Heroes of the Storm

Hero(es) Idea: Shaw and Flynn

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Hero(es) Idea: Shaw and Flynn

The whole concept is two melee assassins, who are individual heroes who can act indivually, but get extra powers when they are in the same team.


Trait (D): Ambush. Activate to enter stealth, making your next basic attack cause a bleed to the target for 10 seconds. Basic attacks deal 120% damage to bleeding targets.

(Q): Backstab. Shaw damages the target, deals 100% bonus damage if he is behind the target.

(W): Roll The Bones. When activated, Shaw can press 1,2, or 3 in his action bar to afflict his daggers with poison and buff his next basic attack. Pressing 1 afflicts his daggers with Wound Poison, raising the damage his Basic Attacks deal to Bleeding Enemies to150% for 5 seconds. Pressing 2 afflicts his daggers with Deadly Poison, which increase the duration of his trait's bleed. Pressing 3 afflicts his daggers with Instant Poison, which makes his bleed last half the duration, but increase its damage by 150%. Casting this ability does not cancel Stealth.

(E):Sprint. Increases Shaw's movement speed by 70% for four seconds. Casting this ability does not cancel Stealth.

(R1): Mutilate. Shaw attacks his target with both daggers twice, inflicting his trait's bleed, dealing a burst of damage to the target. (R2):Vendetta. Shaw marks an enemy for 10 seconds. His abilities and basic attacks deal increased damage to the target, and refresh the duration of his bleed. Casting this ability does not cancel Stealth.


Trait (D): Kul'Tiran Outlaw. Flynn's
abilities, and his next basic attack after casting one, inflict a bleed to the target. Hitting a bleeding target with an ability reduces their movement speed by 20%.


Shaw can benefit from Flynn's Trait, and Vice Versa.

(Q): Pistol Shot. Flynn quickly draws his gun and shoots at the target, dealing damage to them.

(W): Sap. Flynn incapacitates the target, dealing damage to them, and stunning them for 5 seconds. Any damage to the target will end the effect immediately.

(E): Shadowstep. Flynn quickly appears behind his target, dealing damage.

(R1): Marked for Death. Flynn eviscerates his target, dealing low to moderate damage, which is increased depending on how low the targets health percentage is. (R2): Blade Rush. Flynn rushes with both blades, dealing critical damage to his target, and a percentage of the damage to nearby enemies.

Their Storm Talents do not affect their own ultimates. They only have 3, one of which increases the Damage/Slow the trait does. The other two talents allow the assassins to "participate" in the others' heroic ability.

Shaw can join Marked for Death, dealing 50% of the damage Flynn does. He can also affect Blade Rush, dealing damage to the enemies that were not the main targets.

On the other hand, Flynn can also benefit from Vendetta, or add a slow and increase the damage of Mutilate.

In order to perform these combos, (except for Vendetta, this one happens passively), the one assassin, can press the button that activates their Heroic ability, once the other assassin has activated his.

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