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Heroes of the Storm: 2019 Most Wanted Heroes Poll!

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Heroes of the Storm: 2019 Most Wanted Heroes Poll!


Before I begin this, I want to acknowledge that this has been a really rough start to 2018 for Heroes of the Storm. I completely realize that the development team will most likely not be able to keep up with their current hero release schedule after a certain point this year when all of their pipeline products are released. However, it is best to be hopeful for the future of the game, and I personally believe that the current developers love it as much as I do and maybe even more.

That being over with, this post is made to announce the poll for the most wanted heroes in 2019-2020. This poll contains a list of almost every single major character that Blizzard Entertainment has made. The characters are picked based on their importance lore-wise and/or gameplay-wise. It is important to note that true-god-level characters—such as Sargeras or Anu—from the different franchises are not to be expected.

This is a poll made as an honor to the history of Blizzard and its astronomically massive magnitude of characters. It is made to showcase the huge number of possibilities and variety of characters that Heroes of the Storm can potentially draw from. Most importantly, however, it is made for fun. I do realize that the number of participants will be significantly smaller than the actual player base. Yet, as data accumulates, we can get close to the actual picture of most wanted heroes from the different Blizzard titles.

If you wish to participate, please follow the links below:


Where there things that you did not like in the poll? Please share them below and I will have them adjusted (as long as they do not affect the data) if the suggestion gets multiple upvotes.

Favorite heroes:

What are the top 10 heroes that you want to see in Heroes of the Storm? Did I forget or miss any character that you think otherwise should be there?

Here are my top 10:

  1. Rathma
  2. Archimonde
  3. Zenyatta
  4. Argus, The Unmaker
  5. Hybrid Reaver
  6. Kaldalis
  7. Xin
  8. Ma’lash
  9. Itherael
  10. Kabraxis

Note: I posted this on the subreddit on Tuesday; however, I soon realized that there was a glitch in the spreadsheet formatting and so I took the post down to avoid incorrect data. This time I made sure everything is fine.

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