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Heroes Weekly Podcast Roundup – 12/2/18 thru 12/08/18

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Heroes Weekly Podcast Roundup - 12/2/18 thru 12/08/18

Welcome to the weekly informative post highlighting and summarizing audio podcast talk shows dedicated to discussing Heroes of the Storm. HotS has a number of dedicated podcasts each week that discuss all aspects of the game. Listening to podcasts is a great way to stay connected to discussions about HotS when you are away from the game, Discord, or Reddit. If you are new to podcasts this (Link) provides a good overview for beginners and this (Link) is for a good podcast search engine.

We are back after a brief vacation last week. Please note that these post will end on December 17th, 2018. It was my honor to create this list each week raising awareness of all the great content being produced by HotS fans.

Podcasts for 12/2/18 thru 12/08/18

Storm Chasers (WebSite Link) (RSS Feed)
12/03/18 – (Hebrew Podcast) Discussion about the 'call of the nexus' and the latest changes to the current patch, analysis of the upcoming Stitches & Sylvanas reworks, the best Hannukah skins for heroes, and thoughts about the future of HGC in 2019.

Core (Website Link) (RSS Feed)
12/5/18 – The crew discuss what Winter's Veil is bring this year, what are the pros saying about the PTR right now, share opinions on if their concern warranted, and review the new reworks and stuff coming next week.

Mastering the Storm (Website Link) (RSS Feed)
12/5/18 – Wenzeltron and LDAP interview NegativePro about his new Orphea satire guide, discuss the aftermath of the QM "Call to Arms" changes, review this weeks HGC news or lack of HGC 2019 info, say good-bye to Gillyweed, discuss the gameplay Changes from the PTR, CriticalKitten's 7 days later article, and the Diablo rework Reddit hero discussion.

Lords of the Storm (Website Link) (RSS Feed)
12/5/18 – The Zords discuss Heroes Hearth giveaway, Toys Winter Event, PTR Patch featuring the gameplay changes, Fan & Gillyweed retiring – No HGC 2019 info yet, and the TownHall Heroes Event being on-hold.

Read:  It is a shame that HGC and Heroes of the Dorm are cancelled... Let's use this opportunity to highlight 3rd party leagues and upcoming esports orgs that would host tournaments!

GankBush Squad (Website Link) (RSS Feed)
12/6/18 – The GankBush Squad is joined by guest host and fan of the show Loksley to discuss the effects of the November 28th patch on the Orphea and Mal’ganis and whether the quick match changes have really been helpful, Deep dive into the Toys of the Storm Event, new PTR Stitches and Sylvanas changes, and express "strong opinions" about the armor and exp changes affect on the game.

Into the Nexus (Website Link) (RSS Feed)
12/6/18 – Kyle & Garrett discuss the upcoming gameplay changes and the community reaction after pro players have expressed their dissenting opinions & Blizzard announces they will make changes when the patch goes live on Tuesday, as well share their opinions on the Stitches & Sylvanas reworks.

HeroesNews with Jules Scott (Website Link) (RSS Feed)
12/6/18 – Heroeshearth.com's Jules Scott rundowns this weeks heroes news about the Sylvanas rework, XP changes on PTR, New holiday event, HGC roster additions and departures, and interviews Twitch content creator Starbee.


Realm Maintenance (Link) provides a comprehensive list of Blizzard related podcast active for the past 6 weeks.

If your favorite podcast is missing from this weeks list, it is because they have not broadcast in the past 7 days. Only HotS talk shows with an audio podcast are listed, Twitch and YouTube only show will not make the list until they make an audio podcast.

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