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Heroes of the Storm Autochess [Concept]

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Heroes of the Storm Autochess [Concept]

With the recent scramble by Valve and Riot to make their versions of Autochess, I thought it would be awesome if Blizzard made their own. For anyone who hasn't played an Autochess game before, here's a quick rundown of the mechanics.

So in an effort to avoid having Blizzard be too late to another genre, I decided to put out some ideas of my own that use the differences of HotS to its advantage.

Fundamental differences:

  • No items
  • Upgrading a unit lets you choose 1 talent out of a random selection of 3 (some units may have more than 3 talents)
  • Talents can significantly change a unit's abilities, give them passive abilities, or even change their race or class.


Demon – Immortal

Automatically revives (with 100% HP, 0% mana, and refreshed cooldowns) 15 seconds after dying if any allies are still alive

Elemental – Primal Energy

Moves to a random square on the board every 5 seconds

Elf – Ancient Magic

3 – Attacks increase the damage targets take by 4%. Stacks up to 40%. Lasts 5 seconds

Human – Every Man For Himself

2 – Ignores the 1st stun of the round

Orc – Enrage

3 – Attack Speed increased by 35% while below 50% HP

Protoss – Bound by Honor

3 – 30% of damage taken is split among all other friendly Protoss

Zerg – Creep

1 – Generates creep under this unit or in an adjacent square every 3 seconds while standing still. Allied units standing in creep regenerate 30 health per second.
3 – Creep is generated every 2 seconds instead.


Assassin – Surprise Attack

Assassins jump to the enemy backline
Assassins have 15% chance per friendly Assassin to deal double damage

Druid – Nature’s Toxin

Attacks inflict a stacking poison to all enemies hit. Lasts 5 seconds.

Mage – Ancient Knowledge

2 – Mage cooldowns reduced by 20%. 4 – Mage cooldowns reduced by 50%.

Shaman – Ancestral Might

2 – Shaman abilities have their durations increased by 50% 4 – Shaman abilities have their durations increased by 100%

Specialist – Tactics

2 – All specialists gain 10 mana per second

Warrior – Second Wind

3 – Regenerate 2% of maximum life per second while below 50% HP



Protoss Mage – 3 Cost

Discord Strike – 8 second CD

  • Damages and Silences enemies for 3 seconds in a 3 square line in front of Alarak and 1 square diagonal in each direction in front of him.


  • Discord Strike cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.
  • 30% chance to retaliate with lightning against a ranged attack, also dealing damage to all enemies between Alarak and the target and healing for 50% of the damage dealt.
  • Alarak’s damage is increased by 10% each time an enemy hero dies this round.
  • Replaces Discord Strike with Counter-Strike.
    • Counter-Strike – 15 second CD: Alarak becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds before dealing high damage to enemies in a 3-square-width line in front of him.


Protoss Warrior – 1 Cost

Shield Overload – 8 second CD

  • Gain a temporary shield.


  • Attacks reduce the cooldown of Shield Overload by 0.25 seconds.
  • 50% chance when attacking to hit an additional time.
  • Switches places with the first enemy hit and gains 50 mana.
  • Enemies in a 3×3 square around Artanis take damage while Shield Overload is active.


Demon Specialist – 3 Cost

Summon Demon Warrior – 5 second CD

  • Summons a demon warrior to attack enemies.


  • Attacks become a beam which deals more damage the longer it stays on an enemy.
  • Summons 2 Demon Warriors but cooldown is increased to 8 seconds.
  • Gain the Mage Class
  • Every third Demon Warrior summoned becomes a Demon Lieutenant, with double the stats.


Demon Warrior – 4 Cost

Lightning Breath – 20 second CD

  • Channels a wide cone of lightning at a target, dealing damage to all enemies hit.


  • On death, summons a demonic rune under every enemy’s current square, which explodes after 2 seconds, dealing damage and stunning enemies.
  • 30% chance on hit to create an expanding fire nova which deals damage.
  • 20% chance on hit to flip an adjacent enemy to a square behind Diablo.
  • Attacks deal an additional 5% of the target’s HP on hit.


Orc Warrior – 2 Cost

Decimate – 4 second CD

  • Deals damage in a 3×3 area around Garrosh.


  • Gain 1% damage reduction per 3% missing health.
  • 30% chance on hit to heal for 5% of HP.
  • Decimate reduces damage dealt by enemies hit by 20% for 2 seconds.
  • 25% chance on hit to stun an enemy 2 squares in front of Garrosh for 2 seconds.


Elf Assassin – 3 Cost

Metamorphosis – 60 second CD

  • Disappears for 1 second, transforming into Demon Form and healing for 10% HP for each enemy unit in a 5×5 square around him. Demon Form grants 50% attack speed.


  • 25% chance to evade when attacked
  • Gain the Demon Race
  • Attacks heal Illidan for 25% of damage dealt
  • 20% chance on hit to deal 100% bonus damage to the target and flip to a square on the other side of it if available


Elf Mage – 1 Cost

Flamestrike – 12 second CD

  • Deals heavy damage in 2×2 area after 1 second.


  • Flamestrike area increased to 3×3
  • 30% chance on hit to put a living bomb on the target, which explodes to deal damage after 3 seconds.
  • Consumes mana to reduce damage taken while Flamestrike is on cooldown.
  • Flamestrike recharges 50% faster while at full mana.
  • 30% chance on hit to gain 15 additional mana


Human Zerg Assassin – 2 Cost

Ravage – 10 second CD

  • Jumps to an enemy with less than 20% HP, instantly killing it and healing for 10% HP.


  • 20% chance to retaliate against a ranged attack, summoning spikes under the attacker which deal damage and stun for 1 second.
  • Gain 10% of damage dealt as shields.
  • Ravage activates on enemies with less than 30% HP but no longer heals.
  • 40% chance on hit to deal 50% damage to enemies adjacent to the target.
  • Gain the Mage Class


Elemental Elf Druid – 2 Cost

Leaping Strike – 6 second CD

  • Attack an enemy and 2 other nearby enemies, then leap across the board.


  • 30% chance when attacking to hit an additional time.
  • 40% chance when attacking to attack another enemy near the target.
  • Gain 50% attack speed for 3 seconds after using Leaping Strike but its cooldown is increased by 3 seconds.
  • Heal for 2 HP every second for each Nature’s Toxin on an enemy.


Human Shaman – 1 Cost

Ravenous Spirit – 30 second CD

  • Channels an untargetable spirit that deals damage every second in an area and moves around. Lasts 4 seconds.


  • Replaces Ravenous Spirit with Gargantuan.
    • Gargantuan – 30 second CD: Summons a minion which deals splash damage with attacks. Lasts 8 seconds.
  • Gain the Mage Class
  • Gain the Druid Class and gain 30% attack speed
  • 30% chance when attacking to throw a toad instead which deals 50% more damage and damages enemies adjacent to the target


Elemental Shaman – 4 Cost

Sulfuras Smash – 15 second CD

  • After a delay, deals heavy damage and stuns an enemy and all adjacent enemies.


  • Gain the Demon Race
  • 30% chance when attacking to deal 50% splash damage to enemies adjacent to the target and heal for 50% of damage dealt
  • 20% chance to retaliate against a ranged attack, calling down a meteor on the attacker which deals damage to them and adjacent enemies
  • 15% chance to retaliate against a melee attack, creating an explosion of lava which damages enemies in a 3×3 square around Ragnaros
  • Gain the Warrior Class


Orc Shaman – 2 Cost

Lightning Shield – 5 second CD

  • Buffs an ally with a lightning shield that deals damage to enemies in a 3×3 square around them for 5 seconds.


  • Lightning Shield absorbs damage
  • 25% chance on hit to chain heal up to 4 allies for a small amount, starting with Rehgar
  • A random friendly non-Human unit gains the Human Race every round
  • A random friendly non-Orc unit gains the Orc Race every round
  • A random friendly non-Warrior unit gains the Warrior Class every round


Orc Shaman – 1 Cost

Windfury – 8 second CD

  • Increases attack speed by 100% for 2 seconds.


  • 25% chance on hit to damage the target with lightning, which bounces to 3 other enemies
  • Every 5th attack heals for 10% HP
  • Windfury cooldown reduced by 2 seconds
  • Gain the Warrior Class


Elf Assassin – 1 Cost

Vanish – 10 second CD

  • Turn invisible for 1 second. The next attack does 100% more damage.


  • If the next attack after Vanish kills its target, its cooldown is reset
  • 20% chance on hit to stun the target for 1 second
  • Vanish costs 50 mana instead of 100
  • The first time Valeera takes ability damage each round, reduce it by 75%


Protoss Assassin – 2 Cost

Void Prison – 30 second CD

  • Stops time for all units in a 3×3 square, freezing them in place and making them invulnerable and untargetable for 4 seconds.


  • Every 4th hit cleaves in a 3×3 square around Zeratul, dealing damage to enemies
  • Zeratul blinks to another location on the board when reaching 66% and 33% HP
  • 20% chance on hit to slow the attack speed of the target and all adjacent enemies by 30% for 2 seconds
  • 25% chance on hit to deal 50% more damage


Zerg Mage Specialist – 3 Cost

Symbiote (Passive) – Abathur stays in a fragile, dormant state, and uses abilities and talents from an allied unit and gaining the mana they receive. The Symbioted ally gains the Zerg race.

Stab – 4 second CD

  • Shoots a spike towards the Symbioted ally’s target, dealing damage to the first enemy hit.


  • Every 3rd Stab releases a burst of spikes dealing damage in a 3×3 square around the Symbioted ally
  • 10% chance when the Symbioted ally is hit to gain a shield which absorbs damage, this chance increases by 10% each time Stab is used.
  • Abathur spawns a locust near him at the start of each round and every 10 seconds afterwards, reduced by 1 second each time Stab is used.
  • Abathur spawns a toxic mine on a square with creep (that isn’t occupied by an enemy) every 8 seconds, reduced by 1 second each time Stab is used. The mine explodes to deal damage when an enemy steps into that square.

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