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Hey wow its the original-hero-making man coming back again with another original idea

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Hey wow its the original-hero-making man coming back again with another original idea

Ok so I made a post the other day about a potential Overmind character. Don't worry, like 10 people immediately commented telling me about the fact that this had already been considered by Blizzard. So, I decided to throw in another SC2 character to atone for displeasing the holy reddit users. Have a tempest, AKA the circle-that-shoots-circles flying thing from the Protoss. Im just calling it the Tempest for now because names are hard. And yeah I didn't think TOO hard when it comes to nailing down specific values for damage, armor, etc, that's for the balance team to decide. Im also trying a new format where I put the talents with their specified abilities instead of organizing by level, making it easier for me to come up with neat talents without worrying about specific talent timings and loadouts. As always feedback in the comments, but please check to make sure someone else didn't already mention your idea, and if they did just upvote that for me to see. Enjoy, and if Blizzard has already thought of this than I'm gunna delete my reddit account at this point lol.

Lastly, this is most importantly for my own entertainment. I put it out there for you all to see so I'm not talking to myself or something, but if it's "a horrible idea that would be incredibly unbalanced in-game," maybe give some helpful criticism on how to fix that instead of telling me I'm shit at making hero ideas.

MOUNT TRAIT: The tempest doesn't use any mounts. It can pass and see over terrain, however moving over terrain is extremely slow, and the tempest is permanently slower than other heroes by 20%.

TRAIT: Capital Ship: The Tempest takes 50% less damage from melee attacks/abilities, but ALL CC effects against it last 25% longer. This includes stuns, slows, roots, and even taunts, with the only exception being the slowing effect from Barrage. The tempest also charges its basic attacks in a very similar style to Hanzo, where it can move between attacks and its first strike of an engagement is instant, etc. Finally, the Tempest's basic attacks splash and have increased attack range by 25%.

ABILITY 1: Barrage: The Tempest channels for 1.5 seconds before firing 4 attacks at the target, each for 150% of its standard attack damage. Taking any damage during the channel, however, disrupts the weapons systems of the Tempest and causes it to backfire, dealing a small amount of damage to the Tempest and slowing it for 2 seconds. Cannot target structures.

ABILITY 2: Static Shell: The Tempest electrifies its hull for 6 seconds. Any enemy who attacks the Tempest while Static Shell is active gets electrocuted back, taking damage each time they attack the Tempest. This damage is a set amount by default, however this can be changed by talents.

ABILITY 3: Tectonic Destabilizers: The Tempest does an extra 100% damage to structures, but deals -50% damage to enemy heroes and attacks no longer splash. This ability has an indefinite duration and can be cancelled, with an upfront mana cost when cast and a cooldown that only starts after the ability ends.


HEROIC 1: Temporal Warp: Summons a spherical field of energy at the target location for 5 seconds. ALL projectiles that pass through the field are slowed in mid-air, traveling 75% slower than normal. These projectiles travel normally before entering and after exiting, however. Melee attacks/abilities that occur inside the field are also slowed by 50%, however all enemy movement is unhindered.

HEROIC 2: Gravity Shot: Charges the Tempest's next basic attack with extreme gravity, causing it to summon a black hole on impact. This drags in all nearby enemies and holds them there for 2.5 seconds. The basic attack still acts as normal however, and must be targeting an enemy in particular. This means you can't just shoot it into the middle of a team fight, and strategic enemy movement can effectively nullify this ability.


Barrage Talents:

Weapon Stabilizers: Getting interrupted no longer damages the Tempest, however the slowing effect is still present.

Battery Overcharge: Adds an extra shot to the burst, making Barrage fire 5 shots instead of 4.

Static Shell Talents:

Electro-shield: Gains a shield equal to 10% of damage taken during Static Shell.

Ferromagnetic Coating: Gain 40% armor while Static Shell is active. (yeah i felt pretty smart looking up a name for this one ngl.)

Completed Circuit: Electric Shocks from Static Shell now deal damage equal to the damage taken from the enemy's attacks against the Tempest. Does not effect the damage taken by the Tempest.

Tectonic Destabilizers Talents:

Short-Circuit: Attacks with Tectonic Destabilizers active now stun structures for a short duration, but the ability now has a limited duration of 15 seconds max. It can still be cancelled early.

Tectonic Barrage: Tectonic Destabilizers now effects barrage and allows it to target structures ONLY while this is active, however the 50% damage boost of barrage doesn't stack with the added 100% increase of Destabilizers.

Temporal Warp Talent:

Negation Field: Any projectiles that enter the field are now held in suspension in mid-air, and the duration is increased to 10 seconds. If the projectile's target is far enough away when the Temporal Warp expires, the projectiles fall to the ground harmlessly.

Gravity Shot Talent:

Mass Beam: Gravity Shot can be re-activated to channel a beam towards the black hole to feed it mass and pause it's duration. This can be de-activated or re-activated any amount of times, but the Tempest can't move or attack while the beam is active, and must be somewhat close to the black hole to re-activate.

Reference Photos:

Promo art for the Tempest.

In-game unit charging an attack.

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