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HGC Teams and Top EU Talent – ALL HALLOWS CUP – 3

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - HGC Teams and Top EU Talent - ALL HALLOWS CUP - 3

This is an early post in reaction to an earlier leak that came out in another reddit post : I felt it was necessary to give out some information now rather than keep anyone in the dark.

The third All Hallows' Cup will take place in January!

Normally the All Hallows' Cup is a single-elimination tournament featuring 8 of the top teams selected from Heroes Lounge and the HGC Open Division. However, with the dissolving of the HGC, we've opened the gates to the professional gamers and personally invited them to attend. Therefore we're going to pitch the HGC players against one another in this tournament and invite some of the top teams from the previous All hallows cups too.

There is a cash prize for 1st/2nd place however it may appear a meagre sum, it has been personally donated by the two casters. This was to make it worth the players time.

If you are at home and thinking to yourself! "But how can i help!?!?" Then please be aware, that between now and the end of the event. ANY donations given via the HalloweenHeroes twitch channel will enter into the prize pool and help fund both this event and possible future tournaments.

Unlike HGC, every match will be cast! ? You can tune in on the following channels:

Previously we had a second channel here -> This is likely to still be the case but is subject to change due to emerging negotiations:


The first round begins the evening of (Saturday 26th January) at 17:00 GMT/18:00 CET. Semi-finals will begin the following day (Sunday 27th January) at 17:00 GMT/18:00 CET, followed immediately by the Grand Final and a third place playoff match.

This event was primarily put together to encourage and support the high level game play on offer within Europe, outside of season for the HGC Open Division but also above that of normal competitive play (team league), so we invite everyone to tune in and support it! However… we need the viewers now, MORE THAN EVER! This will be an event to help show the players that we'd still like to see them play!

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There is an obvious feeling of betrayal and angst that swept across the scene. However when that is pushed aside, the game itself is still excellent, people still wish to enjoy it, and who better to represent it than our heroes from the HGC!

If we can prove to them there is still a desire to shine, they will listen. There will be many new places emerging in the coming weeks which will attempt to show this. This is one of them, and i urge you all, to help us.

Thank you for your time.

For more information on the teams and brackets in the All Hallows' Cup, check out our Battlefy Page.

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