Heroes of the Storm

Heroes Profile Update and looking for Front-End Dev

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Heroes Profile Update and looking for Front-End Dev

First off, I wanted to start off by saying we are looking for a Front-End dev. Preferably someone familiar with Laravel+Vue (and custom HTML/CSS/Javascript). If you are interested in working on the project, feel free to contact me directly at mailto:zemill@heroesprofile - Heroes Profile Update and looking for Front-End Dev

[email protected]>(mailto:[email protected]).

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments.

  • We've been working on stabilizing our new uploader and process to resolve the issues with HotsApi. We think we have everything working as expected.
  • We have created an open api service to go along with the uploader and to offer a few free endpoints for users to use. https://api.heroesprofile.com/openAPI
  • We are going through the process of recalculating MMR again. We are starting with SL (almost done) and then moving on to the other modes. We made a slight change to MMR calculation this time around. Previously, if the two teams playing against each other had significant MMR differences, it was possible to lose MMR on a win, and gain MMR on a loss. While I think this makes sense in a perfect system, our system is not perfect and we are missing a lot of games from players who do not upload. Generally, players have little control over the matchmaking process. Therefore, if this situation occurs where there is a dramatic difference in MMR, instead of losing MMR on a win, or gaining MMR on a loss, you will instead lose/gain nothing in those scenarios.

Minor updates

All Global Pages

Caching was added a few weeks ago.

  • Caching is set to 30 minutes per filter option. The first person to run a filter has the data calculated on their end, but if anyone else runs the same filter within 30min, it uses the cached data from the first persons run. This has greatly improved site speed.
  • We move this caching time down for new patches until enough data is in the system.

Global Hero

  • Removed wins and losses column, and added in pick rate and influence.
  • Pick Rate and Influence are new. Pick Rate is simply how often a hero is picked. Influence is discrete number that combines (Win Rate, Pick Rate, Ban Rate, Games Played, Total Games Played by All Heroes). Using this number, you can determine which hero is having the greatest impact on the game relative to their success.
  • Fixed the filtering on the columns and switched the following columns to floats (up to 2 decimal points): Win Rate Change, Popularity, Pick Rate, Ban Rate
  • Added a Row above the table titles that show averages for each column in the table. The main use case for this is to see how far outside the average a heroes data is.
  • -The win rate change and influence columns have two numbers. That is there to show the average for positive and negative values independent of each other.
  • Updated some bugs

Global Hero Talents

  • Removed some unneeded space between talent sections


  • Fixed Player, Hero, and Role MMR Change. We are storing this in a new way, so it is only visible for games within the last week until we finish recalculating MMR
  • Updated some backend logic to speed up viewing of the page by ~20%. Still slower than we would like. Still investigating options to improve. If you have experience with loading large amounts of data like this quickly, please contact us at [email protected]>(mailto:[email protected]).

Player Single Hero page

Player Single Role page

Match Summary Page

  • Added an Advanced MMR Section that shows Pre/Post Match MMR data along with MMR changes
  • ?replayID=25330662#advanced mmr section - Heroes Profile Update and looking for Front-End Dev

Amateur Series

We continue to support the amateur series. Currently we provide MMR data to Heroes Lounge and The Nexus Gaming Series. We also provide a custom solution for The Nexus Gaming Series where game data is view-able on our site.

  • We have added pages similar to the Global/Hero and Global/Talents pages for NGS and now The Nut Cup. You can see those at


Nut Cup

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