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Heroes of the Storm Autobattler Game mode – Nexus Wars (CONCEPT)

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Heroes of the Storm Autobattler Game mode - Nexus Wars (CONCEPT)

This is a rough visualization/idea for my idea of a HotS autobattler to content with the likes of Dota 2 Underlords and Teamfight Tactics, the other competing Moba autobattler game modes.

It would appear on the main menu like;


So similarly to the other autobattlers, as is a genre staple, the way the game would play would be collecting certain heroes have abilities and mana, and can be leveled up. Upon levelling, they'd unlock special talents at their 2nd and 3rd level rankings. Additionally, there would be bonus perks for different classes and origins.

For example: Raynor, Tychus, and Hammer would all be Terran origin but their classes would differ.

Sgt. HammerTerranSiege

By grouping up heroes of matching origin or class (or both) it creates special perk bonuses that would benefit your team. As such, the potential for combinations when you consider all the origins from all of the blizzard universes, Alliance, Horde, Zerg, Protoss, Demon, Angel, Overwatch, etc, and classes like, Juggernaut, Bruiser, Paladin, Archer, Esper, Druid, Assault, Healer, etc.

In Underlords, you play as a mob boss/gangster, and in Teamfight Tactics you play as a "Little Legend", avatars used to run around the "chess" board and collect items and such. But in Nexus Wars, you would play as one of the Realm lords, and would be able to customize your board to match any theme of the maps, as well as customize the appearance of your realm lord down the line with unlockable cosmetics.

In the latter two autobattlers, items are a staple to empower your characters in whatever zany combinations you can conjure, but for Nexus Wars, every hero has 2 talents to unlock; the first talent is unlocked at level 2, and the 2nd talent is unlocked at level 3. What separates this from the competitors, is that each talent would have a sub-effect. If the hero unit in question is synergizing with a bonus of either its class or origin, it gains an additional effect to the talent.


For example, (all hypothetical) if a Raynor is maxed to level 3, and has his talents (1. automatically heal 40% HP when falling beneath 40% HP for the first time each round, and 2. every autoattack permanently increases his attack speed by 10%, uncapped) that's how he would function.

However if paired with enough other Terrans to get the bonus effect (all terrans get a 10% hp shield at the start of the round), Raynor would unlock a sub effect on his talent (2. every autoattack permanently increases his attack speed by 15%, uncapped).

If Raynor was instead paired with enough assault heroes to get that effect (all assault heroes deal 2% hp with their auto attacks), his other talent (1. automatically heal 40% HP when falling beneath 40% HP for the first time each round) would be enhanced via its sub effect to (1. automatically heal 40% HP when falling beneath 60% HP for the first time each round. Heal once more for 20% upon reaching 30% HP).

And so on. As you can imagine, this would create a lot of unique combinations and ways to enhance your heroes, encouraging to pair up and mix and match different origin class combinations. The emphasis of strategy would then come from whether you'd want an entire team of one single origin for a huge team wide power boost, or a wide array of varying talents from multiple different origin and class bonuses for smaller boosts across the board.

As dumb as it sounds, given the resources to make such an endeavor happen could bring HotS back into the spotlight, as there is a reason every MOBA is doing it; it's the second-wind for the genre to stay relevant, new and fresh. It keeps things interesting between regular MOBA matches, and at the end of the day, if you don't like that mode you don't have to play it, and alternatively, you might end up finding yourself enjoying it more than the MOBA side, like I have with TFT to League of Legends, and then it gives you a whole different reason to enjoy HotS besides its primary game mode.

Anywho so this was my idea, and thanks for reading!

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