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HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Hi,Heroes,Good News Form Blizzard China

The golden storm tournament in 2019 is about to begin in a new journey. Compared with 2018, the number of teams participating in the tournament will be greatly increased, and FOREIGN PLAYERS will be open to participate in the tournament. The golden storm League of 2019 is divided into two seasons, each season is divided into two stages: regular season and playoff season. We hope that more players will join in the competition of time and space hub, and experience the splendor and happiness brought by "Storm Hero" together.

Tournament bonus

The prizes for the golden storm tournament in 2019 are as follows:

Ranking bonus/season

No. 1 200,000

No. 2 120,000

No. 3 80,000

No. 4 40,000

Number 5-8 20,000

9-16 4,000

Competition Award: Each player will receive a 3750 Diamond Award in the Game

Competition Reward: As long as you and your team sign in and complete all matches on time, there is no absence or abandonment, even if they fail to qualify, each player in the team will also get 3750 diamonds in the game.

Golden Storm League Match System

The golden storm League in 2019 will be played in the regular season and the playoffs.

Routine phase

Every season regular season lasts 11 weeks online games, Monday and Tuesday are match days.

According to the number of battle teams registered, the battle teams are divided into four groups (planned for 32 battle teams).

The 2008 season teams (SPT, BTG, The One, CE) are regarded as seed teams, with one seed team per team.

In the first stage of the regular season, four teams compete in the BO3 double-defeat elimination tournament. The top two of each group are promoted to the second stage of the regular season.

The eight teams that are promoted will have a BO2 double-round integral competition, and the top four teams will be promoted to the playoffs.

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Playoff Stage

The top four stages of each season are offline.

Each round is BO5 bubbling competition.

Golden Storm Tournament Schedule

The duration of each season of the Golden Storm League in 2019 is about 12 weeks. The following is the schedule of the tournament:


In the first stage of the regular season, 32 teams are divided into four groups for a four-week on-line group double-defeat elimination tournament. The top two of each group are promoted to the second stage of the regular season.

In the second stage of the regular season, eight teams compete in a seven-week double-round integral competition, with the top four in the playoffs.

Playoffs: Four teams came to Shanghai for a week of offline matches.

Registration for Golden Storm League

Application requirements

All members of the team must have the National Service Account of Storm Heroes.

All entries in the team were registered before January 31, 2019, and the player level was higher than 200 (including 200).

The captain is responsible for enrolling in the competition and provides the account information of all the players (at least 5, no more than 7) at the time of enrolling. The registration information of less than 5 players is considered invalid.

Team personnel shall not be changed or added during the whole season. If there are less than 5 players on the court due to some personal reasons, the referee will add a computer to continue the game or consider it as abandonment.

The captain of the team must be a resident of the mainland of China, and the number of non-Chinese players in the team must not exceed three. During the competition, there is no limit on the number of non-Chinese players.

Non-Chinese competitors are not restricted by Article 2, but subsequently they need to provide relevant identity certificates and information of their battlenet accounts on the original server, and use their national service accounts to participate in the competition.

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The golden storm League in 2019 is about to open a new chapter. Team registration is about to start. Friends at the time and space hub are ready to join the challenge. Please pay attention to the official website of Storm Hero and follow-up announcements. We wish all the participants of Storm Hero a great success in the new season, and we hope that more and more Storm Hero players will join us.


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