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Heroes Deep Delve: Stitches rework.

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Heroes Deep Delve: Stitches rework.

Just like with Sylvanas, I tried something a little different for the two reworks this week, instead of just focusing on what wasn't on tooltips I just posted everything I could get from the data.

As always, I may get some stuff wrong or they may be way too hard to understand, so please don't be afraid to ask questions.


  • Life if 3000. Regen is 6.25
  • Radius is 1.0625, Inner Radius is .9375.
  • Has a standard scaling (4%) on everything.
  • Can ride mounts, beasts, bikes and surf.
  • His weapon is considered slow melee, has an range of 1.5 and an acquisition range of 4. Its BAT is 1.1 seconds, its animation takes is 0.5 on the first attack, and 0.35 on each consequent attack. It deals 70 damage.
  • Hero is considered: Fat, Bodyblocker, Energy Important, Ganker, Overconfident, Tank.


  • Mana cost is 75, cooldown is 600, range is 500 and cast time is 0.2 seconds. It's considered a channeled cast.
  • All movements commands are cleared, and attack commands are cleared if your target is out of range.
  • The visual guide is 12.375 long and 1.25 wide.
  • If used with Q, disable Helping Hand behavior for 2 seconds. If used with 1, enable the Helping Hand behavior.
  • When casted, you're flagged as casting hook for 1.5 seconds. Supress Stitches' turning, make him look at the targetted point.
  • The hook checks for 39 ticks, makes sure Stitches is not dazed, dead, silenced, stasis or stunned.
  • The Hook moves at max 39 ticks towards a place that's 11 units forward from Stitches. The hook has a speed of 37.5 but a max speed of 20. <— If a speed is higher than max speed, max is used.
  • The hook missile searches in a 1.25×1.25 square, with a 0.9 offset forward, and prefers closest to the hook and heroes. It validates for multiple things: not toxic nest, the target is an enemy or stitches has helping hand, the target doesn't have hook suppresion, it's not an allied structure, and the target is not currently being bodyslammed by diablo. At the end of this missile, disable Helping Hand behavior.
  • If the enemy is not displaceable, this means hammer fortify, immunity to CC, unstoppable or is diablo with Lightning Breath, just apply 91 damage and treat it as a miss.
  • The missed hook moves backwards at a speed of 50 until it reaches Stitches's left arm or 5 seconds have elapsed.
  • If it hits a non unstoppable unit, wait for one tick then check if the unit is dead, if it is just deal damage to the point (the one that breaks jars or whatever is in the enviroment). If it isn't, and isn't Flying Storm (No idea what that is, maybe Falstad in the middle of Z? check later), start the return hook, this one has a speed of 25. Apply the post hook stun to the unit, which is a 0.5 seconds duration, and also has a supress moving flag. At the end of the return hook's missile, remove the post hook stun, and destroy the hook. The damage is done 2 ticks (.125 seconds) after the pull starts. It's 91 damage with no possible modifiers.
  • There's a 6 unit placement area for the hooked unit.
  • If an ally is hit, modify cooldown of hook by -8 seconds.
  • Being time stopped does not stop the hook from moving forwards.
  • While the hook is moving forward, a trigger display's stitches position in a radius of 0.5 for 0.25 seconds every tick.
  • Since the hook moves towards an espace 11 units away, and checks with a 0.9 units forwards and has a 1.25 range, this means that the hook actual range is 11+0.9+1.25/2=12.525. This matches up with the visual guide being 12.375.
  • If a unit is unstopabble, the hook damage is instant, but if it isn't it takes 3 ticks for it to take effect.
  • A trigger makes sure that if you hook someone and get timestopped, they don't get hooked, expect if they're timestopped at the same time. If both of you are timestopped then the backwards hook missile is paused too. This is looped every tick until you finish being timestopped.


  • Has a mana cost of 30. A cooldown of 6. A range of 500. A cast time of 0.2 and a finish time of 0.0625 seconds.
  • It's considered a channeling ability.
  • Clears movement commands but not attack commands.
  • Hits on 2 areas, medium then large. It shows on 2 different periods but there's no time specified (defaults to 0.0625?)
  • Medium has a 69.95 arc and a 5.25 radius. Affected by Lacerate, Pulverize, Chopchop, Playtime (bonus) and cannibalize. Then it deals 104 damage with a modifier of 140% and shown as a crit. Then it applies a 1.5 seconds slow of 40%.
  • Large has a 69.972 arc and a 9.5 radius. Affected by Lacerate and Pulverize and Playtime (no bonus), then deals 104 damage.


  • Has a mana cost of 55. A max charge and Starting charge of 1, recharging every 20 seconds. A range of 1.5 and a finish time of 0.2 seconds.
  • The first thing Devour does is deal damage, if it's a hero, deal 114 damage, otherwise deal 319 damage. Then it heals Stitches for 20% (self only healing percent). Finally, Stitches is told to attack the target afterwards.

Putrid Bile

  • Has a mana cost of 75, a cooldown of 75 and a cast time of 0.2 seconds.
  • When casted, you're considered to be in Putrid Bile for 8 seconds. You get a movespeed factor of 20%, you can't cloak during this time, and on cast and every 0.5 seconds you create a Putrid Bile pool.
  • The pool has a sight of 4, and on spawn and every 2 ticks (0.125 seconds) they impact in a 3 radius. They have a timed life of 4 seconds.
  • The impact is a DoT that has a duration of .875 and ticks every second. It damages for 37 every tick. Every time a unit is damaged, Stitches gets healed by 18 (Self Only healing spell).
  • Additionaly, the pool's impact also slows for 1.5 seconds by 35%.
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  • Has a mana cost of 70 and a cooldown of 70. It's range is 1.5 and a finish time of 0.4 seconds.
  • Clears the last movement command, but not attacks.
  • Once gorging start, there's a 0.5 second duration where Stitches is unstopabble and his orders are paused. <- This doesn't mean you can't order stitches to do something, but that he won't do them for that time.
  • During those same 0.5 seconds, the target becomes the gorge target. This removes Stasis from the unit. They get flagged Benign, Passive, Stasis, Orders Paused, Immune to AoE, Immune to Skillshots, Immunite to friendly abilites, collision is suppressed, unstobable. Their abilities, instant effect, targeted effect and the ability to move is disabled. The only ability that does not get disabled is hammer siege mode (so when it comes out she's still sieged). They're forced upright, moved at a speed of 10 towards stitches until they reach him. They're considered inside the gorge for 2.9 seconds, with the timer being on Stitches (for time stop purposes).
  • A trigger makes sure that the Gorge target gets the full screen overlay, and also makes moves them every tick to the same position as Stitches. Then the effect point for target out is created that's Stitches' position + 1.75 offset with his current facing.
  • You're considered casting gorge for 3.5625 seconds. At the end of this time you go to post gorge.
  • Every unit (up to 15) you eat is tracked for 4 seconds as the gorge target. During this time its abilities and moving are disabled.
  • At the end of Gorge, the target is ejected during 0.4 seconds, with a movespeed of 10 and at the end of the ejection they get damaged for 274 and lose the camera lock. Remove the unit from the tracked gorged group. The ungorged unit is placed 1.75 in front of stitches, with a 20 radius in case they can't appear on that place.
  • A trigger removes the gorge overlay at the end of Gorge, sets back the correct height for BW and Falstad.
  • At the end of the original Gorge, for 0.4 seconds stitches has his orders paused. And if he has Hungry Hungry Stitches, set his cooldown to 100% (currently 70 seconds).
  • If you die during gorge, remove the behavior of gorge for the initial target. This removal initiates the post gorge ejection of the target immediately.

Vile Gas

  • When you attack, apply Vile Gas in a 2.25 radius around the target unit, extended by the target's radius, as long as Stitches' not blinded and target's not evading.
  • When you apply Vile Gas, check if the unit has already the Vile Gas debuff from stitches. If it does, check if it has more than 7 seconds duration. If they do, then modify its duration to its max (10 seconds). If they have less than 7 seconds, modify their duration by +3 seconds. If they don't have the debuff, apply the debuff with a 3 seconds duration.
  • The debuff is a DoT. Has a 3 seconds duration, ticking every 1 second, max stacks of 5 (one per Stitches in the game), deals 15 damage every tick.

Level 1

  • Savor the flavor
    • When you impact a hero with Devour, add a stack to the token. Then do a 5 seconds HoT on stitches that heals for 1% (self only healing percent) every 0.5 seconds.
    • When picked up, modify Stitches Life Regen that starts at +0 and increases by his token counter. It has a max of 1000 stacks.
  • Patchwork Creation
    • When picked up, create a additive multiplier of 15% extra on heal takens and on your vital regen.
    • A trigger is made that when a minion (not creep or merc) dies nearby you, heal yourself for 30. On a hero takedown, heal 300 (both are self only healing spell).
    • Since the heal scales with levels and it's own multiplier, you're essentially being healed by 1.15% HP on creeps and 11.5% HP on heroes.
  • Hungry for More
    • When a regen globe impacts Stitches, increase the HfM token by 1. Each token increases 30 to his Max Life, with a cap of 30000.
    • There's a quest with 4 checks of his HfM tokens, that increase his movespeed modifier by 5-10-15-20% at 15-30-45-60 tokens.

Level 4

  • Serrates Blades
    • When hook hits, if the target is a hero, deal 5% of their life as Storm spell percent.
    • When hook hits, if the target is an enemy hero, modify the Hook cooldown by -4 seconds.
    • Yes, helping hands deals 5% damage with this talent, despite the talent saying "enemy hero".
  • Playtime
    • When slam hits a hero, modify the cooldown of hook by 0.5 (-2 with bonus) seconds, and modify the charge cooldown of devour by 0.5 (-2 with bonus) seconds.
  • Chop Chop
    • When slam hits a hero, apply an positive additive attack speed buff of 50% for 4 seconds.

Level 7

  • Blight
    • Upon pickup, modify Vile Gas damage by adding a leech fraction of 33% life.
    • Active talent with a 40 seconds cooldown.
    • When used, to each unit in a 5 radius around Stitches, extended by his own unit radius, apply Vile Gas and put a 5 seconds debuff that modifies Heal Taken and Vital Regen by -20%.
  • Cannibalize
    • Hitting heroes with slam heals you for 2% for each hero (Self only healing percent).
    • Auto attacking a hero when you're not blinded and target not evading you heal for 2% (self only healing percent).
  • Tenderizer
    • When you autoattack a target and you're not blinded and the target's not evading put a 25% slow on the unit for 2.5 seconds.
    • When you auto attack a target, you're not blinded and they're not evading or unstopabble, and they have the stitches slam slow, set it's duration back to 1.5 seconds.
    • Yes, this means that if a target has slam on them and you autoattack, they'll move at 60% for 1.5 seconds then at 75% for the other second.
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Level 13

  • Lacerate
    • When you hit with slam, if the target is a hero, apply a -10 armor debuff to the target for 4 seconds.
    • When you hit with slam, apply Vile Gas (check Vile Gas entry for how this works).
  • Digestive Juices
    • When you hit a hero with Devour, Debuff them for 4 seconds, modifying the damage they deal with Splash, Basic and Abilities by -40%. This is considered an ability power reduction.
  • Gas Flare
    • When hook hits, if the target is a hero, activate the Gas Flare Buff for 4 seconds.
    • Gas flare searches in a 2.5 radius, extended by Stitches radius, every 0.5 seconds. It validates if you're not mounted, not in stasis, not dead, not in a special death state and not cloaked. It deals 8 damage, with a multiplicative modifier of 150% if you have the Gas Flare buff active, if you do, it becomes a crit.
    • Despite the talent saying "enemy hero", helping handing an ally also gives you the buff.

Level 16

  • Fishing Hook
    • Upon pickup, modifies Meat Hook in multiple ways. Offset the hook by 5.5, increase the visual guide range by 5.5 and the Helping Hand visual range by 5.5 also replacing the meat hook sound effects for the fishing hook ones.
    • This makes hook move until 16.5 units forward, and that gives it a range of 18.025 in total. This is actually a 43.91% increase in range.
  • Meat Hook
    • When hook hits, if the target is an enemy hero, apply a HoT with a 4 seconds duration that ticks every 0.5 seconds. Impact and each tick heals you for 1.8% of your life (Self Only healing percent).
    • Everytime you attack a hero, if you're not blinded and target not evading, and you have the meat hook marker, set the HoT to 4 seconds.
    • The initial application of this ability heals you for 16.2% of your life (1.8*9 ticks) but every time you extend the duration you'll get at most 8 ticks, since only the initial impact gives you an extra tick at 0.0 seconds.
  • Pulverize
    • When slam hits, if you have pulverize, apply a slow of 75% by 1 seconds.
    • Since this is a different slow that lasts less than the Slam base slow, heroes hit by the inner area of Slam will be slowed by 75% for 1 second then 60% for 0.5 seconds afterwards. Also since this slow is different from the base slam slow, this means that Tenderizer only extends the base slow.

Level 20

  • Potent Bile
    • On pickup, modifies Putrid Bile with 2 effects. Increases its duration by 6 seconds and its slow by 10%.
  • Hungry Hungry Stitches
    • When you cast Gorge, if you have HHS, after 0.0625 seconds, reduce the cooldown of gorge by -79.75.
    • If you gorge without teleport enabled, enable teleport for 4 seconds. What this means is that Gorge now has 4.5 range and mana cost of 0. At the end of those 4 seconds, gorge goes back to 1.5 range and 70 mana cost. If you use Gorge on someone that is over 2 range from Stitches, teleport up to 5 units towards target point.
    • At the end of the initial gorge, remove teleport from stitches and the cooldown reduction when you cast Gorge. Also set it's CD to 100%.
    • Do note that this means that Gorge's CD is effectively increased by 4 seconds, since now it begins at the end of the duration instead of on cast.
  • Second Helping
    • Upon pickup, modify the charges of Devour +1
    • When you hit a hero with Devour, Putrid Bile and Gorge get -5 seconds to their cooldown.
  • Shambling Horror
    • Upon pickup, modify your movespeed minimum to 4.3984 (this is 100% of your base movespeed).
    • Active Talent with 60 seconds countdown.
    • On activation, increase armor by 50 for 4 seconds.

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