Heroes of the Storm

Heroes Profile – Community Update

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Heroes Profile - Community Update

Zemill here from
www.heroesprofile - Heroes Profile - Community Update

Heroes Profile. We wanted to do an update to the community on what we are doing at https://www.heroesprofile.com and what our current and future plans are with the site.


Wanted to start off and say thank you to everyone who is using the site, and everyone who is supporting us through
Patreon. We have reached our stretch running cost goal that allowed us to increase our backend services. We then reached our next goal that has us no longer running in the red. Running Cost <= Patreon Support. So a BIG thank you for that.

Heroes Profile API

We recently released an API solution for users who may want to grab data without having to navigate through our site.
home - Heroes Profile - Community Update

https://api.heroesprofile.com. The documentation can be found at https://api.heroesprofile.com/docs. Data can be grabbed in JSON from all endpoints and CSV in most. This is a paid service. 25% of any proceeds go to the HotsAPI Patreon.

What are our current and future plans?

Part of the reason we built the API service was to become acquainted with some new tools and technologies that we plan to transition the main website to. Currently the website is built entirely custom with no major frameworks. To continue expanding and improving on the site, we've hit the point where we really need to re-write the site and optimize it. So our plan is to re-build the site using a combination of tools, but the three major ones are Laravel, Vue.js, and Google App Engine. Please bear with us as we work on these changes, as it will slow down some content updates now, to improve content updates in the future.

One thing this change will allow us to do is Open Source the website. Once we finish the re-write, we plan to open it up to the public on Github. This will allow the community to tinker with the site and maybe come up with some new and interesting content that we can introduce to the main site.

Partial Change Log

Things we've added in the last few months


Partial Bug Log

  • MMR change for pages other than MMR has been disabled while we investigate an issue with incorrect data/DB Load
  • MMR graph on profile page has been disabled while we investigate incorrect visualization

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