Heroes of the Storm

Heroes I hate on my team as a skill shot/skill chainer.

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Heroes I hate on my team as a skill shot/skill chainer.

Just a lil fun venting post. This isn't cause of anything.. just felt like making it as through out the years of HOTS these heroes tend to.. "Save enemies" with their abillities when they are dead or disrupt my combo's putting me in a world of hurt. Alright here we go:

-DiabloQuit knocking enemies out of my combo's. Quit flipping them away from me. Quit putting full health tanks in my face. I try to follow you up but now I am in danger and you flipped them even futher into me… Just stop.

-StitchesAh yes this hero is almost dead! 10% I only have to hit him and… stitches gorged him…great…I am low health too and…he puts the melee hero into my mage face and he bodies me and stitches runs off… Just.. why?

-LucioFinally this enemy is locked down into a possible combo and "BOOP" ….Thanks lucio…..

-AnduinI got them where I want them. I am 80% health they are on my Imperius spear and.. "I GOT YOU"….Geez… now I can't re-engage.. thanks Anduin….

-ETCAlright I got them stunned again! Here comes ETC with the follow up! YES! He slides i– "FACE MELT WITH THE RANGE TALENT!" The enemy is knocked out of reach…..Couldn't you wait till the combo finished?

-MuradinOne setence: Haymaker enemies to try and kill them but insted knocking them away and saving them.

-Mei"SNOWBALL CANNON" …..I hate avalance so much it is always more a hinderance then a blessing.

-FalstadGust is used alot by Falstad. I get it.. good cooldown, good disengage, can easier to use then avalanche, but why the heck do so many falstads use it to disrupt my kills.

-MoralesThough not much played…her grenade when used WRONG has got me killed several times.

-StukovThe moment Stukov uses their ult to save enemies… (Heck even I do this as Stukov sometimes and I am like: "WTF AM I THINKING?!")

-AurielFor the last time Auriel… I AM NOT IN DANGER! Dont Aegis me… Dont whip enemies away!

-NazeeboGet your zombies off me right now! CANCEL IT! HE"S GETTING AWAY!

-LeoricGet your entomb off me! The enemy is on the other side! DE-ACTIVATE IT!

Potential charaters who CAN disrupt my combo's but the players of these do it too infrequent or don't annoy me:

-MaievCan pull enemies wrong or statis them wrong, but hasnt happen once!

-ZeratulIn the past void prisons were used wrong and put allies into statis insted. These days alot of zera's don't run this heroic anymore so those who use it.. KNOW OF ITS DOUBLE EDGE

-ChenBarely played, especially barrel roll. And even if they do it wrong they correct it quickly.

-DehakaNo dehaka is stupid enough to drag an enemy out of a combo but ONCE per match tops.Once they see they disrupted a combo, they will use drag to hold still rather.


-BrightwingThere have been a few who used their Emerald wind wrong… but again that's nothing compared to the number of times they done it right.

-Kerrigan:Kerrigan has a small chance of disruption by doing her E wrong…..No kerrigan ever does this. Infact mostly I am not on a hero that can be disrupted by a tiny pull if a kerrigan is in my team.

-ZagaraMaw can be used wrong, but more often but in my life time only 3 maws ever royally screwed over the team with wrong use. It's really hard to screw it up.

-JunkratCan be overzealous with his bombs… but most shown restrain and those who don't… well they won't be able to use a bomb next combo. So infrequent. Let alone most learn to QUIT IT.

-TassadarBad walls… but most deactivate it instantly. Too infrequent to get on my nerves as they prefer saving their walls for self peel.

-Cho'gallPossible knocking someone away with hammer or pulling them in with his other heroic. But… I am never in a combo position with a cho'gall. I follow it up!

-Kel'thuzad:Can pool enemies out of my combo.. and they tend to do it alot…why am I not angry? It's back into their combo where they die. So I am not mad. Person is dead anyway… and bad KTZ's will be slammed by the team anyway and are very low in numbers.

Forgot the following heroes for frustrating:

We got them and cocoon'd…..great… we have to wait…whats this? The enemy rushes and murders us for surrounding the cocoon…? Cause Anub is saving his abillities for the end of the cocoon? Thanks…

Thanks for that epic combo that knocked the enemy miles away from me.

Boosters can knock so many people out of an ult combo…Don;'t ever do this!

Forgot those who "Can" be frustrating:

A bad grav bomb can disrupt.. but never happens.

Bad ults can grab enemies out of combo's but the pull/push is so minor.

Again someone who can pull someone out of a combo into his own…so can't complain.

Knockback talent? WHO USES THIS?!

Most mings don't use wave of force to save enemies anyway. And most don't take the 20 talent. It happens too infrequent to be a bother.

-SGT hammer.
….W's can be bad… too bad that barely happens as Hammers mostly stick in the backlines or away from the enemy frontline that it's not much a hinderance.

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