Heroes of the Storm

Heroes Profile Minor Update – Also Answering Questions

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Heroes Profile Minor Update - Also Answering Questions

We are hard at work re-writing the site using modern frameworks. But, we do have minor updates for the live site for you.


  1. Added regeneration globe filter to the Stat Filter on the Global/Hero and Global/Talents page.
    1. The stat filters are there to help gauge what heroes/talents are best at different stats in the game. Who has the most average kills, escapes, siege damage, etc.
  2. Multi-select enabled on the Talent Builder page
  3. We are taking advantage of the Mastery Taunt data to bypass the hero level 20 limit in the replays files. This will mainly be used in two ways. We will be increasing the Hero Level filter up to level 100, and on Match summary pages, you will see more accurate player levels, and average team level. Example. When you hover over a player (for example ragnaros in the linked game) you will see a range of levels that corresponds to the Mastery Taunt.
    1. As Mastery Taunts stop at level 100, so does our data on this. We have asked in the last few blizzard AMAs about fixing hero levels in the replays files, but no response as of yet.
  4. Quick Match stats for Global pages now ignores mirror matches
    1. If there is interest we can add a filter to toggle this on or off
  5. Win rate change has been added for a few filters on the Global Hero page.
    1. The comparison data goes back 1 patch for comparison.
  6. Switched to showing the latest (1-2) minor patches on default page load for all Global pages. This was done to reduce load on the database backend and to show the most up-to-date data for the current game. Users can still expand the timeframes to fit their need,
  7. Added Hero and Role League Tier filters to supplement Player League Tiers.
    1. This should allow users to see how different heroes stats change depending on a players skill on that hero, or that role.
    2. Due to low amount of games for Deathwing in some game modes, Hero League Tier is still undecided for that hero.
  8. Recently finished a Storm League MMR Re-calculation in preparation for the Amateur Series new season.
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If you are a developer and would like to help with HotsApi, Heroes Profile, or any other dev related Hots content, please join us at https://discord.gg/yb6uqr


We also have an API offering at https://api.heroesprofile.com/.

Season 8 of the Nexus Gaming Series has started. To stay up to date with their league you can go to their site at https://www.nexusgamingseries.org/ . We also parse their replays and show that data on our site. You can see that data at https://www.heroesprofile.com/Series

If you are the owner or are part of an amateur league and you'd like to take advantage of our Amateur Series offering for your league, please contact us directly at <[email protected]>(mailto:[email protected])

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Zemill Edit: hero/role league tier, and regen globe stats only available for deathwing+ patch.

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