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Heroes deep delve: Sylvanas

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Heroes deep delve: Sylvanas

For the two reworks in this patch, I'm trying something new. Instead of just seeing what things are important that aren't said on the tooltips, I'm going in for the full description of everything.

As always, there may be some mistakes, specially since due to a power grid failure I lost about 3 hours of work and replaced it with half memory half looking for the data (specially Windrunner because it's a fu*king mess, props to whoever had to code that behemoth).

General Data

  • Life is 1550. Regen is 3.2304.
  • Radii are .625
  • She can ride mounts, beasts, bike and surf.
  • Has a 4% scaling on everything.
  • Her weapon has a 5.5 range, BAT of 0.6, damage is 81 and a missile speed of 22.
  • Her auto becomes crit when she attacks someone with 3 Black Arrow stacks (for 125% damage). If she attacks a merc defender or laner, has mercenary queen and 3 Black Arrow stacks (for 130%, stacking additively). Leeches life if you have Life Drain and 3 Black Arrow (15% of the damage), and if it's a hero double the leech.
  • She's considered: Energy Important, Escaper, Merc Killer, Specialist, Tower Disabler, Tower Pusher and Wave Clearer.

Withering Fire

  • Cooldown of 8, mana cost of 25.
  • Can only be used if an enemy is in 8 range. If you have "With the Wind" then the range becomes 7.75. Note that since With the Wind is a deprecated talent, this can't happen.
  • Consumes charges every .375 seconds.
  • Targets in this order: Hero, Not a wall, Not a gate, Distance, Engage.
  • The ability is disabled until you use all charges.
  • The missile has a speed of 25 at close range (3.5 or less). 35 to 45 at longer range. Impact range is 0.125.
  • Damage from each Withering Fire is 39. With 3 BA stacks, damage is 125%, with 3 BA stacks and Merc Queen damage against mercs is 155%. With life Drain and 3BA you Leech 15% life, doubled if the target is hero.

Shadow Dagger

  • Has a range of 8. Mana cost of 50 and cooldown of 11. It's cast time is .1875
  • The Dagger has a speed of 25 and an impact range of 0.5
  • On impact, the main target gets to spread the debuff over 2.5 seconds. They are shown with an unique icon on top. The spread is done as a damage response and affects units in a 3.5 radius, extended by the main target unit's radius. It validates if the units are not town wall, invulnerable, cloaked and not revealed, has shadow dagger from the caster sylvanas. If they fit all that, impact them with the spread one tick later.
  • Increases your attack cooldown by up to .15 seconds.
  • The damage is done on impact and a DoT ticks 5 times during 2.5 seconds. It deals 29 damage on both cases (do note that while the impact and dot ticks are equal, they can be changed separatedly). This damage can be increased to 125% with 3 BA stacks, 155% to mercs if you have mercenary queen, leech 15% if you have Life Drain and 3BA stacks, doubled against heroes.

Haunting Wave

  • Has a mana cost of 75, a cooldown of 11, a range of 500 and a cast time of 0.1 seconds. A minimum range of 0.5 and a minimum clamp of 1.
  • The visual guide has a range of 14 and an arc of 23.9941º.
  • When casted, all movement commands are dropped, and attack command is dropped if your target is out of range. The same thing happens during the second activation.
  • Once casted, the second activation, windrunner HW and windrunner second activation all receive a cd of 0.5 seconds.
  • The missile has a speed of 9. Its sight range is 4. It moves for 24 ticks (1.5 seconds). It searches enemies in 2 areas. At cast, every enemy in a 180 arc in front of sylvanas in a 0.5 radius is impacted, and while moving it searches for enemies in a 23.9941 arc with a radius bonus of 0.54 and a radius of 1. <— This is the only time I have encountered radius bonus, I'm unsure if this just means 1.54 or it works differently.
  • The missile actually creates 3 actors, banshee A B and C. B being the middle one and the important one.
  • Deals 114 damage with the 4 BA modifiers.
  • The cast timer for the second activation is 1.75 seconds. If you press E during that time, you'll teleport to the Banshee.
  • Once the second activation is casted, search for the middle banshee in 100 radius to travel. The travel missile has a speed of 50. While traveling, your attack is disabled and you are unstopabble. You can get placed up to 6 units away from the Banshee.
  • The second activation gets disabled if there are no valid points to arrive in a 3 radius for the Banshee, you're rooted or if you're currently casting Wailing Arrow. Casting this does not decloak you.

Wailing Arrow

  • Has a mana cost of 100, a cooldown of 90, a range of 500 and a cast time of 0.1 seconds.
  • No longer gets a 10 seconds CD if interrupted.
  • On cast creates the Wailing Arrow missile. This missile will exist for 11 ticks, but they're counted every other one (.125 seconds) for a total of 1.375 seconds. It reveals everything on a 3 radius.
  • Has a movement speed of 13. This guives a max movement of 17.875. The visual guide shows 18 range and 1.75 width.
  • Once it reaches the 11th tick or you activate the ability again, it searches for everything in a 3.5 area. Then everything it impacts gets silenced, then damaged by 228, with all 4 Black Arrow modifieres. Then the arrow missile is destroyed.
  • A trigger makes the sound effect to happen to the affected players for 2.5 seconds.
  • Since Wailing Arrow cast time disable the E travel, you cannot plink R->E as the E will never come out.
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Mind Control

  • Has a cooldown of 50, mana cost of 75, a cast time of 0.25 seconds and a 500 range.
  • The missile has a range of 13.125, a speed of 12, searches on a 1×2 rectangle.
  • If interrupted during the cast, the cooldown doesn't start.
  • There's supposed to have a cancel cast, but I believe it's not usable.
  • You can E->R->E and after finishing the cast of MC you'll immediately teleport with the wave. If used E->E->R you'll use Mind Control when you finish teleporting as long as you don't input a movement command before you finish moving.
  • When a hero is hit here's what happens: Cancel its movement, and order it to stop. Share vision with Sylvanas. Add the Mind Control cutscene to the target (that's the UI border). Now as long as the target is mind controlled do a check every tick: If the target is timestopped and sylvanas is not or viceversa, remove mind control (note that if both get time stopped this doesn't end). <—- The latter may no longer be in effect as there's a lot of pre-rework information that wasn't deleted
  • Heroes hit by the missile gets silenced by 1.75 seconds. And during this silence every tick they get issued a move order. The caster is also revealed during this 1.75 seconds.
  • Every tick while being silenced, a unit is issued to "move" with the target being the casting unit. If a unit is closer than 0.5 units from sylvanas they don't get a movement order.
  • At the end of the duration, a tick later the target unit is told to stop and cancel all orders. Then remove the reveal on Sylvanas.

Black Arrows

  • Whenever you impact with AA, Q W E R1. Check if it's a merc minion structure and not map boss, not town gate or town hall, sylvanas has the Black Arrow active buff and the target does not have Immune to Sylvanas Black Arrows. They get a StormStructureDisable of 3 seconds (it's a stun that also works with buildings)
  • When Stylvanas autos an enemy, before the damage, add a stack of BA. Every ability has a multiplicative modifier when you have 3 BA stacks.

Level 1

  • Might of the Banshee Queen
    • Everytime Withering Fire hits a hero, if Sylv has MotBQ, add a stack refresh the duration of 6 seconds and max 5 stacks. Each stack gives you Additive stack speed of 5% and 5% spell power.
  • Unfurling Shadows
    • Has a maximum of 9001 token stacks, and a scale of 0.005, that's 5%.
    • When Shadow Dagger impacts, check if they have 3BA and are a hero, then add a token stack. When Shadow Dagger damages, there's a multiplicative modifier that adds the US accumulator scale to the damage. Since the token is added before the damage, it benefits from the stack. And despite the name, the multiplicative modifier stacks additively with the other BA modifiers (which are also multiplicative modifiers).
  • Overwhelming Affliction
    • Whenever you're stacking the black arrow debuff, if they have 3 stacks (checked after the stack is given) and the target is not unstopabble, apply a slow that lasts for 3 seconds and has a strength of 15%.
    • If you attack a hero that is slowed, is not evading and you're not blinded and you have OA, damage them for 1% of their life (spell percent damage). This damage happens after the weapon attack damage.

Level 4

  • Unstable Poison
    • Create a new response when the unit receives fatal damage. This happens in two ocassions: when you apply Black Arrows for 3 seconds or when shadow dagger impacts an enemy for 2.5 seconds.
    • If the response triggers, impact enemies in a 2.5 area. This deals 130 damage, and it's affected by all 4 Black Arrow effects.
    • There's a limiter that when a unit receives damage they can't be damaged again for 0.0625 seconds. And also this damage does not stun minions if you have Black Arrow active.
  • Mercenary Queen
    • When you attack a merc with 3BA (checked after the stack is added) stun them for 3 seconds.
    • Every 0.5 seconds, if you're not using a vehicle (works while dead) do a Mercenary Lord search. Sylvanas mercenary lord is 10% more effective.
  • Posession
    • Cast range of 10, has 3 max charges and starts at max, with each one recovering at 8 seconds and a cast time of 0.1 seconds.
    • Check that it's not a boss, a merc, if it's a catapult or a catapult replacement check that no charges has been used, that the unit is unpossessed, then remove the BA stun, use 3 charges on a catapult minion, remove the stacks of BA, supress its globe creation, fully heal the unit and remove the raven curse.
    • With triggers, award the xp from the NPC kill. Set the owner of the healing Globe and set the unit to be owned by that same person, if the bribed unit is the wizard minion spawn a globe. Then start the AI of the unit to go to its closest lane. And if the possessed unit was a catapult, set the Possession charge remaining to 0.
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Level 7

  • Barbed Shot
    • Has 5 stacks of a token. When you cast Withering fire, the Tracker is cleared, then everytime you strike a unit, track it. There's only one unit that can be tracked at a time (the first one you hit). Every time you hit a unit, if it's the tracked unit add a stack to the token. This happens before the damage.
    • When dealing damage with Withering Fire, there's a multiplicative modifier that increases the damage by 350% if the caster has 5 barbed shot tokens. As always, this stacks additively with the 3BA stacks.
  • Lost Soul
    • When you attack, check if the target has 3BA and is a hero. If both are true, then reduce the Cooldown of Shadow Dagger by 1.75.
  • Festering Wounds
    • When you impact someone with Haunting Wave, immediately set their BA stacks to 3. This happens before the damage.
    • Haunting Wave has a multiplicative modifier that adds 25% damage. Since the Stacks are given before the damage, you'll always deal 150% of the damage with E.

Level 13

  • Cold Embrace
    • The main target is checked if it's not a structure and Sylv has cold embrace, then they get -25 armor for 2.5 seconds. This happens before the damage.
    • The spread targets are checked if it's not a structure and sylv has cold embrace, then reduce their armor by 10 for 2.5 seconds. Happens before damage.
  • Windrunner
    • When you use the second activation of Haunting Wave, remove 8 seconds of Withering Fire's cooldown. Then add the free haunting wave behaviour for 5 seconds.
    • The Windrunner ability has the same stats as the Haunting Wave ability, ditto for the second activation. The one difference is that after casting the Windrunner haunting wave, the free haunting wave behavior is removed.
  • Remorselesss
    • Upon pickup, modify Sylvanas weapon range by +1.
    • When you autoattack, check if it's a hero, sylvanas has remorseless, 3BA and sylv is not blinded and target not evading. If all those are true, then search on an 8 radius, and launch a Withering Fire (max 1) with the same speed and attributes as the ones from Q. This Withering Fire first adds a BA stack, then hits for 39 damage, has the 4 BA modifiers, but not the Barbed Shot one.

Level 16

  • Evasive Fire
    • Whenever you impact something with Withering Fire, add a stack of Evasive Fire, with a 2 second duration and max stacks of 5. Each stack gives you a move speed factor of 6%.
    • When you impact something with your autoattack, set your evasive fire speed up duration to 2.
  • Life Drain
    • If you have 3BA stacks, leech 15% life, doubled against heroes. Abilities affected: Auto attack, Withering Fire, Shadow Dagger (main and spread), Haunting Wave, Wailing Arrow, Unstable Poison, Windrunner Haunting Wave and Remorseless Withering Fire.
  • Will of the Forsaken
    • On cast, gain a buff that grants unstopabble for 3 seconds and a movespeed factor of 40%. During this time, you're considered fast.
    • Has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Level 20

  • Deafening Blast
    • When Wailing Arrow is reactivated, search in a 1.5 radius. Those impacted units get hit by a 150% multiplicative modifier (stacks additively with 3BA) and the four black arrow modifiers. Then they get silenced by 5 seconds and the trigger makes the sound effect last for 5 seconds instead. Note that this uses a pretty unique way to search for units (combiner) and I'm pretty sure it ignores the unit radius, making it much harder to hit than a usual 1.5 radius ability.
  • Dark Lady's Call
    • Modifies the Cooldown of Mind Control by -30 seconds. For a duration of 5, give the target a maximum sight of 3.5 and by triggers: Unshares the vision of allies for the target player, remove Seek Help and Give Help to everyone else on the Ally Group of the target player. Then remove the Base Vision Revealer for the player.
  • Withering Barrage
    • On Withering Fire impact, when the target is a hero, reduce the cooldown of Withering Fire by 0.75 seconds.
  • Bolt of the Storm
    • It's flash of the storms, the generic ability. Self teleport with a cooldown of 70 and a range of 7.2

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