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History of HOTS changes and why the new weather events are bad

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - History of HOTS changes and why the new weather events are bad

We'll start off with probably the biggest change made for the game and it is the removal of ammo from towers (yes they had ammo if anyone still remembers). This change was I think very good because it made the towers more defensive and harder to take out. The towers could loose ammo so fast and after a few waves you could just straight up destroy them. It was even easier if you were a specialist who had a talent to drain the towers ammo, making it useless.

The tower next to the fort removed. Blizzard themselves said that the point of this was to make it easier to move around the keep but I see probably 2 more important changes with this. First of all it made games shorter and I see this only as an upside. The next one was that it made tower diving easier and because of that some people didn't like this change (we'll return to this)

Regen globes were changed so everyone could pick them up. I see 2 upsides to this. First it made regen globe quest to be completed much easier and second- it helped in the laning faze, players could pick up the enemies globe without going in and risking to take damage.

Siege giants and sappers no longer hit you directly while there still in the camp. This was probably my favorite change because it let heroes take the camps easier in the early game. Before the change it did feel sometimes like that the camp did much more dmg to you than it did while pushing so I think this change was great.

Forts and keeps no longer give exp/destroying a fort would summon a catapult for every 3rd wave for that lane. I really don't know if removing the exp gain from forts was needed but the added catapults I think were great because it gave more pressure to the lane, making it more valuable.


Exp globes. Tbh I have no idea what was the purpose of them and when they initially came out I hated them because it made you go near the creeps to get the exp and risking yourself to get picked off. Later they changed it by giving it a longer range and now I barely notice it. It is a nerf for heroes like vikings or abathur though.

Attacking a enemy hero near a tower will make the tower attack you instead of a creep. Remember when I said one change made it easier to tower dive? Well now this change made it much harder and really it just made it feel like other mobas, which also work the same. I personally absolutely hate this change and I know a lot of other players here also hate it but this change at leased has some meaning and purpose. But you know what doesn't have meaning and purpose….

New weather events. At this point everyone knows what they are and I still fail to realize what's even the point. Tbh it does feel like something that would be put to a brawl. No not ARAM, I mean the REAL brawl. Anyway, it really doesn't fit in the base game and it just completely ruins the experience for some. This change really feels like something from a different game called battlerite, where they released a complete overhaul for the game which most fans hated and left the game because of that. Now ofcourse this change won't be enough to force people to leave but after a few more "anomalies" a lot of people might leave the game if blizzard doesn't care about there entire playerbase. And as I said, if they really want goofy stuff like that, they should just bring old brawls back.

Also, sorry if I forgot some other big changes and feel free to tell me what I missed.

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