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Highest DPS Healer?

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Highest DPS Healer?

So, I was a beta tester but only really got hooked a month ago. In ALL games I play I main support, and HotS has probably the most satisfying support role I've seen: Healer. I instantly started playing them, my first one was Malfurion, but his heals were not as quick as I wanted and he didn't have mobility, then Rehgar and Karazhim, but they didn't have the CC I was looking for and the heals are small, then Morales just because of how dumb-fun her healing is, but she has nothing else going for her (yes, her dropship is strong, but for premades, not randoms) and Uther who I really liked, heal+cc machine with surprisingly good damage, and then I tried healers with more varied kits, LiLi, Tyrande, Blightwing.

But the one Im LOVING is Deckard, he is such a troll character, perma CC, perma healing, "cant touch this" type of character, I love to see the enemy team run after me while Im healing, slowing, rooting and spamming emotes, without them being able to kill me while my team does the objective. Im having a lot of fun with him and could be considered my main now, but… He has 0 damage, yes you can go with some Cube talents, but they cant be activated at the same time and the cd is too long, level 1 talent that gives spell power is not enough to give a good dmg output, and his auto attacks are non existent.

So, now Im in the search for a healer with good dps, I know Karazhim and Rehgar are meant to be healers with dps, but they are more of a fighter that happens to have a heal, imo. For now Im using Uther for this playstyle, with the Q talent that allows it to be cast on enemies, but I wanna know of others. Ive heard Alexstraza, Auriel, Stukov and Whitemane could be what Im looking for, mainly Alex and Auriel. But I need advice (characters are F expensive in this game).

Main properties Im looking for, in this order:

– Low CD heal
– Reliably CC to self peel -or- Low CD mobility
– Decent auto attacks -or- Low CD poke


Thats it. As you might imagine Im maining Deckard because he fulfills the first 2 perfectly.

Anyways, thanks, GL and HF!

EDIT: Im replying here to all comments

Thanks you so freakin much! I got even PM's detailing the strongest Healer builds they've found!

– Tyrande: Is the only heroe named here that I own, has all Im looking for and seems to have the best DPS as in the latest patch, trying her first

– Alex: I really liked what Im hearing about comebacks. In my small time playing HotS I learnt they are real, and a reliably tool to win. Plus, she has some of the biggest heals here to keep the team alive until late game.

– Stukov: Highest DPS stats, and Ive learnt that his silence can perma-shut down a howl team, definitely OP in the right map.

– Auriel: I gotta be honest, from all heroes here she is the one I like the most visually, I dont like her ultimates, but a AA perma swipe build for max energy DPS seems decent enough. If she wasnt 10K Id already bought her.

– Anduin: This is the one everybody told me the same about: His AA build is fun. I like AA's. Seems the young kid to back up the old Deckard when I get tired of literally not auto attacking once in the whole game. Plus his default skin is white with blue clothes and golden bits, I know its the alliance theme, but is also my country's theme, Argentina. And Anduin, Andes Mountains. In my language it would mean he is from the Andes.

– Finally- 2 Specific Builds for Lucio and Rehgar: I own and like Rehgar, trying that. And I just got a red Lucio skin with a helmet that looks dope. I love to be as flashy as possible when playing Healer so they focus me.

Thanks y'all! Great community you got here 🙏😇

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