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Hey, Obelisk back! Best Garrosh Universe Guide For Garrosh For The Community :))

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Hey, Obelisk back! Best Garrosh Universe Guide For Garrosh For The Community :))

Hey, guys. As you may know, I'm the best Garrosh and in general just the best HOTS player on the planet and it's not close. I'd probably be the best flex in HGC if it were still alive. I've peaked #23 GM back when Hero League was a thing and the only reason I didn't hit rank 1 was because trolls. See: https://imgur.com/a/QRP03rf and https://imgur.com/a/TeBSQ5H A lot of people have been asking me to help them with Garrosh so I decided to write up a quick guide because I'm all about the community :))

Before I do tho, I want to invite you guys to follow me on twitch @twitch.tv/itsrealobelisk and my twitter @twitter.com/itzobelizk

I'll be doing a test stream later this week once I'm freed up from school and want to take the top twitch stream for HOTS because I'm just the best player and I deserve it tbqh w you.

Anyways, Garrosh is one of the hardest tanks in the game so you're gonna need to practice a lot before you stop being a hindrance to your team. Always stay mounted 90% of the game and keep your eyes glued to the minimap because he's a gank overlord. The combo is E->Q in rapid succession.

1: Any talent here is fine. You want to go Warbreaker if you feel you need to peel for your team, Unrivaled Strength for pick comps, and Body Check if they have burst heals and you want to negate a portion of it. Careful with Unrivaled Strength tho, there's like a 15% chance your Q doesn't land and this can seriously be a problem later on as you won't get the shield from your 13.


4: 99% of the time you should go Indomitable but for the 1% of the time enemy team has low cc, you can go Thirst for Battle. The key to Indomitable is predicting the cc they throw at you.

7: Again, any talent here is fine. Intimidation if they have a lot of autos, Oppressor if they run double mage or something (which they shouldn't), and Into the Fray for fun, saving scrubs, or engaging.

10: 95% of the time you should go Decimate. I started the Decimate wave even before the buff and I'm seeing it's getting more popular. Taunt if you need to perma lockdown a mobile hypercarry or something. The combo for Taunt is E->R. You can E->R->Q if you desperately need a shield but know you're stacking cc at that point.

13: You want to go Defensive Measures for the shield. I guess you can go Bloodcraze if you went Thirst for Battle at 4.

16: Mortal Combo or you're trolling.

20: Titanic Might or you're griefing.

You can pick Garrosh whenever as long as Jaina's banned. She needs a hard nerf btw because she's probably the best mage in the game rn especially for how easy she is. Garrosh is sort of like Alarak; a boss makes him look op like me, but if it's a troll playing him he's gonna be next to useless. I can also make an Alarak guide if you guys are interested. Let me know your thoughts below and what hero I should make my next guide on (I can literally play every hero in the game god-tier)!

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