp it up state for 3.0625 seconds.
  • Every healing tick, if you're in an amp it up state you heal for 14 instead of the 1.875 heal you normally do.
  • When amp it up starts, the speed aura is modified to become 30% unified move speed. When it ends, the speed aura is again modified to go back to 10% unified movespeed.

R1 – Sound Barrier

  • Has a 100 mana cost and a 0.0625 seconds cooldown.
  • First, there's a 1 second delay before activating this ability. If you get killed, stunned, silenced or stasis except time stop it gets cancelled and 10 seconds are added to the heroic's cooldown. During these delay your abilities, effects casts and weapon are disabled.
  • Upon completion, add 80 seconds to the heroic cooldown. Make a heavy camera shake and apply 48 individual shields of 27 each to allies in a 7 radius.
  • Afterwards, for 48 ticks of .125 seconds each, remove a shield. Do note that the shield prevention order is the same as the shield removal order, so you'll always remove a shield with the least amount remaining.

R2 – High Five

  • Has a 50 mana cost, a 6.5 range, removes your move commands and your attack commands if the target is out of range.
  • Now, as long as you're not rooted, the target doesn't have a High Five tracker and is not a vehicle, cast the ability. Upon cast, the hold fire behavior is applied to Lucio.
  • Make Lucio look at the target point, Use a hidden ability "High Five Approach" towards the target unit, and consider him charging towards the target. Also apply the cooldown tracker immediately.
  • The cooldown tracker lasts for 15 seconds, has a max stack of 5, with one stack possible per caster. <— Possible problem with Aram if by some chance we ever see more than 5 lucios at a time?
  • Charging is cancelled in a multitude of ways: Death, Silence, Stunned or Stasis except Time stopped or if the target is ever more than 12 distance away from Lucio. It gives Lucio a 12 movespeed with a max duration of 1.5 seconds. It also suppresses collision and Hold Fire (H). Also note that since roots and knockbacks cancel dashes, they also cancel this ability without the need to add them to this ability's specific code.
  • Approach cancels your attack and move orders, makes you move in a line, with this order being uninterruptable. Once you're in 1 range from the target, the High Five impacts them.
  • Once HF impacts, the charging behavior is removed immediately, the target is healed by 250 if they're an ally. Then they're made unstopabble for 1 second, then Lucio has his weapon re-enabled.

D – Push Off

  • Has a cooldown of 20, and a projection distance of 7. Requires Lucio to not be rooted and have Push Off wall ride behavior (see Wall Ride).
  • Once casted, Lucio is made to look towards the target point, then he's considered to be casting Push Off for 0.375 seconds. Which gives him suppressed collision, an uninterruptible move order and a movespeed of 20.
  • During this time, lucio is made to scan targets in a 2.25 range, 1.5 width from him for 6 ticks (every 0.0625 seconds).
  • Impacted units are slowed by 75% unified move speed for 1 second. They are then dealt 100 damage.

Z – Wall Ride

  • Lucio's pathing has a check made for either unpathable terrain, a building or a cliff, Lucio has a speed of over 2.5 (59%), is not Polymorphed, Dazed or Stunned. Apply the wallride behavior. Afterwards the check is remade every .185 seconds.
  • There are 10 points that are checked, 5 for Left and 5 for right. They're all made 1.4 units away from Lucio's center, and at the angles: 18,54,90,126,162 (and the negatives for Left). If you hit more Left than Right probes WallRide Left otherwise go Right.
  • Wall Ride Left and Wall Ride Right code is the exact same, except that the animation triggered has his legs towards the other side.
  • When Wall Ride triggers or retriggers, your turn rate is tripled, wall ride speed is applied to you. Also, Wall Ride Push Off is enabled for 0.25 seconds.
  • Wall Ride speed is an flat addition of 0.879 speed. It lasts for 2 seconds and also suppresses collision during that time. Then a periodic check is made every 0.2 seconds (this does nothing but talents take advantage)
  • Now's a good time to talk about movespeed bonuses. There's 3 of them: Movespeed bonus (which I refer as flat to avoid confusion), they stack with everything. Unified movespeed, which bonuses do not stack with other unified bonuses and slows do not stack with other unified slows. And additive movespeed, which follow the same rules as unified. The other difference is that flat movespeed is added as a flat amount, while the other 2 are multipliers. There's a 4th one that's used on dashes and knockbacks but that's way different.
  • Since Wall Ride is a flat movespeed bonus, it stacks with everything.


Level 1

  • Party Mix
    • When a player enters your aura, there's a check every 0.125, this is usually when a player in your aura is healed but this check is also made on the speed aura.
    • For every player that is in your aura you get .125 tokens every tick. This means that a player that stays one full second on your aura adds one token.
    • Once you get 480 tokens, the following changes are done to cross fade. The near check for Lucio and Boombox is changed from 7.425 to 9.175. Increases Crossfade for Healing and Speed search area is increased by 1.4, ditto for the boombox. The pulse actor is also increased by 20%. Summer Anthem's (lvl20) range is also increased by 1.4 units.
  • Accelerando
    • While Wall Riding, a check is made every 0.2 seconds. This increases the accelerando accumulator by .44 with a max of .879. This accumulator increases the Wall Ride bonus speed. At the end of the 2 seconds of Wall Ride, the accumulator is reset to 0.
  • Smooth moves
    • Upon pick up, modify wall ride speed and add one second to the buff duration.
    • Attacks have a leech function while you have the Wall Ride speed. You leech for 30% and this adds to the self healing score. If you're not blinded and the target is not evading, also gain 0.5 mana.
    • Since the check is made on impact right before damage, if you have the wall ride speed buff when you attack but the missile impacts after you lost the buff you won't leech. If you're wondering why only the mana restore has a blinded/evasion clause, it's because if they're evading you'll deal 0 damage and 30% of 0 is zero.

Level 4

  • Subwoofer
    • When Soundwave impacts, if you have Subwoofer and the target is in less than 2.25 range, the knockback effect is done on 7 ticks instead. Sadly the knockback only lasts for .375 for a total distance of 6.1875. It's only a 50% extra range on the knockback. So either the knockback timer has to be increased to .4375 or the tooltip changed to 50%.
    • The quest has a counter for every unit hit if they're a hero, add one unit to the counter. One second afterwards, if there's 3 or more units in the counter, complete the quest, else set it to 0.
    • Once the quest is complete, modify Soundwave by adding 0.9 radius and 40 degrees. While this adds to the radius, this does not add to the inner radius for extra knockback.
  • Off the Wall
    • When using Soundwave, if you have Wall Ride speed, set the cooldown of Soundwave to 4.
  • Supersonic
    • While you have Wall Ride speed, there's a check made every 0.2 seconds. If you have supersonic, each time the check is true lower the cooldown of Push Off by 0.2 seconds.

Level 7

  • Good Vibrations
    • Whenever you hit someone with Soundwave, if the target is a minion or merc or monster, get a 35 damage shield. If it's a hero, get 3 counts of the same shield. These shield have a 7 seconds duration and a max stack count of 100.
    • Since the duration and cd is equal, you can't normally stack it. If used together with Off the Wall, or an ally that gives you CDR, you can get the shield stacked, since a new application restarts the timer for all stacks.
  • Reverse Amp
    • Every 0.0625 a check is made if Lucio has the Amp it Up behavior. If you do, there's a switch for Speed crossfade or Healing Crossfade.
    • Speed: Search for all enemies in a 7 radius, not invulnerable, near lucio (in a 6.25 range) and Lucio is not timestopped. If all of those are true, apply a unified movespeed reduction of 20%.
    • Heal: Search for all enemies in a 7 radius, not invulnerable, near lucio (in a 6.25 range) and Lucio is not timestopped. If all of those are true, every 0.125 seconds reveal that enemy and deal 6.25 damage.
  • Boombox
    • Active talent with a cooldown of 30 seconds, a range of 5. Places a boombox unit when casted as long as the target point is walkable.
    • The Boombox has a life of 217, a radii of 0.25, a sight of 7.25 and a timed life of 30. The timed life duration is only shown to allies.
    • When the check is done every .1875 seconds for your crossfade aura, you combine the people in 7 range from you with the people in 7 range rom the boombox. Then the check for maintaining the aura is 7.425 from the caster (lucio) combined with 7.425 from source (boombox).

Level 13

  • All Together
    • A permanent effect is created, every unit that's tracked by crossfade gives you a flat movespeed bonus of .22 (~5%).
  • Heavy Casters
    • When Push off impacts someone, there's a switch that checks if you have Heavy Casters. If you do, have Lucio stun the enemy for 0.5 and if you don't have him slow it for 1 second.
  • Slip
    • Every time Wall Ride triggers, gain a resistant bonus of 20 armor. This is removed at the same time that Wall Ride Speed is removed.
    • Every .0625 seconds, check if Lucio has Wall Ride speed and is 1.4 units close to an enemy hero. If those are true, give a positive flat movespeed bonus of .879 for 1 second.
    • Do note that since this is a flat bonus, this stacks with everything. For example with Accelerando you'll be moving at 160% movespeed.

Level 16

  • Rejuvenescência
    • When picked up, the crossfade amp it up healing is modified to increase its healing by .3125% max hp. Do note that since this happens 8 times every second, it equates to 2.5% per second.
  • Up the frequency
    • When autoattacking, if the target is a hero and not evading, reduce the cooldown of Amp it Up by .45 seconds. The evasion is checked twice but blind isn't checked. I guess this is a bug and one of them would be changed to blinded for live.
    • After picking the talent up, if you have wall ride speed, increase your weapon range and scan range by 2.2 distance. When this range increase is on, show a 7.5 range circle around you (your autoattack range is 7.7 though).
  • Up to Eleven
    • Active talent with a 60 seconds cooldown. Requires Amp it Up behavior to be used.
    • Upon use, increase the Amp it Up behavior duration by 2 seconds.

Level 20

  • Bossa Nova
    • Upon pickup, reduces the max amount of Sound Barrier stacks by 16 and the cooldown by 50 seconds.
    • Changes the shield amount to 43.5, and the max stack to 32. One stack is still being removed every .125 seconds.
    • Since 43.5*32 = 1392 and 27*48 = 1296, this means that Bossa Nova also increases the max amount of shielding you give by 96 at most.
  • Mixing Fire
    • Upon pickup, modify Amp it Up behavior by giving it 1 extra second.
    • The validator for possible targets of High Five includes allied hero and enemy heroes only if you have the Mixing Fire talent.
    • On enemy hero impact deals 225 damage and applies a healing Reduction that lasts for 3 seconds, and reduces heal taken and the vital regen by 50%.
  • House Party
    • There's an accumulator that increases by 10% per every unit that's tracked by crossfade.
    • High Five, Crossfade, and Amp it Up Crossfade healing have a multiplicative multiplier that's equal to the accumulator.
  • Summer Anthem
    • Active talent with a 75 seconds cooldown.
    • Upon activation, searches for units in 7 range from Lucio. This range is increased by Party Mix, but not Boombox.
    • For 1.5 seconds, give the unit unkillable behavior. Show the duration to allies, neutral and enemies, and create a damage response to fatal damage, and restore the unit to 1 life when they receive fatal damage (after the damage is received).

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