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Heroics on a scale of why?! to Okay?

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Heroics on a scale of why?! to Okay?

Heroics/Ultimates. They come in many flavors but there are some that make me go…
Why would you ever pick this? or OKay? That can work I guess…

My discussion here on this topic is what do you think of these heroics over their rivaling ones.
Now not every hero has a "questionable heroric" Some have good utility. So I will only do heroes with heroics that are just making me question the decission.

Wrath of The Angris. (Why?)
I love imperius. A great hero indeed.. but.. why would you ever take this over armaments?
It's not like Angris is that good of an ultimate. The wind up, the range, the travel time.. it's just not as good as the survival/burst you get from Armaments. The only way I see this ultimate work is at near melee level and the oppenent runs away… but.. I rather use my Q then follow it up with armament burst.. then using it.. throw him somewhere else to have my allies beat on him.
Overall Angris feels…. pointless compared to other throws and on a heroic I see it only good for escapes from a garrosh throw. But the wind up and range is just not worth it.

Rain of Destruction (Okay?)
Though buffed it can be good for zoning and control, but everytime I look at what horrify can pull off. I do think rain is great for something vs DW who will eat several meteors in succession, but otherwise… I rather go horrify to disable foes or have a self peel. Atleast it ain't the old heroic then it's in the WHY?! catagory. But this one.. meh… sometimes it feels so lame to use it. Maybe if the meteors left something on the ground like lil dps blocks?

Ressurection (Okay?)
Oh don't worry I know how this one got reworked to hell and back. At the moment however it's barely in that "Okay?" catagory.
I don't see much use of it then ressing someone with high hp or someone like Cho'Gath.
Because the wind up and timing takes so long… heck I seen it used so bad lately I wonder why people don't prevent the death rather. To be fair this one is hard to balance. I again will say: "Just have it based on how much energy Auriel has" but eh.

Bunny Hop (Why?)
I perosnally love Bunny hop as an ultimate but the interaction of it is weird… As it litterly disables everything you want from D.va. Her boosters, shields and her self destruct.
Why do you think Big shot is so welcoming? It gives her Pilot form more verstility. I do see this being usefull in controlling fights to secure kills, but… it's basicly a slightly better version of frozen tempest.

Sacred Ground (Okay?)
This heroic can be good for keeping you alive in long fights…but… all of Yrel's kit is to knock enemies away and jump around… not: "Stay in this restricted circle" When a Yrel casts this.. you just are like: "Well bye!" Unless you have to get on it then it becomes: "Knock her out of it"
Also the increased armor isn't as usefull against HP% damage..
Also the cool down is only 20 seconds less then Ardent. So…taking this over Ardent is questionable, but in some circumenstances where you have to hold a position it's good, but.. I prefer Ardent as if you are fighting HP% damage dealers… you can use them for a full heal 😛

Deckard Cain:
Lorenado (Okay?)
I think this ult is "okay" Nothing amazing to it. It knockes enemies away and has interresting uses.. but can also screw over a fight, thus I ask.. why take it over stay a while?
To pull enemies in? Why? You can zone em.
To knock enemies away? Probaly but it's not super effective with it.
To save yourself? Cain has many ways of doing that without Lore.
It's not terrible but… just doesn't hit the peaks of greatness Stay a while has.

High Five (Okay?)
Bordering on the "okay" line… this heroic has charges, heals a target and cleanses them.. WOW THATS GREAT! But.. lucio has to jump to them to heal them. So great to keep moving.. a better blink heal and..ooh now Lucio is in risk of getting stunlocked.
See where this is going? It's interruptable and it has you do something you prefer not doing.
You are giving up AOE shields.. for a cleanse/decent heal.
I still like this heroic.. but Sound Barrier is just more game changing.


Metamorphosis (okay?)
Yea but now… you have a buff you won't use.
It can do aoe damage!
Yea it's so minor.. you are litterly being stunned.
Overall why would you take this over The Hunt? What makes the Hunt so good?
Simple… it's a global talent. You can soak and prepare in one lane then dive into the enemies backline from across the map, stunning your target.
It can be used to finish and kill a target. It just allows you more verstility. While metamorphis can turn you into a dangerous beast.. these days.. people get away from it or you use it to escape or heck.. you get stunned as Illidan. But.. The Hunt is UNAVOIDABLE! IT MUST HAPPEN!

Planet Cracker (Okay?)
This one barely scrapes by as there is alot of utility for it with certain hero combo's but overall… You rather go Volley as it is just like the last one: Something that will happen non the less. And applying slows as fenix is possible but with heroes like Mei? O.o yeesh…
Cracker is still good, but barely goes with this one.

Dragon Strike (Okay?)
It's Loud! It has a huge telegraph! it has a small range before deploying! it's slow!
Does it have use? Yes.
But only with great combo potential.
Otherwise.. Dragon Arrow is just better in verstility.

Frost Blast (Okay?)
..Some people run this heroic and do cool things. (haha pun)
But.. why would you pick this over Shadow Fissure that secures kills and can be used globally and self combos?
Well… it can help other DPS's to get kills I guess? But overall it doesn't help KTZ in his own preformance. Sure it can massively root targets, but… non of them are gonna be in a W or Q long enough to make it effective. Let alone you stop moving and it's slow moving itself.
I am not 100% sure on this one but I seen decent use of it. Especially as a finishing move at level 20. It secures kills like Pyroblast.. but.. it just doesnt have the oomph of it.

Odin (okay?)
This heroic to this day baffles me. Why do you mostly pick Tychus? To kill targets with high HP.
So why pick a heroic that changes you from HP self sustaining, mobile killer.
Into a slower, long range zoning AOE mage?
Don't get me wrong.. if you draft Tychus just to play him utility wise this is great, but if you do it to counter something like DW… Don't pick this heroic.
Also don't pick it when the drill can be used to control an objective point XD

Falling Sword. (okay?)
This heroic…I never seen it used in great effect with Johanna. It's a nice heroic but never do I see it used in such a way that I go with: "Wow that really helped"
It always splits up Johanna from her team. And just is so much slower and hard telegraphed over Joh's other abillities. It's like Angris all over again…but this time it's pure Joh and a big red circle.
I know Junkrat has a similiar heroic but when he does it he leaves bombs and respawns with a super fast mount and is fully healed.. This however… feels slightly bad compared to her easy but boring Shield Boomerang. Now if she could decide when to land…then we got something.

Wait I didn't pick a heroic. That's cause I had a discussion on it.. and at the moment both heroics are equally as… Okay? ish.
Bile gives him great zoning and possible peel with speed, but due to nerf's and some changes in meta. It just isn't as good anymore.
And Gorge… ooh lord the gorge… Can be amazing to secure a kill, but.. most of the time.. a good stitches doens't need gorge.. as the hook alone should be enough to kill a target. Gorge just gives time for the enemy to save them.
Or worst.. Stitches gorges a target that is about to be killed by his long range buddies at low health. Then he gorges the target and proceeds to put them RIGHT infront of them. With them having no way to respond as it's something like a genji. That slices through them.
Remember people.. Gorge allows enemies to get cooldowns back!
So yea… It feels like both heroics have it equally bad.

And that's the list. If you feel like you want to discuss or add something go ahead :O
It's all for fun and games. Wich heroic do you think needs to be looked at?

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