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Heroes Profile First Quarter Content and General Updates

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Heroes Profile First Quarter Content and General Updates

Zemill here with a first quarter
www.heroesprofile - Heroes Profile First Quarter Content and General UpdatesHeroes Profile update. See tldr at bottom, but wall of text incoming. https://www.heroesprofile.com/

Heroes Profile Uploader v2.0.1- Github Repo

The release of v2.0.0 went live last week followed shortly by v2.0.1 to fix some bugs. This update included some efficiency updates along with the below content changes. The items below are optional items that must be turned on or off. Note: If you play ARAM and get Industrial District, it is going to cause the uploader to potentially skip Prematch/Postmatch/Twitch Extension due to that map not creating a replay.

  • Prematch has been turned back on. Prematch allows you to see a summary of the players in the game before the game starts. If you are in draft mode, this would occur after draft.
  • Postmatch has been added. If turned on, after your match ends, the uploader will open up a page to the Match/Single page on Heroes Profile
  • Twitch Extension. See section below about Heroes Profile Live. This is for setting that tool up.

Major Bug/Issues Resolved

  • Fixed issue where AI games showed incomplete on UI – Github Issue
  • Changed upload order. Now it uploads from oldest to newest, while keeping visualization of newest to oldest. Important for MMR calculations – Github Issue
  • Pass more data out of upload. For use with Postmatch – Github Issue
  • Fixed issue with Prematch crashing game – Github Issue

MacOS Uploader

Note. We have an electron tool for uploading to Heroes Profile with MacOS. We have added a link off the upload page (https://api.heroesprofile.com/upload), please let us know if you see any issues.

Heroes Profile Live

We are going to be deploying a new tool within the next week (assuming we can get past the strict twitch review process 😡). We call it Heroes Profile Live. It is an integration between the Heroes Profile Uploader, and Twitch. If a streamer has the Heroes Profile Live extension installed on their Twitch Channel, and the Heroes Profile Uploader installed and configured on their computer, then viewers of the stream can interact with a panel on the streamers stream to see what talents have been chosen during the game for each player in that game. Note: Due to the way the temporary game files work with HoTs, there can be a slight delay between when talents are chosen in-game, and when they visualize on the extension.

You can see our documentation on setting that up at
https://api.heroesprofile.com/docs/1.0/Twitch/Extension/Usage. If you scroll to the bottom you can see some in-use screenshots. Note. Step 5 cannot be completed until Twitch finalizes their review.

We will be making another post when we are fully live with the tool.


Replay Downloads

We have added the ability for users to download replays directly off the Match/Single page of the site. (
?replayID=35110588 - Heroes Profile First Quarter Content and General Updates

https://www.heroesprofile.com/Match/Single/?replayID=35110588 for example). There is now a "Download Replay" button under the general info about the replay. If no button exists, the raw replay file has been deleted, or it exists at the HotsAPI storage. (Looking to resolve this)

Note: We have limited the amount of replays a user can download. It costs us money to pull these down, so we are starting small to see how it affects overall costs.

We have also added this functionality to the API site. You can see some documentation on it at https://api.heroesprofile.com/docs/1.0/Replay/Download

Minor Site Changes

Some of these changes have been around for awhile, before Q1

  • Increased number of builds visible from 5 to 7 on Global Hero and Global Hero Talents pages.
  • Added more caching across the site to speed up pages
  • Revamped the Amateur Series pages into Community ESports
  • Added CCL to the site.
  • Bug fixes here and there

Development Site – Game Data

We are testing out adding Game Data information to the website. We have a development version of that at https://dev.heroesprofile.com/. Please let us know what you think.

Gift Box

We are currently providing Heroes Profile gift boxes for Patreons who have donated a total of $200 to the site. We made a post on Patreon about that. See that here https://www.patreon.com/posts/47912136

Included in that are

  • (1) Heroes Profile branded sweatshirt
  • (1) 12” x 4” Custom art print
  • (1) Personalized letter

If that is something you are interested in, we have set up a Goal Tier that will get you there immediately if you hit the Annual option. Otherwise feel free to contact us at [email protected]>(mailto:[email protected]) and we can work out another option if you are interested and don't want to go through Patreon.


We've done a lot of infrastructure changes, along with supporting different projects, so we took the time to re-evaluate our expenditures across the different platforms we use to support Heroes Profile. During that evaluation we realized we are currently under accounting our costs. Currently our running costs are nearing $500 a month, and our Patreon support is only at $311. If you like the site and want to make sure it stays up and running, please consider donating. Even $1 helps.

tldr: Uploader changes with Prematch, Postmatch, Twitch Extension. MacOS Uploader. New tool Heroes Profile Live. Can now download replays directly from the site.
dev.heroesprofile - Heroes Profile First Quarter Content and General Updates

Development site for game data. Heroes Profile Gift Boxes for supporters. See Patreon Post. We are at $311 of $500 to cover running costs. Please consider supporting at

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